Stay classy sudbruy

Being able to rent commercial property makes you as much of a business owner as using your own child as a shield protection from authorities questioning your illegal practices and procedures.

Remember that

Renting space to run your game from and allow your sleaze bucket friends a safe place to get high while on the clock for their own companies and jobs isn’t a smart way to run a “business”

Know that.

Keep my child away from any industrial shop where hard hats and steel toe boots are required, and no a very active young 6 YO child just won’t sit and stay like a dog in the horrifically messy attached office , either. Time to pull up your for christ sake tour middle aged. Grow up. Youre a father not a teenager. Not the time or the place while a child is in tow.

Sometimes family court doesn’t always make the best ruling when it comes to the child. It’s clearly not a seamless system as once thought. Poor kid. What a world



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well for one thing having a kid with a dipshit was your first mistake, but let me guess the fact that he rented a commercial space made your panties wet thinking you were getting with a “succesfull business owner”, if that is the case don’t feel bad, most fools in this town fall for the same shit, even business owners have themselves convinced they are better than the rest because they haven’t been caught laundering money or scamming people yet.