Some people are bonkers lmao

I can’t stand when someone who thinks they look really cool but they just don’t look cool to anyone. People around them let that sh!+ slide because they are too unstable and fragile to even fathom the concept.

For those who can, thank you for being your own person and understanding you’re not the center of gravity, and no everyone DOESNT believe the sun rises and sets with your presence.

Sheesh. Get over yourself, mecca. Youre not that influential or important. Bow to yourself lol



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  1. Anonymous says:

    To the readers …
    Remember this :
    No one watches you closer than people who don’t like you…So to the “cool” person I’d say …keep being your unique self that is turning your watchers inside out with jealousy lmfao….give them a show!!
    Hopefully they will get over the obsession of you and into the next cool person cones along .
    For the one who posted … You are so Uncool to post this! Spineless

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this cool person broadening your vocabulary ? Lmao
    Obsessed much?

    In a world FULL of copies
    Heyyyy be an ORIGINAL of YOU!
    Stop ✋ posting your creepy obsessive rants !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yup either high school rant or his forbid another low rental housing rant!! You people know you’re obsessed with there certain individuals and treating the person like a celebrity or a Kardashian!! Stop the madness !! Focus on your school work or move out of your RGI low rental housing . It’s a cess pool of uneducated back woods people for all I e been hearing ! Jealousy of other low rental people?
    Am I right? Phew Thankfully I’m a content person not keeping up with the Jones’s !

    STOP the madness ! If you have a child or children .
    You shouldn’t of this is where ALL your measly insecurities lie!

  4. Anonymous says:

    LMAO to this UNcool poster….Jel much? I love cool people myself better than wannabe bystanders who just can’t even have one ounce of it! Hahahahhaa

    The fragile people you’re talking about …why would they even care 1 iota how cool someone is!?!

    Sudburians : Can the normal people with worthwhile posts “Please Stand up!!”

    Too many shady assed posts from idiots who don’t have any courage to say Heyyy whoever
    You ain’t as cool as u think??

    What will the repercussions be? What are you afraid of? Being open , brave and honest ! Nooo ur just a shady bunch! Jokes back on you ! Jelly Jealous is showing in spades ♠️

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is clearly coming from someone who doesn’t look cool. I don’t think it’s mecca fault her shit don’t stink lol u must of wrote this at recess.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well that sums up a large part of sudbury.