Still Bothered

Sorry in advance if this is long, but Thank You if you read it all.

It’s been a few years, but I am still bothered by the following situation.

In Garson, on the way to the airport, there is a small cemetery called The Good Shepherd cemetery in which two of my family members are buried.

A few years ago, a family member of mine told me she could not find the grave markers of our relatives, so I decided to go and check because sometimes they are hard to find. When I was there, I couldn’t find them either and thought that maybe they were sunken into the ground or covered by grass.

All my attempts to find them, were unsuccessful, so I contacted the department that’s responsible for the city’s cemeteries and informed them I couldn’t find them. The clerk filled out a requisition to have some city workers go look for them.

When the clerk called back, she verified that the workers couldn’t find the markers either and they don’t know what happened to them.

Years ago, a bench in memory of a child was stolen, so I don’t know if these markers were taken at the same time.

There are 2 markers, both are grey in color and look like small slabs (maybe a foot wide and 2 inches thick) that were stuck in the ground. These markers were made in the 30-40s era and have raised lettering.

One says “Baby” and the other says “Tony”. These markers are for 2 babies that were relatives that died around the same time and buried in the same plot.

Now I know this is a longshot, but if anyone knows where they are or who has them, can you please return them to the Good Shepherd Cemetery and call the office of the Civic Cemetery and let them know they’ve been returned there? Or maybe leave an anonymous post on Shoutout that they’ve been returned?

My family is not looking to charge anyone, we would just like them back, even if the markers have been broken.

I know I am asking for the public’s help in this, but I would appreciate if my family’s privacy is respected.

Thank you.