Stolen Wallet

You stole a big black wallet out of a white car in the Donovan today.

Not only did that wallet belong to my grandmother, but you stole it while she was dealing with finding an ailing loved one that had passed on. The wallet contains a sticker with my deceased daughter’s name on it from the hospital and it’s all she has of her. The wallet also contains my disabled grandfather’s health card and hers and she is ill herself.

We don’t care about the money. Please return it and we will ask no questions and press no charges.



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  1. The Donovan is the toilet of the city. The Flour Mill is like the toilet tank. Only slightly better. I lived there for several years. If something wasn’t locked up or bolted down it was gone. Daytime, nighttime, didn’t matter. Thieves took stuff in broad daylight. If I stopped at home just for a moment to run in the house to get something I had to lock the truck doors. Now it’s just habit. General rule, if I can’t see my truck it gets locked, even for just a minute. Scummy neighbourhood with scummy lowlife people. I don’t mean all of them, just the actual scummy lowlifes. The ones who sit on welfare for no reason and steal as much as they can from absolutely anybody who’s not paying attention. They don’t care about your pleas for your pictures back. There is no decency in them.

    • Al says:

      Very true.
      The fuckers broke into my truck 5 times now in the last two years ,stole my shovels , cigarette butt cans (on a weekly basis) my 5 gallon buckets even get stolen from my deck.
      If it’s not bolted SHE GONE!

  2. This is my post. Thank you for the supportive comments. Disturbed by the negative ones but no sense arguing with those clearly missing something in their lives. My grandmother wants her memories back. Plain and simple. A literal death caused the wallet to be left in the car. If anyone needs any information the sticker inside will say Rowyn Moulton. She’s my daughter. My grandmother also gave her name here. I promise nothing will happen if you give the wallet back.

  3. Thieves had brass balls …I had to move the car very quickly to make room for ambulance and fire rescue ..then run back in the house to show them where the deceased person was …my purse wasn’t on my mind at the moment ..and who could have imagined they would steal it with 2 police cars parked directly across the street ….perhaps they needed the 20 bucks in it more than I did …but my memories that can’t be replaced the mass card from my father’s funeral that I have carried for 35 years or my great granddaughters sticker from sick kids hospital …anyway if anyone finds it knock on my door …its worth a 100 dollar reward

  4. Camryn Heidman Kole Poitras-Paulin

  5. Hope it is returned to you.

    These low lives will literally break into a vehicle for cigarettes and loose change. So anything more valuable than that … odds are its gone by the time you return. They don’t care whether the door is locked or not either … they just help themselves to everything they happen to f*ckin look at.

  6. Make sure to go online and make a claim with the police in case they find it. Also, check around your street, lots of time they empty the wallets or purses and dump them

  7. Never leave wallet in your car. Good luck Getting id

  8. Sorry this happen to your grandma and your family and condolences to you and your family in your time of loss of a loved one

  9. And thats why its called the dirty dunny..

  10. Tell Grandma to lock the car door

  11. A wallet left in a car. The donovan no less. Genius.

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