Smoking Pot

Hi everyone, I live in an area where a lot of people go to smoke weed cause it’s a big parking lot and secluded.

It’s fine, I have no problem with you smoking weed but please, please don’t do that while driving. There has been way too many people that I’ve noticed doing this.

It’s very selfish and you are putting people’s lives in danger.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love people that never have smoked cannabis thinking it the same impairment as alcohol… Stop watching those bullshit MADD commercials! Best part about smoking weed is driving after and guess what? Those that do it regularly you couldn’t even tell if you met them in person! Lmao I’m blazing one just for you

    • Anonymous says:

      If anything I drive slower after burnin a doob

    • Anonymous says:

      fuck off with your bullshit impaired is impaired by alcohol and drugs anything that alters your brain chemistry makes you impaired just because you dont think you are doesn’t mean your safe on the road get help if you think its ok to smoke and drive before you kill yourself and or someone else

  2. Anonymous says:

    Should have never been legalize its a gateway drug it causes way to much harm to our society not to mention that it causes cancer and it stinks bigist vote grab in history hopefully when the pot head is out the next PM will see the error and correct this issue that is a pox on this country too many kids are getting hooked on pot and are ruining there lifes as a result

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