So Sudbury. How Long do you Stay in a Relationship Without Sex

When I met my girlfriend she was a freak in the sheets. 2 years later and I can’t even grab a boob without being shot down.

I love her but how long is too long to stay in a relationship without sex? I don’t even bother trying anymore.



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  1. Natthe Brat says:

    Why is it that guys are always assuming your not interested or falling out of love or seeing someone in the sideline, when clearly your still in love and just may not show it as having sex everyday a couple of times a day relationships are not all about sex. Maybe an approach in another way perhaps? Instead of just trying to just get it in

  2. Have you tried using rope? Gotta get that real thick grade so she cant break free and practice those knots beforehand so no fuck ups! A friend told me that works perfectly every time , most of the time! good luck!!!

  3. having children can do it also.

  4. Did you cheat on her perhaps? It could also be stress. How romantic are you? Maybe you are not taking care of your physique or hygiene? Could it be medical? Hormonal or pills affecting libido? Have you tried a bit of spice in the romance department? Does she feel wanted?

  5. Holy ridiculously personal information attached to your family names, Batman!

  6. Food definitely works. Bring a burger or something everytime you go into the bedroom

  7. ☛ ‘Time To Move On’ ☚

  8. Neil Daggett says:

    Don’t go after a woman that’s “a freak between the sheets”. Sex always gets old. Go for a woman of substance. That way you’ll enjoy her on more than a physical/sexual level. Lust peters out sometimes, or at least idles down. Secondly, maybe you take her for granted and she isn’t as “revved up because all you want is sex. She’s a person too and probably needs more than to feel like a pleasure source.

  9. Obviously not love…love has no restrictions or ultimatums…seriously she has to fuck you or you’ll leave? No wonder she stopped sleeping with you…

    • Agreed! I hate when ppl say they have to have their significant other ” put out ” or ” keep them satisfied”… or theyll leave or cheat etc! Like fuck that… life gets in the way sometimes & like many ppl said, ppl get tired, exhausted, busy etc… sometimes you really just dont feel like it. We’re human ! Sex isnt everything like ppl make it out to be

  10. He is Bennie Norris. Check him out go to his page he dated the girl he taking about here forgot to tell you he gay .

  11. Luc Rioux says:

    she proubably getting it somewhere else dude

  12. I can relate. But the wife and I ave been thru quite a lot with our little lady.

  13. Scott Lauber says:

    Prolly gettin it somewhere else. That’s the way it usually is 90% of the time

  14. This is the reason a lot of relationships fail . I used to be one of those women who thinks like ‘why should I just be putting out because my boyfriend wants it,he doesn’t do nothing special for me bah blah blah’ you know the story … But if you want your man not to leave or cheat on you your going to have to put out. it’s not even that men just want sex all the time but yes they do want it and at least once a day would be nice ! Sex is a need for men…and if your not going to fulfil his needs when he’s working to support your family or even just cause you knew how much he liked sex when’s yous first got together ,then yes he is going to leave eventually and if he doesn’t he will get his needs fulfilled elsewhere!!!

  15. People change, did one of you?
    Stop bathing?
    Start wearing PJs in public?
    Start wearing a sloppy bun?
    Become jealous, possessive, etc?
    Nuns don’t become freaks, freaks don’t become nuns.
    I think Julie Fisher might be right!

  16. Maybe sit her down and talk about it?? If you can’t even do that then it’s not worth it

  17. Kaela Paula says:

    “Do the dishes” “Fold the laundry” lmao that’s a joke, if a man needs to be doing chores for a woman just for sex then that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Ya’ll women are all fucking crazy and probably single. She’s either not into you anymore or a lesbian. The fact that couples need to “do stuff” or “chores” for one another is selfish. If you guys cant love each other and have sex on the regular like a normal couple, it’s probably safe to say it won’t last long.

  18. Switch to dudes. We always want it. Never a no! Trust me!

  19. Pam M Burton says:

    Sooo many reasons for this. 1) you don’t spend special time with her…..give her a massage it will likely turn into sex cause she greatful. 2) open up communicate….talking always figures it out unless she doesn’t realize the problem but talking helps both realize it. Don’t be judgmental or you you you try I feel like we are drifting apart I want to fix this do you know how?
    3) do housework. Some feel so overwhelmed and again are going to be greatful.
    4) maybe she’s depressed ? Altho I’m sure all of the stuff you do above will help.
    5) so many guys are the girl is crazy the girl is nuts the girl is not giving me sex annnnnnd so on buuuuut then you see how the guy treats the girl and you think ya I wouldn’t give him sex either :s girls need to be treated with respect and have their needs (not wants) met…..if you are not doing this then that’s probably why. If you ever call her names or treat her with disrespect then this is why……FYI this goes for women and men just saying treat a girl with respect cause I’m gearing my response to the guys question. Regardless who you are if you don’t treat your significant other with respect then that person will be unhappy.

  20. A boob grab isn’t exactly a turn on? maybe try lighting a candle first or offering food … food works.

  21. Jo Zee says:

    Do the dishes, fold the laundry & put it away, vacuum & wash the floors, clean the toilet………that shit turns a chick on. If it doesn’t work then you’re fawked & not in the way you wanna be. Then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your relationship status & whether or not she’s still into you or using you for the comfort of a relationship til something better ( according to her ) comes along.

    • Larry Styles says:

      We shouldn’t have to bend over backwards for you to lounge around just to get laid . Do your womanly duties with a smile and take the d

    • What an ass there Larry Styles. Womanly duties…. you guys piss on the floor and our duty to clean it…. we feed you good meals and we do the dishes while you men sit on your ass….. you want a good piece of ass…. then help out around the house too. Men like you drive me crazy. Been a while huh Larry

    • Jo Zee says:

      You just had to eh Larry Styles??

    • Larry Styles says:

      The last 30 years the media has been promoting that’s it’s OK for men to be more like women . Well you’re wrong . Men aren’t supposed to get walked all over by lazy women that do nothing with their lives . Men are men . We go bust our backs 50+ hours a week while 90% of you work part time : maybe . Damn right you’re doing 50 hours a week of housework . Although we all know it takes 2 solid hours to clean a house . I watch my 4 french maid escorts do it every week. So no. It hasn’t been a while .

    • Larry Styles says:

      Just keeping it real . Remember to tune into new cap radio for all your buy and sell needs .

    • Larry Styles says:

      Hey Yvette Larocque . You ever realize something when you look in the mirror ?

    • Larry Styles says:

      I did. Real eyes . Realize . Real lies. Be true to yourself . Pugs don’t get any. Been a while eh?

    • Yes Larry Styles I have looked in the mirror. I work a full time job. One that might make you think. I still come home look after the kids…house and still put out. Well if your using an escort then it’s just sex for you and nothing meaningful. So I understand your petty, childish, selfish comments. Maybe if you learned to respect yourself then you could respect woman. Do look in the mirror. All I see is a pethetic excuse for a hand job. Too bad it’s your own. Your momma should should have swallowed…. look at that. I can be childish too.

  22. She’s probably not into you anymore. Pay attention. Or u just suck in bed!

  23. Rob Brabant says:

    Man should never wait. Grab her by the pussy and giver.

  24. Zack Tryon says:

    She’s cheating on you 😉

  25. Julie Fisher says:

    Sorry Bud, she’s pounding your bro!! Stay single!!

  26. Talk about How to turn a dick into a pussy

  27. Kelsie Dawn says:

    A lot can affect a woman’s affection. Most common reason are boredom or loss of trust. Try and spice it up. Trust is a big deal and if broken… well if it is broken, your screwed.

  28. Sadie Marie says:

    Clear the snow off her car, that definitely gets Canadian woman going. Brendon Laframboise lmao

  29. How about you talk to her about this.

  30. Wow. Lol is she on the pill? If so that would do it. Or if you guys fight a lot.. women need to feel loved and emotionally stable. Do something special for her to lighten the mood. Why are men so lazy and expect women to be hot n ready. Consider how her day went if she’s exhausted offer up a massage, could lead to more. Sounds like you expect her to be ready like April O’Neil on porn hub.

    • It’s not always that simple. Some women just stop. Lots of them do. And the good majority of the ones thay do just expect the men to live with it. They’ll say this is how it is no so you better get used to it.

      Some use it as a means of getting things they want and only giving it up when they need leverage. Some use it as a weapon to wear men down and make them compliant.

      It isn’t always a case of the man being an insensitive prick who expects a women to drop her panties on command.

      Besides. Most relationships start out that way, with lots of sex. So it’s not unreasonable to expect that trend to continue or at least occur at a reasonable interval. You don’t buy a car with a bunch of bells and whistles just to have the dealership swing by a year later and remove all your options and leave you with the base model.

      If you approach your partner with concerns about the frequency of sex, and they don’t offer any kind of reasonable solution to the problem or at least agree to work on any issues that might be going on, then they’re either doing it on purpose or they don’t give a shit what their partner thinks about it and maybe it’s time to part ways.

    • Holy shit Amber Lynn Elliott! Haha you nailed that spot on girl! Feel sorry for this dude tho lol.

    • Amber yeah what if you’re already doing all those things and helping out and still nothing. I’m sorry but exhaustion isn’t an excuse. I could lose a limb and still want to have sex. Or dying from pneumonia.

      I’ll make the effort especially if my partner has concerned. Because that’s what a normal couple does. They make sure their partner is satisfied.

    • Amber yeah what if you’re already doing all those things and helping out and still nothing. I’m sorry but exhaustion isn’t an excuse. I could lose a limb and still want to have sex. Or dying from pneumonia.

      I’ll make the effort especially if my partner has concerned. Because that’s what a normal couple does. They make sure their partner is satisfied.

    • Being exhausted is a difficult time to have sex for most people. But like I said in my original post a massage wouldn’t hurt to try and start it up instead of expecting your significant other to be ready.

    • That’s not the point I’m making and most men in sex less relationships would probably tell you they’re already bending over backwards to try to please their partners in hopes that it’ll reverse their trend.

      It won’t in 90% of the cases.

    • Lol I take it your the type of guy whom always has to have the last word and loves to argue lol

    • I guess we know who your favorite pornstar is now.

  31. Carrie Rioux says:

    if you’ve tried discussing the issue like an adult to no avail. she’s getting hers somewhere else hit the road

  32. Run. It never gets any better.

    It’s a sign of a few things. Either she lost her sex drive, she’s not into you anymore and is just enjoying the benefits of a relationship without any of the work or she’s fucking somebody else.

    Neither of those problems can be fixed except the sex drive one and they have to be willing to admit that there’s a problem and make an effort to see a doctor about it. If they aren’t going to do anything about it medically it’ll never fix itself.

  33. Slip it in when she’s sleeping…maybe she likes it better that way!

  34. She’s fucking some one else dude

  35. Slap ur dick on her chin

  36. Nick Essig says:

    Nicole ‘Pickles