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Hello Sudbury (and surrounding areas),

I’m in need of help, there are some spiritual/witchy items I’ve been looking for but sadly I have limitations because I live just outside of Sudbury in a tiny town.

I have been looking for herbs, and crystals, sage, tarot cards, just to name a few. Where can I get these?

I much prefer organic for the herbs and sage etc, is online and delivery an option?

Any websites or pages that I can look at? Or places? Links?

I’d appreciate the help if anyone has anything, help a girl out.

Thanks in advance.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad to see that most of these comments are positive. Perhaps the Tree of Life North may have items you are looking for. I got a bundle of sage from a vendor at a pow wow pre pandemic, so I think the suggestion to look to Indigenous communities for herbs is a great suggestion. Before the pandemic Sudbury had healing fairs that sold these types of items as well. Hopefully when life returns to somewhat normal we can have these types of events again.

  2. OverIt says:

    You could try the surrounding reserves for sage bundles. There’s often a fair overlap between indigenous and wiccan communities – maybe a call to one of the Friendship Centres nearby might help?

    Good luck.

    • Spiritual/Witchy stuff Poster. says:

      Thank you for the recommendation, I’ve been keeping an eye on the comments from here and the FB page.
      I will look into that for sure

  3. Anonymous says:

    Blessed be

  4. Anonymous says:

    you are fucked up

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t blame the OP just because the religion you practice doesn’t allow for any kind of questions outside of the ‘faith’. There are tons of wiccans out there who honor earth, and each other. Do some research and open your eyes to the ignorance.

      • Spiritual/Witchy stuff Poster. says:

        Reply 1.) That is your opinion to say such a thing, But my belief is more than what many will understand let alone accept.

        Reply 2.) And thank you for stating that, I appreciate it a lot, not many people are open minded and are willing to learn no matter what other religions state, it’s difficult to ask anything hence why I posted anonymously, out of fear….

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t listen to the haters. Follow your path. There are LOTS of us out there.
        Blessed be.

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