Someone please explain

I really need one of the folks from who’s comments are never censored to explain to me how if they are vaccinated which makes symptoms less severe for them not me how I am a danger to them please.

Really having a hard time understanding that one and they all seem to be experts on the topic.



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  1. FJB/FJT says:

    Trudeau bought 7 shots for us all that we know of. So the same vaccines that havent worked after two shots is going to work after a third shot? Just stop with this garbage, we cant just keep sticking needles into everybody every six months, its a ridiculous strategy. Get on with life. For the vaxed sheep ya’ll will have a booster jab every 6 months at a minimum to keep your “freedom” passport valid. And EVERY one of them take you closer to the grave. You’ve lost your natural immunity system after the FIRST jab and can never go back. The spike proteins the jabs make get into every organ in your body including your brain and cause blood clots only a D-dimer test will reveal. Now by vaccinating your children they won’t even be around to bury you. It will be a race to the cemetery. Even a simple search will reveal doctors, virologists, immunologists, scientists and medical experts that have another opinion. Ya’ll should see what they’re saying. Meanwhile I’ll let my natural immunity and supplements I’m taking protect me down here in Florida where we found summer all over again. They want you to get the booster to finish off your innate immune system.
    You will be totally vulnerable to all this winters colds, influenza and COVID.
    Plus you will probably get the deadly Autoimmune Deficiency Enhancement (ADE).
    Boosters will only boost your chances of a bad outcome!

    • Musclehead Spotter Extraordinaire says:

      Fear mongering antivaxxers make me laugh! What a load incoherent babble without any bloody proof of concept. Blah blah!! Everytime I check in, the small minded resistance are still waging a propaganda war amongst yourselves. You’re a minority!
      In the meantime, the rest of us move on.

      • Anonymous says:

        You think the smooth brained scared of their own shadow, government puppets are the ones “moving on”. Difference is we never changed our lifestyles so we don’t need to move on, we ll just continue living. Just because cnn or cbc didn’t tell you what was stated doesn’t mean its wrong. I really feel sorry for you silly lemmings. Humorously leftists turn everything around, we aren’t the ones fear mongering, we also don’t demand everyone has one size fits all medical treatment that might not be right for many. We read source upon source from all sides of the equation and do what we think is best for our family friends and co workers health and safety and so far it has worked put just fine.

  2. LetsGoBrandon says:

    People need to ask the question: what good is a vaccine that doesn’t prevent the virus it was designed to prevent? And why are we still wearing a mask which is like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes. Aren’t we tired of being lied to yet?

    • Anonymous says:

      Surprisingly a lot of people keep buying into it for some reason. Soon they will be “I dont care if my liver, kidney and one lung dont work because of the 128 booster shots I’ve taken, give me another shot” Then off they go still wearing 3 masks and a face-shield.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ya I really don’t get it. They say liberalism is a mental disorder and over the last couple years its really shining through.

      • LetsgoBrandon! says:

        But get the clot shots they will protect you from the 1% chance of death and 1% is being generous. That’s even if you catch it in the first place. Funny how government and media have turned therapeutics into the devil yet fail to mention the jab is a therapeutic not a vaccine. Instead they had the definition of vaccine changed to fit the narrative. Never let a good crisis go to waste though. “Build back better” ….well heres a thought, how about Put it back where you got it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Prevent??? Since when? lol

    • Pat Wimple Puget the 3rd. says:

      Letsgobrandon??? Isn’t that a US political euphemism? We don’t care about foreign stupidity.
      Now, go put your mask on like a good dooby.

      • Anonymous says:

        What happens in the states affects us sillybuns. No matter what stupid title you use for your comment doesn’t help your case it actually provides insight on your intelligence and maturity it also gives you away. Why don’t you spend a night and try reading and watching things outside your comfort zone with zero bias and come back with something worth discussing. Turdeau just re opened roxham rd. Do what that is and why it is significant? One of many many issues that have a lot to do with the states and liberal mouth pieces will cover as little as possible if at all. I care about my life and my families life, my career, my future, my country I was once proud of and my fellow Canadians so yes I am going to speak up for what I believe is right and safest for all of the above. You only care about you. So yes fuckjoebiden and fuckjustintrudeau the ones we elected to work for us not rule us they are turning north america into a third world continent.

  3. fit/fib says:

    The lack of understanding is precisely the problem. Some people lack the ability to disseminate between fact and fiction. They drive themselves into a frenzy while the rest of the world works together.

  4. Nurse Carmen says:

    The anti vaxers try really hard to be relevant, but their voice falls on deaf ears because the lack of factually sourced data to support their mantra.
    Those that do understand the science, the history and the facts of pandemic-like viruses, know how this will end for the ever shrinking minority refusing common sense.
    FYI : I experience the real Sars-CoV2-Delta daily. It’s the Unvaxxed driving the numbers up. Very sad!

    • Nurse chindip says:

      Sure ting boss.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah all those unvaxxed hitting up the bar and the movie theatres lol
      the unvaxxed unable to participate in society are driving the numbers how exactly?

    • Anonymous says:

      40% of the fully vaccinated Ottawa Senators came down with Covid….

    • Fjb/Fjt says:

      Honestly self proclaimed “nurse” just go away. Seriously its been two years, time to move on already. You my friend are irrelevant. If I wanted to hear or see the fear porn I would just turn on one of the liberal bought and paid for msm. Imagine living two full years looking over your shoulder for something that doesn’t exist. People have completely lost their marbles. Sadly because of this “pandemic” many peoples lives will never be the same and not because they were sick.

    • Heeellllo nurse says:

      LoL 29,000 people have died from covid in two years.
      24-27,000 dies due to medical error every year (as has been reported by MSM for 2 Decades)
      And yet, and yet the healthcare system has not been reformed.

      Roughly half a million in since 2005 (again according to the same MSM that brings you your daily dose of terror in the form of the great plague of the 21st century)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Because literally if every person was vaccinated covid would GO AWAY or reduce in incidence dramatically to near 0. The fact that I have to even explain this… wow.

    • Dipshit says:

      Lmfao you are a retard. No that would not happen even if every single person was vaccinated. Why do you think flu shot is not mandated, the flu just like covid is endemic. Where do you get your information. Vaccinated still catch and transmit it so how if everyone is vaccinated would it make any difference? Wow is right.

    • “The fact that I have to even explain this… wow.“ says:

      Please expand upon your infantile comment – and let’s bathe in your glorious wisdom. Please do enlighten us – we uneducated paupers of the world…

      The fact that I even have to explain this…

    • Anonymous says:


  6. LetsgoBrandon says:

    Lmfao soooo true, remember in the first 365 days of the plandemic all those fools were ratting on neighbours and screaming “super spreader” how come they never followed up with see I told you that was a super spreader event. In fact the only spreader events I’ve witnessed in Sudbury to date are the recent ones like the at the grand where only the vaccinated are allowed in attendance. But yet you go over to and read the comment sections and they still have the same smooth brained idiot comments two years later. Its because of idiots like them that there is no santa clause parade(an outdoor event) again this year.