Stop locking MY cat in your house please.

This is my cat, zahara I live on Bancroft she comes home every night YOU (whoever you are) dont lock her up. She just had a bath, there was no reason for her to have 2 in a week. And as far as I’m concerned cats do not like to be bathed, especially her. Theres no reason for you to be ” saving” her as she is not a stray.

She receives vet care, and all the food needed inside my home. Another thing, she is now skiddish, she never flinched a day before in her life but after your 3 day ” rescue project” she is now terrified of me closing my back door as well as moving quickly around her. She was THE MOST loveable cuddly kitten. And now shes acting very strange I do not know who you are or what you did to her but it wasn’t right you dont take animals just because you assume, shes well fed, brushed, and taken care of. Leave her alone, she likes to explore and she comes home every night that you dont keep her prisoner in your home.

Also to anyone about to shame me for allowing my cat outside. Cats are hunters, every day she brings home a mouse, chipmunk or bird. And drops it at the door because she sees these as a gift for her family, I am not about to lock my cat in the home when shes crying to be let out, she was rescued from the Bush, I will not confine her to my home she likes the outdoors, theres no reason for YOU to be locking her in your home knowing danm well she is wanting to go outside ( shes now wearing a collar) that I bought for her If you think you’re doing her a favor you are not. she loves to sleep under my babys crib at night and cuddle with her family. LEAVE HER ALONE. STOP LOCKING HER UP when she came home today she DARTED into my house which shes never done before.



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  1. booger says:

    Your cat may become cat food for a coyote or fix

  2. Linda says:

    Personally, I think you all need to mind your own business. The animal is cared for, vet checked, fed and loved. None of your business if she chooses to let the cat go outside. Not your concern if it gets run over. Cats are not like dogs. Never have been. The only thing I`d add, is the responsibility of having it neutered if it goes outside. Simply because there are always too many animals looking for homes as it is, creating an overpopulation and sad outcomes. But then again, not my biz. Not my cat and certainly not everyone elses` cat either. You don`t get to dictate whether someone ought to tether their cat outdoors or otherwise keep them in or otherwise not own one because they allow their cat to go outdoors. Do you eventually let your kids cross the street? You can`t live life trying to control everything that might or might not happen, for another living creature. What of people owning birds, having their wings clipped and caged all their life. Fun times!! Not my biz!!

  3. Roxy says:

    You need to buy a cat tag for every cat you own and put them on leashes yes. If not Yes I agree your skills as a pet owner need polishing big time! LIKE OMG BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER!!

  4. Nathan says:

    Letting your cat roam outdoors in the city makes you a trash cat owner. You are saying you would rather risk your cat dying than provide it with what it needs to be happy indoors. Your neighbor is literally a better cat owner than you at this point

  5. Just keep her home ..that will solve that problem ..Some people Don,t like them in there garden cause they often use them as litter boxes ..not everybody wants them doing that it kills there shrubs an plants hope all is well with your cat … Just saying ..

  6. Karen Pigeon Karen Pigeon says:

    If you’re concerned about your cat being taken then tag them as an outdoor cat. My cat was feral when I got him and he whines to go outside and I put him on the patio and hes content and happy being in his own space outside.

  7. If you feel you must allow your cat to roam outdoors please do so according to by-law. Spayed or neutered, microchipped & buy that city license

  8. I’m here just waiting for us to catch up with Australia, hunting tags for feral cats. Bang fucking bang!

  9. Does she wear a collar with tags

  10. This is why my cat will always be indoors.

  11. Clint Orton Clint Orton says:

    Wonder what happens with their children? Either keep in your home or on leash. If roaming free you are lucky it comes home at all. If you allow it to roam freely then you truly are not doing it or anyone any favour. Be a responsible owner and not some victim.

  12. I see a lot of fingers pointing in the wrong direction with this post. Truthfully they should all be pointing at you. Know what could have avoided all of this? Buy a pet, take full responsibility for its well being and keep it in your house. Problem solved. You’re lucky all it encountered was a bath….considering we have quite the coyote problem in this city.

  13. Don’t we have laws in Sudbury that say you have to keep your cat indoors?

  14. Liam Butler Liam Butler says:

    Or you could just leave your cat indoors instead of making it every one else’s problem that’s also an option.

  15. When i see cats in my yard that aint mine,,,they meet the water hose….if i see them pissing or smell that they’ve pissed on my windows or any of my personal property, they meet the super soaker with food colouring…keep your cat outta my yard and be a responsible cat owner

  16. Its hard to break a feral cat. If kitty was outdoors before they will become used to it
    That said…..pets really should be inside. Next you will be complaining its in a rescue and you have to pay to get it out

    • EMMA MARTJN says:

      My cat was a feral kitty. He did beg to go outside but I cannot afford the vet bills for his befriending porcupines, raccoons and foxes, ect It got better after he was neutered and trained on a leash and I take him exploring. He loves the beach and the woods or walk around the block.

  17. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    Keep your car in your house

  18. The only way to prevent this from happening again is to keep your cat inside..sorry to say but that’s the truth.

  19. If you let your cat outside, be prepared to have someone try to rehome it..or maybe it will get hit by a car or eaten by wild animals..who knows..

  20. The pack of coyotes in Minnow Lake will keep her soon enough, so it’s all good.

  21. Keep your cat indoors ca5s stray and make noise at night plus you don’t know what’s out there wild animals or sick why ca5ch it

  22. Have you gotten your kitty microchipped? It will prevent her from becoming a visitor at the pound. It’s only 20$ to have the chip inserted with your information on it. Also, if she’s wearing a collar now you can get a mini gps tracker on it? I totally would if my cats were outside lots. Just a thought.

  23. If your cat is shitting in my garden or my kids sandbox it will be relocated

  24. Yeah the cat I saw dead beside the garbage can across from the Plaza was probably a hunter also. Good job pet owner. I have had cats my entire life….none have ever been let outside and they are 100% content. Just saying.

  25. Absolutely right, cats are hunters and love the outdoors. Some people keep them indoors and that’s your decision but never shame an outside cat’s owner. I had an outside cat for 15 yrs and I wish he could’ve told me some of his adventures because when he occasionally came home looking like a wild cat he had probably had a great time.

  26. Maybe your cat should not go out unsupervised…nice that the neighbor is watching out for it

  27. Soft Kitty,
    Warm Kitty;
    Little ball of fur:
    Dear Kitty,
    My Kitty,

  28. Things definitely changed since I was a kid. Dogs and cats use to STRAY all the time. The only one rescuing these pets were ME cause I was maybe 5 and wanted a pet. Parents always made me let them go saying we cant keep them they belong somewhere. SO OFF THEY WENT on their merry way back home. Ever hear leave the dog roam and hell find his way home? Cats too. Not all these animals are lost. Not alot of ppl picked up strays back then but Everyone now makes it a mission to catch lose pets. Not saying it’s a bad thing. Its saved alot of animals from sure death. But yes, many come home on their own free will. It’s just something iv noticed through the years

  29. Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

    Stop letting ur cat out, from Monday to today I’ve seen 3 dead cats on the road!!!!!
    This shouldnt have happened, people need to be responsible

  30. Amber Forest Amber Forest says:

    I’m sure my cat would love to live outside, I occasionally let her come on the deck with me, or in the grass. but just because they’re “hunters” doesn’t mean they should be out wondering . There’s a very high chance of your cat being hit by a vehicle or eaten by wild life and it never coming home. Keep that in mind

  31. Your cat is going to end up dead because of your stupid idea that it’s okay to let a cat roam outside. Keep it inside and it won’t die in the next 6 months

  32. Why is she going outside? When you let a cat roam, you’re really putting more confidence in predators, fast cars, and malicious people than you are showing love for the cat

  33. Keep it inside and be responsible I have 2 cats and they’re my responsibility if they’re well fed they don’t want to go and hunt or go outside

  34. keep the cat inside, be a responsible pet owner … simple solution.

  35. Don’t like what others are doing to your cat? Keep it in the house then…

  36. I so don’t agree with letting your cats outdoors. Besides the shits in my yard, the pungent piss smell by my windows, the dug up gardens, the torn screens, and the instigated cat fights through the window at 3am, the news says there are 3 BILLION less birds around since 1970! Not just thanks to windows, thanks to unnecessary killing by cats. Not even killing for food, killing for fun, to gift her owner. My kid cries to get his way on nearly everything, but I don’t let him have it. When a cat cries for something and you give it, they’ve trained you, you haven’t trained them.

    • Linda says:

      Maybe if you leave your address, the cat can be trained to gift your doorstep. If you`re nice. It`s one of their greatest joys. Tell me again how many birds have died from being caught by cats. Didn`t hear you the first time, doubt I`ll hear you the second or the third. Natural order of things.

  37. Friendly reminder outdoor domestic cats are responsible for billions of bird, mole, rat, baby foxes, etc deaths a year. Outdoor cats are bad and you should feel bad for having one
    Operation Pussylockdown

  38. Carrie Ann Carrie Ann says:

    Your cat shouldnt be left out to roam the streets!
    If you want your cat to get fresh air ,tie it up IN YOUR YARD .
    No one else should have to put up with YOUR cat.!

  39. KEEP IT ON A FUCKING LEASH!!! there are leash laws everywhere and cats fall under that leash law maybe if you had your cat on a leash NOBODY WOULD THINK ITS A STRAY….fuckwad

  40. Start locking up your cat in your house on Bancroft

  41. Is your cat vaccinated, micro chipped and registered with the city? If not then she’s considered at large and what your doing is technically against the bylaw. There are rules set in place to prevent this from happening as much. Your cat may have had a run in with a larger animal or car and could be the reason she’s skittish now. As for your Cat bringing you “gifts” you may see it that way but your cat is just hunting for sport and destroying wildlife for no reason. Feral and at large pet cats are responsible for several species extinctions. Just food for thought

  42. Cindy Rowe Cindy Rowe says:

    If I love how some owners thing it is their right to let the cat loose outside.

  43. Jay Brunette Jay Brunette says:

    Once i stop putting out the bales of Catnip he should stay at hone more often.

  44. Jack Smith Jack Smith says:

    maybe keep your cat indoors instead of bitching

  45. so true ppl need to mind there business stop picking up pets assuming there lost happened to mine she got out by accident was at my door trying to get back in but neighbor took her she ended up at the shelter when i got her back she smelt so bad from being in that shelter took me 2 weeks to get that awful smell off her.

  46. Maybe your cat is afraid/startled because she had to escape being eaten by a fox or a narrowly missed being in a cat scrap….Your cats behaviour is your fault for not protecting it and keeping it safe….Do you know how many cats are killed on Bancroft drive? Ive had to call in a few to the city so count yourself lucky that your cat has come home… Now for it’s safety keep it inside or tie it up on a leash like I do mine….

  47. Allie Kat Allie Kat says:

    Move. Then your ” baby” wont be “kidnapped”. People will always try and help if they believe it’s a stray or a cat that escaped the house.

  48. Keep your stupid fucking cat in your own damn yard then or tie it the fuck up. Its a nuisance. Simple as that

  49. Steve Rowley Steve Rowley says:

    No one really fucking cares..well the ones who have no life are going too, but not the rest of us

  50. Cindy Woods Cindy Woods says:

    Keep your cat indoors! It will be safe from predators, disease, other cats and traffic!

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