some people these days…

I dont get people.

I made a post abit ago looking to help families at Thanksgiving with dinners and all that. I received a message by this one lady pretty much demanding me to tell her what I do for a living that I hand out cash and all that. I said kinda personal to ask but I never give out cash. She than says yes and no it’s not too personal.

If someone is willing to help others who cares what they do. (I do make my money the legal way) It’s the people like this is why I’m considering stop helping others. It’s the added BS and games. This isn’t the first time people have done this and isn’t the last I’m sure. Humanity is simply FUCKED.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Canada takes kindness to the extreme and enables its people by giving them an unnecessary (and undeserving) sense of entitlement. Good on you for trying & I hope you don’t get too discouraged.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If someone is giving YOU money for charity work , yes I should say if u work or whatever so people don’t get screwed by YOU
    Just an intelligent thought

  3. Anonymous says:

    Personal to ask? Huh
    Have u ever boy into someone’s personal business by chance ? l

  4. Anonymous says:

    Completely fucked, no one minds their business anymore, everyone is looking for handouts and the opportunity to scam others. Thanks social media and liberal governments. Liberal mentality is what’s yours is mine and whats mine is mine and no privacy just transparency for everyone but them. As long as you cry, say sorry and vote liberal you can break whatever laws you want.

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