Sorry to the driver

Sorry to the driver I almost hit with the chunk of ice that flew off my car this morning! I’ve been banging on the roof of my car every morning trying to loosen it up so I can chip it off, as I did this morning before I left, but to no avail. I figured it was stuck on there another day. Really sorry about that!!!



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  1. Lynn Lalande Lynn Lalande says:

    by Jewel Rain
    February 9 at 3:42 PM ·
    February 9th, 2019. I am beside myself at this weather, and I’m sure a lot of you are too. The amount of ice build up we’ve had in the last couple of days is quite ridiculous and with the road conditions being the way they are, you would think it would be common sense to everyone how important it is to remove the ice build up, and not rush into getting on the roads and to your destination without doing so. Well, apparently It’s not. Today my father was driving on the highway from Chelmsford to Azilda and drove past a black SUV heading towards Chelmsford, who didn’t bother to remove the ice from his vehicle. The ice fell loose and came flying full speed at my dad’s face, shattering his windshield in the process. The vehicle had noticed that something happened and pulled over, and then took off fast without bothering to get out of the car. The shatter was so loud, a lady from her house came rushing out to see if my dad was alright. With glass all over his face, he was very grateful she approached him because he doesn’t have a cell phone and no way to contact anyone. He called the police and they responded with “Well do you think there’s 2000 dollars worth of damage to the vehicle?” and then continued to tell my father that there is nothing they could do about it. Did they come to see if he was alright? NO. They didn’t care in the slightest. What is wrong with people these days?? PLEASE SHARE THIS. We need to let people know how much of a close call this was, and how dangerous it is to not take the time to make sure you’re not endangering the life of others with your carelessness. My dad’s windshield is loose, and the ice almost went through. I’m so glad he’s okay, but this was such a close call. Love you, dad. xo PLEASE SHARE.

  2. Kingsway and Paris street have do it yourself car washes with pressure washers. Costs $3 to remove ice build up. A lot cheaper than a ticket for damaging someone elses car.

  3. Marter. .fuck of my luthearan minister brother died…… ohhhhh u are so good…… puke

  4. I have a van and managed to get all the ice of my vehicle after that ice storm…go out a bit earlier to get it done while your vehicle warms up you will be able to get it all if you just take some time

  5. Cant get the snow/ice off. #1 you are not trying hard enough. 2 Don’t drive with that shit on your car. 3That’s just lazy and dangerous.

  6. Brad Dubois Brad Dubois says:

    Some girl hit my car with a big chunk of flying ice. When I got beside her at a red light to ask her to pull over so we could exchange insurance she said “that did not come from me and I’m not pulling over!”

  7. Don Dunn Don Dunn says:

    If ice flys off one car and hits the next your to fucking close to the car infront of you . With that said clean the shit off ur car and quit being lazy

  8. I agree the top of my vehicle is all panoramic sun roof as well and banging too hard on it will break the glass I did everything as well and short of smashing the glass I couldn’t get it off either

  9. Chris Strickland possibly your guy…

  10. Linda says:

    … aaand 10 000 people answered it was me. aaand about another 10 000 have fallen flat on their arses lately. And the other 10 000 nearly did while doing some kind of funky chicken move to avoid it and got lucky.

  11. Eric Filion Eric Filion says:

    Poor hot water? That’s what I did to my windshield. Took 2 mins

  12. That night that we got that freezing rain and ice pellets I started my car about 10:30. Scraped it all off. The hood just came off nicely. It is doable.

  13. They said “almost hit”.. so I assume they saw it miss who ever it was. Mind you, I’m willing to bet more than not have had ice fly off and didn’t even notice it.. Glad I have a garage to prevent it. That, and in Florida since the freezing rain started… Hopefully it’s done when I get back..
    Stay safe people..

  14. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    At least you tried…that’s more than most do…

    Thanks for saying you’re sorry…better than nothing…

  15. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Guess you should say you gave the cold shoulder to someone…. hyul hyuk….

  16. Lol any chance you were driving a white crv and the ice from your roof almost smashed out my windshield?

  17. Wow no one has heard of a car wash ??? Ya the ice loosens up as the car gets warm inside so it will come off in traffic. So drive slow to a car wash an have it removed if its that bad, pressure wash on the kingsway will take it off an save lives.

  18. Lise Martin Lise Martin says:

    A little bit of damage on your vehicle from knocking off the ice is worth it if it saves a person or people lives. Think about it people. It is so dangerous!!!

  19. I’d rather damage paint on my car then damaging someone else windshield. Once your car heats up it causes it to melt between the roof and ice. Will slide off. That’s dangerous. I got all Ice off yesterday when it was mild. Stopped to get gas and got the rest off then.

  20. Nate Wyness Nate Wyness says:

    Thanks it smashed my back window out

  21. Murray Al Murray Al says:

    Falconbridge heading to garson by chance

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