This is cry for solidarity amongst healthcare workers.

This is a cry for STRIKE!!

Whether vaccinated or otherwise, we must unite against violation, marginalization and threats upon our livelihoods and our futures.

We the essential, the heroes, who have done more than our part, when we were needed most— Who suffered stress and pressure and overwhelming moments.



S T R I K E !

266 healthcare workers are being discarded, in an already overwhelmed system, and they are being stripped of their very ability to feed their families.




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  1. Lets go Brandon says:

    I see jabs, jab passes and shunning the disobedient from society is working so well they decided sudbury needs to bring back more mandates. Why do they have to worry about capacity if everyone in the establishment is pricked by the all mighty saving grace? This isn’t a ploy to push boosters and children. I really hope the people responsible for this continuing will wake up and be like “wow I wasted two years of my life for this bullshit and did everything my masters demanded all while I struggle and my masters go on trips and give themselves raises on my tax dollar all while others continued to live normally like nothing was going on and we are still in the same boat.”

    Whenever the rest of you decide to say enough is enough we can finally end this.

    • Ridiculous says:

      You know, the people have given Public Health almost 2 yrs to manage this situation…… just think if this was a REAL pandemic …. would they mismanage it the way they are now? If new cases and hospitalizations are the result of the vax, and soon to be boosters, then this pandemic will never end. How convenient. Its Unbelievable but we knew that these scumbags would push this again! Karma is coming for all of them! They are “re-enstating temporary restrictions” implies the others are permanent. I can’t wait till the 5th wave when the people with 4 shots start blaming the one’s with only two shots. Population of Sudbury 161,000

      Total vaccines administered 323,000


      • Anonymous says:

        People in power will do whatever to retain power.
        When riots and protest were happening throughout the U.S , the hongkong protests, the food shortages in Venezuela, Even the Russians had enough etc. Half the globe was protesting.

        Miraculous virus appears ,a virus that (here) had an avg death rate of 84.

        But look let’s be clear NOBODY is going to do fuck all.
        Governments will continue to fuck you in the ass dry with no lube, and NOONE will do a fucking thing (not for awhile)

        All you have to do is look around the world at north Korea or Libya (muammar gaddafi) it took quite some time and a lot of hardships before an actual revolt.

        So sit back and enjoy.

        And if you have the balls walk outside the rules.

        Things will get much MUCH worse before anything starts to happen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It takes more “courage” to say no to the vaccine peer pressure then it does to a recovering addict to say no to their fix. #Justsayno

  3. Anonymous says:

    I miss the good old days of a brilliant leader, energy independence, a strong-safe America, no mask-vaccine mandates, Freedom, low gas prices, low energy bills, low food prices, low inflation, low interest rates and a secure border. Some what keeping our lefties in Chinada in check. That all took a turn for the worse 10 months ago. Keep voting left people.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol you’re a blind moron.
      long before the lefties took charge George Dubbya was enacting a mass surveillance state.
      Spy on your own citizens (Murica) and allowed their “enemies” to produce metric tones of opioids to flood the entire continent.
      slight of hand right? only people pick and choose what they want to listen to, like when the economic collapse went because of high risk mortgages as AAA stock, got bailed out with public funds and quickly gave themselves raises for “a job well done” all that was widely reported and for the most part (outside of the occupy movement) nobody said a word. then when government was done robbing you blind they said “let them suck dicks” and thus was born the push for LGBQT rights.

      and now you live with crushing debt, rising inflation, a card system not unlike Chinese social credit, now you need an app to ride public transit or planes. because of fears of a virus that kills people past the age of life expectancy the military actively engages in war time style propaganda against it’s own citizens and you boobs keep cheering for left or right.

      personally I don’t mind losing, as long as I get to watch you pampered lil fucks lose too.

      it’s satisfying.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Canadians have grown lazy and fat intellectually, and handed over their moral compass to a Gov. because they couldnt be bothered to think for themselves

    And when the time came (covid) for them to think for themselves…MANY could not, and immediately succumed to Gov propaganda.

  5. Jim Shorts says:

    The age group that has the lowest chance of any issues with covid…. are gunna be forced to take a vaccine that will reduce the chance of any issues from covid by minimal efficacy! But may have side effects? Why???? Why????

  6. Bob says:

    Covid is a bit of a joke. I had it a few months back. It was a very mild cold. A bit of a cough. Food tasted funny another fun fact people seem to have forgot is you lose your taste and smell with colds and sinus infections, people lost their minds when loss of taste became a symptom of covid, and I had the most wonderful sleeps every night. 14 HOURS LONG!!! 4 days later everything was back to normal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly what both my ex’s said J&A(they both work in healthcare/psw) J had it twice, she says this whole thing is bullshit.

      Neither of them “voluntarily” took the vaccine until it was mandated both took the vaccine simply to keep their job.

      A said her second dose of vaccine made her feel worse than covid did.

  7. Lets go Brandon says:

    It is amazing how quickly complete strangers were able to convince people the sky was falling, but for friends, family, coworkers and drs who have nothing but their best interests and love for you it is like swimming head on against the tide.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In 1918 New Zealand set up inhalation chambers filled with zinc sulfate. In order to travel by train, people had to present papers proving that they had been treated.

    It caused damage to the lungs and throat, making people more susceptible to infection. Science

    McIntyre Powder is an aluminum and aluminum oxide powder that was administered to miners in Ontario between 1943 and 1979. It was thought to prevent silicosis among miners, but later was found to have no protective effect. Now caused cancer

  9. Jim Shorts says:

    Regular boosters to keep those passports valid! Every day goes by I am more sure of my decision not to get this untested gene vaccine. Still restricted, still wearing masks and willing to go for a third jab! What other vaccine used over decades needs 3 shots in a year? I cant believe people are not asking more questions about the terrible cases of adverse reactions that are being reported by citizens. You wont find them in legacy media. Inform yourself, endless booster jabs for the sheep. To all the jabbed – watch out for the resulting cytokine storm in your body after the booster. Don’t know what that is? I’m not surprised. Look it up. It can be a deadly reaction.

  10. Anonymous says:

    266 morons are being discarded. No one cares.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except for people accessing an overwhelmed system lol
      2019- Doug ford will fix hallway healthcare
      2021- hospitals fire healthy staff for being unvaccinated for a virus that has a 0.02% current infection rate

      Logic lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t care? Just wait for the morons complaining about more hallway medicine! Just wait…moron

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you tell them to drive to the speed limit or stop at red lights?

      Or do you trust that they’re adults who can make their own minds up about what they choose to do?

  11. Lets go Brandon says:

    Covid is not a hoax but the numbers are. Mandates are not laws. There are so many lawsuits waiting to be brought to light, compiling evidence and data by the hour. Anyone who follows mainstream and mainstream only will never understand. If you use non censored search engines you can actually find a lot of information you will never see in msm. For example how they changed testing as soon as Biden was sworn in so that case numbers decreased or that many counties across the US have revised their death counts greatly died with and died of are a huge difference especially when the positive came from a pcr test within 28 days of the death. The mandates are starting to lift as of jan and done by mar so let them fire you get a lawyer and document everything. Front line workers were heros right up until they werent when the narrative changed. Fuck the system. The government are public servants hired and funded by us they are not our rulers. Time to start thinking for yourself people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please use condoms while fucking the system, becasue idiots like you should not multiply.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope you need surgery and die

      • Lets go Brandon. says:

        Did that make you feel like the man your father said you would never amount too?

      • Jim Shorts says:

        Unlike you I am not fucking the system, I have worked through the entire pandemic to support my kids I already have and to support all the cerb the sheep have been lapping up. As for you fools you and your kids won’t need condoms after one of your booster jabs finally make you sterile.

      • Anonymous says:

        His father was right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow. You must be a member of the party of unity and love. You are one sad libtard.