Snoop Concern

Just throwing this out there – I’ll start off by saying that I’m a huge Snoop fan. Born early 80’s so I grew up on his music and I still listen to it.

Concern – Sudbury is definitely in a drug crisis. As indicated in the Northern Life recently, there were 88 overdoses in November and December 2018 alone. A little scary no? As we all know, Snoop is an icon for promoting drug use.

Should we really be bringing this to Sudbury at a time where the Sudbury Police can’t even control the issue now? Just thinkin’..



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  1. Jeff g says:

    this is an obvious concern troll post.. good job for getting that many responses 🙂

  2. I wanna see lil xans livee in sudbury

  3. Weed is Not the problem here, its the needles & Chems

  4. He promotes dope not car-fentanyl

  5. Jon Cyr Jon Cyr says:

    Ain’t nobody banging heroin at the snoop show.

  6. Hey OP, maybe Snoop can bring you a blunt so you can chill the f*** out!

  7. Melissa Moggy I love this lol. Not everyone is the same as they were over 30 years ago lol

  8. Sudbury is in a opioid crisis not a marijuana crisis. A lot of people smoke marijuana and are very much against hard drugs that are taking people lives over

  9. Wade Ramsay Wade Ramsay says:

    Those two drugs aren’t even in the same category what a knucklehead thing to say

  10. Erica Neuman Erica Neuman says:

    Weed isn’t fucking heroine or that purp carp. At least marijuana has numerous benefits while opiates are killing people in this town at an alarming rate.

  11. I strongly feel as citizens we need to stop idolizing people who don’t promote high standards! I for one don’t support musicians , athletes etc who do not truly contribute to society in humanitarian ways, or go against my morals and values!

  12. Pot is nothing is the other crap thats horrible.

  13. Angie Nesh Angie Nesh says:

    Stupid people man like come on its Weed
    /Marijuana it’s not crack and heroin and besides its legal in Canada now so stop making something out of nothing!!!!!

  14. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Hes an avid cannabis user. Doesn’t make it drugs. That stigma has to go.

  15. Promotes marijuana use not drug use, idiots everywhere!! EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

  16. Marc G Simon Marc G Simon says:

    maybe if they didn’t give O.D kits out for free. the cops would have this undercontrol. what a joke.. I consider weed as a medicine not a drug. Grow up.

  17. Just cus he does pot doesn’t mean he’s a drug promoter first off pot is legal n there is a valid reason its legal.. 2nd … he is no different then Bob Marley.. k so stop this crap he’s promote stuff he does wat he want just like others ppl are so easily influenced by drugs simply cus a.. pure presher… b.. ppl forcing it apon u .. or c.. having an adoptive personality is wat makes ppl can’t stop cus they dunt want to snoop has nothing to do with any that so wat he smokes pot .. when a last time u ever heard someone o.d ing from pot…. nune has ever past my ears herin someone die from it unless here Alergic… furthermore I’d like to note it’s not that sudbury police can’t do nothing about drug prob for every one they are st there’s three more to take there place they do there job n there are cities alot worse then ours for drugs ijs.. if u want something to stop u gotta nip it at its sorce n that is like finding a needle in a hay stack ijs.. ppl get high off other drugs cus wat they were on was not strong enough cus ppl are week n let things like drugs rule there like me my self ya I smoke pot but ya know wat it does alot of good helps me with alot of issues percript med dunt fix.. percript mess are where most ppl get there highs like the Pam fam or oxys n such which is a man maid chemical… or perks which are just as bad .. also made by our fellow man which ppl on streets use to gt high so before dogging on a celebrity how’s about dogging on chemists that make some these drugs or Goin after drug dealers snoop is not at fault for wat happened or wat goes on here .. so sick n tired of ppl dogging on other ppl asuming someone is a bad influence just cus they smoke pot.. POT is not.. I repeat is not a gate way drug… never has never Wil be oxys perks n ones like them are or better yet these new drugs ppl coming out with that are also man made chems like speed… speed is another worse one cus it’s maid with every thing under ur kitchen sink… never gonna get rid of drugs unless u get rid of the stuff that makes it.. Makin younger ppl aware of wat drug usage can do is better then sayin someone can’t come to our city just cus they smoke pot .. like get real… pot is actualy medical proven to help ppl with lost of stuff like cancer depression ptsd.. n much more list is endless… so get ur facts straight before u start sayin nasty things like that n ur a supose able fan smh …

  18. Our Government sells weed so tell me again how that relates to Heroin?

  19. Willy Buzzon Willy Buzzon says:

    He created a youth football league, sounds like a huge junkie

  20. Willy Buzzon Willy Buzzon says:

    Lmao he smokes pot, that is being used medically everyday. How many ods due to smoking pot in the city

  21. Alcohol is way worse then weed. This man is a performer and makes his living as an artist and business man. He seems to have fans everywhere let him do his job. There is never anyone complaining about a show that serves alcohol. Booze has ruined more lives/families since before prohibition. Smh

  22. Weed and drugs are two different things pal.

  23. noone has overdosed on weed chill out

  24. Shaine Roy Shaine Roy says:

    What the Fizzle my Nizzle?

  25. You are one dumb S.O.B

  26. Last time i checked no one has overdosed on weed dude. But i can understand what your saying but snoop is not the problem.

  27. Trill Kozby Trill Kozby says:

    Wtf snoop smoked weed not snorts fetynal

  28. You don’t know Snoop.

  29. This post is coming from a person that has not educated himself on snoop dog marijuana only advocacy. People need to educate themselves before they start commenting negatively about somebody that is so positive

  30. Bob Jones sure, but that’s not what the OP was discussing. You’re way off topic… stick to the discussion at hand. Besides, after 38 years, I am pretty sure that any Canadian with charges like that would be granted a pardon to allow entry into the US. Regardless, you’re all blowing this shit WAY out of proportion!

  31. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    Point is if you had even one of those convictions you’d be barred from entry into the US… Irony much…

  32. Snoop is like bob Marley. Famous for the heavy pot smoking but there main focus was never to promote the use of Cannabis

  33. Julie Smith Julie Smith says:

    Is there an echo in here? Holy shit! Same comments over and over.. yeah we get it.. either get creative or stfu.. its been said.. like beating a dead horse over here.. damn..

  34. Oh no, he promotes a legal substance.

    Are we going to go after the Country stars for promoting drinking all day and night? I feel like Smoke Weed Everyday is a little less harmful to your liver.

  35. Theres a hugeeeeeee difference between pot and opiates. Why dont you take it a step further and question whether or not they should serve alcohol at this concert

  36. Kevin Griese Kevin Griese says:

    Can u say “Cannabis is Legal in Canada!”, He only promotes a legal medicine…

  37. Omg r u serious? snoop is a pothead and talks about that in his songs not fuckin fentanyl or whatever other opioids people od on latley and since you said u grew up listening to it you think u would know that before making yourself look like a dumb ass

  38. I’m still fkn laughing

  39. Ron Racicot Ron Racicot says:

    Snoop is an advocate for cannabis not opiates or other drugs and there has not been 1 single overdose on pot in the world ever. Nobody bitches about Eric Clapton singing about cocaine is it because he’s white

  40. Finally getting a good artist coming to this shit city and of course people.have to try and ruin it stop.complaining about everything !

  41. Bob Jones must be fun at parties

  42. Lindon Houle Lindon Houle says:

    Yeah watch out he might whip out a crack pipe during his set!! This is hilarious

  43. I’m dead Leah Hemmer

  44. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS HAHAHA!!!!!!! WOW! Snoop promote drug use. I’m sorry. Cannabis is not a “drug” and that’s is most certainly all he promotes! Noooo one is gunna OD on weed lol!!!

  45. Just thinkin’.. you’re retarded, probably the stupidest post I read today!

  46. I’m not much of a rap or snoop fan and I think this is dumb lol get a hobby OP

  47. Holy fuck a person that “grew up “ listing to his music should know he promoted selling of the drugs an making cash plus alot of his music is from his past experiences , not using the drugs like 99.9% of the new “rap” promotes lol

  48. Gtfo, the only thing I see snoop “promoting” if that’s what you wanna call it, is that the man just smokes weed. There had been no cases of people overdosing, so can we all just enjoy the show he’s going to bring and smoke up….Shit people.

  49. Dave Jokinen Dave Jokinen says:

    Lol even a metal head knows snoop don’t do drugs lol you people need to fire the person to made this article ?

  50. This is the stupidest I’ve read all day

  51. Exactly Julie Comtois…was pissed they sold out so fast

  52. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    Sudbury would never have another concert if those are the standards. What about country singers and booze? He smokes weed. Do t think it will make a difference to someone addicted to opiates.

  53. Snoop has nothing to do with opioid overdoses…..maybe inform yourself before posting uneducated comments

  54. Isaiah Joly Isaiah Joly says:

    It’s not even gunna be him smoking or anything like that it’s like 12+

  55. Becca Wells Becca Wells says:

    bruh its weed…. not oxys

  56. Sandy Paulin Sandy Paulin says:

    Weed is legal, opioids aren’t. Know the difference. Education is the key. This post made me dumber just by reading it….

  57. Drop this topic like it’s hot

  58. Lol dont feed the trolls! Unless its cannabis..

  59. Too funny. You are severely out of touch with reality. Get help.

  60. He smokes weed not crack….. settle down

  61. Nat Pearson Nat Pearson says:

    Smoke weed everyday. Heyeyyeyey. Lol

  62. Calm down, Reefer Madness…

  63. Daniel Rivet Daniel Rivet says:

    Shut the fuck up you idiot!!

  64. He is a pot smoker, which may I remind you is now legal

  65. Marijuana use. Not “purp” use though.

  66. Sue Gardiner Sue Gardiner says:

    I think Pot is not the problem with the OD”s.

  67. Snoop promotes POT use .. he doesn’t use hard drugs and its now legal!! He’s not going to go downtown with fentanyl patches and oxy’s and start handing them out like some narcotic Santa Claus… Get your head out of the sand … Its 2019. Educate yourself. Wow.

  68. He promotes marijuana which is legalized

    I don’t think he’s gonna he an issue lmfao

  69. Eric Foy Eric Foy says:

    U ever suck dick for weed man?

  70. Carrie Rioux Carrie Rioux says:

    Ur an idiot
    Smoke a joint and calm down

  71. Let’s get rid of big pharma while you’re at it!

  72. Kyle Burke Kyle Burke says:

    Lmfao last time i checked you cant OD from smoking weed….

  73. Snoop smokes pot, he is not advocating fentanyl or purple heroin.

  74. Dean Smith Dean Smith says:

    Wowwww this is crazy

  75. Melissa Moggy watch out now! Those weedheads are stealin ppl and murderin our children!

  76. Even if he was promoting heroin or meth, this city is already in on it lmao, it wouldn’t do much.

  77. Aaahahahahahahahahahhaahah

  78. Mike Giroux Mike Giroux says:

    Hahaha this shit is hilarious. Fuck ppl are dumb

  79. Carter Hart Carter Hart says:

    I hope the person that posted this truly knows how stupid they are, snoop smokes weed not meth.

  80. He promotes fucking pot, not heroine.

  81. Jamie Aubin Jamie Aubin says:

    Snoop is an advocate for marijuana use not all drugs. He rolls down the street smoking endo sipping on gin and juice. Nope no meth mentioned.

  82. Yea he is an avid pot user and promoter, I cant say I have ever thought of snoop dog and crack lol

  83. Alex Omanski Alex Omanski says:

    Just stupid choices in my opinion but what can you say their bored of their life and just want to ruin it.

  84. Snoop smokes that sticky icky… you say you grew up listening to snoop and you fail to realize that if it ain’t weed or henny, it more than likely ain’t around snoop

  85. Shane Viens Shane Viens says:

    Weed is weed its a plant… smoke it

  86. Apryl Schutt Apryl Schutt says:

    you’re technically a 2000’s baby (;

  87. Apryl Schutt Apryl Schutt says:

    you’re technically a 2000’s baby (;

  88. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Trust me the people who are ODing aren’t affording tickets to this anyway.

  89. Gary Julie which is legal now here lol nothing ILLEGAL going on lol

  90. Zack Pepin Zack Pepin says:

    he smokes pot its legal who is this guy

  91. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Nobody is ODing on the weed Snoop is promoting. It’s opioids and Snoop doesn’t say anything about that being a good idea.

  92. Calm down, it’s a concert

  93. Angie Jones Angie Jones says:

    He doesn’t promote drugs lol. He talks about smoking weed, which is legal now , lmao

  94. Bob Jones ok so he did cocaine 30 years ago fuck your so old they probably still had it in coca cola ffs…. lol

  95. Deleting shoutout Sudbury.

  96. Ray Paquette Ray Paquette says:

    Shut the fuck up you loon!!! Like the many People that actually know what they are talking about Snoop D.O Double G dosent and never has promoted anything but weed . He doesn’t rap or promote heroin , Fentanyl or carfentanyl .

  97. Shut the fuck up. Remove this bullshit. Why don’t you do some research and see what he really promotes. Stop a blood Crip war. Promotes children’s athletic programs. Loving father. You’re sick in the head.

  98. I mean hes a weed guy not an opiate dude

  99. Bob Jones that was 30 years ago… Dude is best friends with Martha Stewart ffs, give it up!

  100. Ty Lockton Ty Lockton says:

    He promotes cannabis only. Hate him for the right reasons, he’s a total sell out.

  101. Offs he smokes pot…fyi it’s legal now.

  102. Gay Laurie Gay Laurie says:

    Well l can tell you they didnt OD on weed come on people wake up

  103. Mike Boyle Mike Boyle says:

    Always has to be an idiot that’s has something dumb to say, a junkie is a junkie snoop dog coming here is not gonna make someone get high or overdose

  104. this guy is chopppppppppppppppped fam

  105. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    Great guy… Double standards on admission into Canada

  106. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    never once has he promoted anything except weed and related products. Big difference

  107. Julie Smith Julie Smith says:

    Just read this post and not to be an asshole or anything but.. he was arrested for COCAINE possession November 11, 2006.. simple google search. So yeah.. Regardless.. I agree.. his main thing is pot yes.. but do your homework before blasting the shit out of the person posting. I think the meaning of the post was more awareness.. not to discredit the performer.

  108. The prime minister promotes drugs.. and thats ok? WTF

  109. I don’t think stopping an artist from performing in Sudbury will have any effect on the drug crisis.

  110. I’m more concerned about the person that wrote this post.

  111. Yeah but only here in Sudbury do folk and the cops make such a big deal about harmless grass and leave the smack heads alone right?Don’t get it? lol

  112. yeah it just makes you stupid you’re living proof

  113. Josh Ua Josh Ua says:

    Snoop smokes weed?

  114. Lmao good it’s population control, they wanna be dumb and do drugs it’s self cause so let them fry they’re brains out

  115. Lori Richer Lori Richer says:

    Are you fucking serious??? Snoop smokes WEED ffs! Get a grip! Sudbury and every other town/city problem is opiods

  116. Ben Parker Ben Parker says:

    He smokes pot… not needles an crack…

  117. Marijuana is Snoop’s medicine for chilling out and creating smooth vibes. He doesn’t promote it once so ever.

  118. He smokes weed not fentanyl you dumb ass !!

  119. Kim H Parker Kim H Parker says:

    He’s not coming here to deal drug or buy them……

  120. Weed is medicine not a drug.

  121. i havent heard all of his song but i dont think he has one about heroin you are thinking of nirvana

  122. Tony Chum Tony Chum says:

    Nobody overdoses from cannabis

  123. Cory Leblanc Cory Leblanc says:

    Wow. The OP is a little ignorant.

  124. Opioid use is not even a close comparison to pot WAKE UP

  125. Weather Snoop comes here or not it will not change our cities drug problems. If that is the case who do we blame for all the overdoses in 2018, who came to town amd caused that!!!

  126. Billy Church Billy Church says:

    who do u think we got coming here stitches

  127. Marijuana. Isn’t the crisis. It’s opiates

  128. What drugs weed is legal now stfu.

  129. This post hurts my brain….

  130. Nobody ODs on weed. Snoop does not promote the use of stronger drugs.

  131. I don’t think weed is the drug crisis people are referring to. Snoop isn’t on stage smoking meth or crack it’s just legalized weed…

  132. Someone please tell me how they are going to prevent the hot boxing of the Sudbury arena

  133. Omg having the worst day and reading this just cracked me right the fuck up thank u to whom ever wrote this it’s jokes as fuck

  134. Your a fucking snowflake snoop is all about the weed

  135. Zack Glabb Zack Glabb says:

    Alexandra Hryhorchuk smh

  136. Jacob Miller Jacob Miller says:

    There are lots of personal options and possibilities. It’s also your personal option to use drugs. Can’t tell the whole city that they can’t see snoop just because maybe one of your neighbours is possibly on drugs

  137. Alex Lozier Alex Lozier says:

    Ya not the same thing dude it’s not like it’s Mac Miller coming to town oh no wait he dead

  138. Smoking pot is not a gate way drug. Alcohol is. Am I the only person who feels this way

  139. He only smokes weed, not crack! The real issue is people who don’t know the difference and treat weed smokers like opiate addicts!

  140. Snoop smokes Weed,he don’t do other drugs, if you were such a “fan”you would know this.

  141. These sort of posts are the reason why intelligent people shout out: “Shut the fuck up Dummy”

  142. So what we get drunk so what we smoke weed

  143. Woohoo let’s smoke some nug wit the snoop dogg

  144. snoops coming to Sudbury????? Jackie Morin Darcy McIntosh

  145. I dont like his vulgar music, however he is liked by many. I dont believe he promotes narcotics, but many followers if his music do use these dangerous drugs. It is not Snoop Dog who tells people that these drugs are acceptable. People make bad choices all on their own.

  146. I’m sure he’s aware of Sudbury if he has any doubts of coming here ..we will know by him canceling and flies right past us!!!

  147. Ryan Duval Ryan Duval says:

    lol More overdose on alcohol, yet where’s the concern?

  148. Its marijuana -_- and it’s now legal like are you kidding me? Lol I think they are more concerned with the needles -_-

  149. Quit being a whiney lil bitch snoop promotes weed use not the junky shit

  150. Eric RB Eric RB says:

    ya better board up your windows and lock the door… maybe even slide the dresser in front of the door for extra safety , shut the lights and hide.


  152. Linda Potvin Linda Potvin says:

    Snoop dog tickets sold out here that’s time to focus which means freak off causes ur stupid

  153. It’s electric lettuce. Not meth. Simmer down 80s man..

  154. Lmfao marijuana is legal.

  155. He supports Marijuana NOT Opiates & more , , the drug overdoses you mentioned were from Opiates or Heroin not Marijuana!
    Marijuana helps with getting people off those types of drugs.

  156. Bahahahahaha! Ah hahahahaha! Ya, snoop is totally a huge concern!

  157. Omggggg ….maybe in we all go back to sippin on gin n juice and smokin fatties instead of crack and perp things would be better in sudbury
    Maybe hes just what these kids need to show them life can be simple

  158. Snoop doesnt promote drugs this is the most bullshit post I’ve ever seen dumb fucks hes all about pot not other drugs get ur fucking facts straight befor u post total bullshit

  159. Snoop smokes weed. Not opioids. There is a difference. A pot head and a crack head are two different types of people.

  160. Troll, don’t blame weed for meth and pills problems. Typical modernism always looking to blame someone else ,music, movies etc.

  161. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. People chose to do “drugs” he’s not pinning them down and blowing it in their face. If you don’t like it don’t go

  162. Mike Malette Mike Malette says:

    On a good note… the bus depot will be drug freeon that day …lol

  163. Ashley Lebid Ashley Lebid says:

    Does it really matter? We had a dumb ass already make it legal…
    might as well stop having concerts lol I’m sure a band ,rapper ect has done something someone is willing to bitch about.

  164. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Know snoop before you spread your poop.

  165. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    Its pot. It’s not even a drug.

  166. Brent Parker Brent Parker says:

    I think you might have heard about Snoop but I’m pretty sure you don’t listen to his music

  167. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

    Cocaine and caviar , not meth and mr noodles

  168. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    Over 10 alcohol related deaths a day last year and they let Budweiser sponsor the drunk Toby kieth but that’s ok. Lmfao not one death from weed

  169. James Smith James Smith says:

    So you grew up in the 80s and I guess are just as blinded by all the weed propaganda that has been perpetuated on us since its’ prohibition. You would have had a better stand if you wrote the about rappers that do lean and other drugs.

  170. Never promotes anything but weed. …soooo does that mean our government should be banned too?

  171. Riki Allanah what do you think?

  172. Don’t think snoop dog has ever promoted fentynol….

  173. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Bahahhahaha banning a singer will do something , idiots. Your exactly what is wrong society and this PC culture. Ban this ban that, grow a set of balls.

  174. While we are at it, let’s turn off all Country songs that talk about Beer.

  175. He smokes weed I never heard him promote drugs though….

    • Pawl Goulet Pawl Goulet says:

      Marijuana is not a drug. It’s an herb. Drugs are man made, and will kill you with use. There is not a single pot related death in History when it comes to dying from use. Its estimated you would need to consume around 1,500 pounds of pot to get a lethal dose… and youd have to consume that amount within 15 minutes which is not humanly possible.

  176. Hahaha wtf…… maybe if it was that dumb ass rainbow hair looking idiot lmao.. please shake your head snoop smokes weed

  177. snoop doesn’t promote the use of drugs, his music and lifestyle reflect that of where he was brought up and yes he may have done a few things but he`s actually a huge advocate against the use of harmful narcotics in youths today, he only promotes the healing properties and just down right good that marijuana does for people not only just from smoking it as well!

  178. Wrong. Snoop promotes cannabis use. Nothing else, country singers can promote alcohol abuse which kills hundred of thousands every year…but yes… you should probably be concerned what’s going to happen when Snoop comes right after legalizing it? Not to mention..smoke all you want. You may just buy more chips and have a nap.

  179. Lmfao he’s a pot head not a crack head

  180. Think his focus is on pot not meth.

  181. Carrie Ann Carrie Ann says:

    The only DRUG that Snoop may be waving around is WEED
    That’s not the reason people are overdosing!!

  182. CJ Borne CJ Borne says:

    Promoting marijuana sure; not opioids rofl. Drugs addicts make their choice. No reason everyone else has to suffer because of it so yes, absolutley he should be coming.

  183. define “drug use”.
    he condones pot smoking, yknow, the thing we have 2 stores opening for soon, legally. you’re drawing some false conclusions I think.

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