Stolen bike

Bike stolen from Montague Av June 19th son went out at 820 on June 20th to take his bike to school to find the bike was gone lock was cut.

My son is 13 and 15 they shared the bike while my 13 year olds bike is being fixed. This was used daily and there nana bough them this bike.

Please share and help find the bike. Please no rude comments there is no need for it.

I live on the top floor so bringing the bike in nightly is kinda of a pain. We never had an issues all last summer. I know lots of things are being stolen around the city.

Thanks in advance to anyone who shares this post.



8 Responses

  1. I saw a bike at the corner of Elm St and Beatty St around 1030 am

  2. Paula Stark says:

    The people who are buying these stolen bikes are also a big part of the problem. If a shady guy in the Flour Mill or Donavan offers you an almost new bike for $50 you know that you have supported theft.

  3. I saw a bike at the corner of Elm St and Beatty St around 1030 am

  4. Karen Pigeon says:

    My locks were cut on Kathleen 2 years ago and I’ve seen the scumbag that has my bike, kudos to him for getting it new tires and fixing the pedal but still what the fuck…

  5. Tiffany CJ says:

    I saw one like this in a Bush off Lansing Ave this morning

  6. That is so nice of you Pat

  7. My kids have a spare bmx that needs a chain you can have it will help out your kids I’m pretty sure sessions can throw a chain relatively cheap

  8. I don’t trust anyone anymore. I bring in my dash cam at night even though I keep the car locked. Thrives are fucked