Stop being stupid you know why I hate you

Stop pretending you don’t know why I am mad at you and hate you . Your not that stupid you know what you did . Don’t go to him to ask why I am mad .

I was with him for a month and the day he left me he started seeing and sleeping with you . Now your Instagram pic is you and him , it’s not that I am mad that your with him it’s fine if you want to have my sloppy seconds and have sex with him the same day I did . I’m mad at the fact that you said you were my best friend and you lied to me about him and calling him Ryan when that’s not his fucking name . I knew it was him you were talking to . You want to do what you did to someone you called your best friend .

You made your bed with him in it now STOP trying to contact me I don’t want anything from you and I never want to talk to you again . Get the Picture FUCK OFF.



2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    dumpster fire trash

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too many love triangles in this town. Is this what fentanyl does to people? Makes them koukie and live 10 to a house? Then wonder why the wife is getting railed by the roommates while your out and about working your 10 side gigs all for the mighty $.

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