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I recently visited the Renaissance Spa downtown, and did not enjoy my experience at all. I expected it to be good since they have decent reviews.. maybe there’s been a change in ownership recently? The guy at the front desk was clueless and looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. The staff looked incredibly unhappy, and unorganized. Not to mention there are holes in the ceiling on the first floor and it smells like mold! You’d think they’d shut down to get that fixed properly. I remember this spa being known as the best spa in town… but I think it’s going downhill.
Does anyone have any other spa recommendations? I’m mostly looking for places that offer paraffin mani/pedis, body wraps and massages in a quiet and relaxing environment – with properly trained staff.



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  1. Nope no one smells mold here.
    And its probably easy to say that the pics taken were not taken from the person who posted them …. soo easy to figure out who is causing unnecessary trouble… and clearly needs to find something better to do with their time! 😉

  2. I was just there and had the best experience. Ive been at other spa’s in city and been disappointed. So that is why I have returned to Renaissance and will continue to do so.

  3. Amanda Thibert ewhh but the smell of mold….

  4. Ange Carole Ange Carole says:

    Talk of the Town spa is incredible! Great services, great staff, relaxing environment. This has been my “go to” spa for a few year now 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. All About Massage and Laser Services. Angelina Labre there is amazing! You won’t be disappointed!

  6. All About Massage and Laser Services

  7. Reilly Sarah I was there today and they apologized for the condition…. they’ve had a few leaks this winter…. we had a great experience

  8. Ultimate you Gloria’s restaurant parking lot

  9. Highly recommend Serendipity! Ask for Marika if getting a massage! She’s amazing!

  10. So before you decided to bash a local business on social media, did you make an attempt to contact the manager of the establishment to address your concerns? I’m sure any manager would want you to have a great experience and would do something to rectify the situation. Given the weather we have had recently between ice storms and massive snow falls I can only imagine that quite a few buildings are getting damaged. Maybe the building damage is beyond their control if they don’t own the property. Maybe they have to wait to have repairs done. Business’ don’t just close up shop to have a couple spots repaired.

  11. All About Massage on Durham is fantastic! They offer massage/esthetics/laser and trusculpt.

  12. Following. Amelia Temelini

  13. Classic Image Skin Care and Day Spa

  14. Bri Brunet Bri Brunet says:

    DeSimone Shoes & Spa do fantastic paraffin manis/pedis! Staff is amazing and extremely clean!

  15. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience. I actually work at La Renaissance, both locations. Unfortunately Winter has been a bit harsh on our roof and we had some water damage. We have already had someone in to start repairs. You happened to be there before repairs were started and I apologize for that. If you’re ever unhappy about a visit to either one of our locations please don’t hesitate to let the front desk know, or ask to have a manager contact you. We prefer to hear about complaints directly so that we can make an effort to correct your experience. Thanks.

  16. The Spa at Talk of the Town is awesome! I’ve never been let down.

  17. wow that’s recent, I was there in the fall and there were no issues at all

  18. Which location?! Love the south end… downtown not so much

  19. Apparently the 2 locations split. If i remember correctly the 1st owner retained south end and sold off the downtown location.

  20. Serendipity!! My other half works there and I can vouch it’s one of the nicest friendliest environments I’ve been in for a spa! Kalene Snider

  21. Grace Garon Grace Garon says:

    They sure have roofing leaks. Mould sets in quickly.

  22. The spa at talk of the town on regent. Great atmosphere and amazing staff. Well educated.

  23. Le petite spa is the best spa. Super clean, and the owner is the one who does all the services and she is super knowledgable. Her relaxation massages are great

  24. This makes me sad. I got a gift card for Christmas

  25. Linda Renaud Linda Renaud says:

    Yvette Beaulieu is the best this city has to offer!

  26. Serendipity Day Spa on Durham is hands down the best place to go ☺️ great service and great results. I’ve had their spray tanning and waxing and don’t go anywhere else now

  27. Serendipity Day Spa on Durham

  28. All About Massage. Angelina is an amazing esthetician.

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