Is there anything happening for St Patrick’s Day?? It falls on a Sunday this year but most people work Monday.

I am 22 and want to go to the bar or out somewhere but nobody seems to be celebrating on Saturday?

Any ideas people? Thanks!



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  1. Overtime bar and grill !!

  2. JoPo & The RiZe playing live 5-8pm at Buzzy Brown’s!

  3. MagicianSP Magic (Stefano Presenza) at The Horse Tavern aka The University of Chelmsford Sunday

    Lou Laberge

  4. Shawna Leah Shawna Leah says:

    The Grand. They are dropping real cash , they have great bottle service, music’s lit and the people are amazing.

  5. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    You will have anal Glaucoma Can’t see your ass going in to work tomorrow

  6. Fionn MacCools. No cover.

  7. Kye Coulis Kye Coulis says:

    I think no one is celebrating Saturday because St Patrick’s day is Sunday. We can do Xmas on the 24th this year if it helps you?

  8. The Grand is the biggest party in town

    • Erika Benvenuti actually its Patrick… the abbreviation would be patty, just a bunch of idiots in hallmarks holiday think tank choose to change it cause it dint fit with their foolish rhymes… now everyone who can pick up an bottle of booze thinks they know the Irish and what their celebrating… so while you’re out getting smashed drunk thibk of that bloody massacre you’re celebrating… the largest loss of life in ireland by the hands of someone who would be later considered a saint….

  9. Nickel City Hotel!! we are having a great party as usual with Glynn O’reilly playing!! starts at noon til whenever!! Party is on sunday though!! you can still come out and leave early enough to get to work monday…lol

  10. who parties on sundays???? oh ya 22 yr olds

  11. Tammy Whalen Tammy Whalen says:

    Definitely Peddlers pub!!

  12. Mazra Lepack Mazra Lepack says:

    The grand is doing a money drop on Sunday real money

  13. live band at the firehouse bar n grill in capreol on Saturday night. 9pm. green beer.

  14. Joey Read Joey Read says:

    Nickle city has a band and great place to have fun

  15. Coulson is giving out party favors to the first 200 ppl through the door

  16. Keith Sloan Keith Sloan says:

    Make some green koolaid and stay in. I’m not 22 anymore

  17. Joshua Moses Joshua Moses says:

    Go to church. Add food colouring to the wine 😉

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