smoke stacks?

Anyone else think the mysterious gas that has been leaking lately has had anything at all to do with all of us getting fucking sick at the same time, and causing these unusual weather patterns?

Something is fishy Mr. Government.



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  1. What gas? What’s it leaking from?

  2. Smoke another one.. Conspiracy theory hipster.

  3. Chris Lapal says:

    “Before ever hearing of “chemtrails”, Canadians were the first to formerly complain to their federal government over what they identified as chemical spraying. In November 1999, an Opposition Defence Critic presented a petition to Parliament signed by 550 residents of Espanola, Ontario. The largely native community demanded an explanation and an end to aerial spraying by photo-identified USAF tankers, which they claimed was sickening children and adults over a 55 square mile area.

    Laboratory tests of rainwater falling through the sky plumes being paid in X’s and grid patterns over Espanola found levels of aluminum seven-times higher than federal health safety limits. The U.S. Air Force denied flying over Espanola. The Canadian Forces, which do not operate large squadrons of aerial tankers, eventually responded, saying, “It’s not us.””

  4. JD Tait says:

    I don’t know what it is yet, but it’s something.

  5. i didnt see this thick fog in wich you speak of.. because for it to be enough to change the weather… it would be a gigantic plume

    i hear its aluminium.. used for your tinfoil hats

  6. You probably also dont believe in 9/11, you conspiracy nuts are getting out of hand

    • Jessey Roy says:

      Why you actually think 9/11 had nothing to do with bush setting it up lol I think you need to do some research on building implosions and explosions and what the melting point is for standing structure beams and what max heat jet fuel maxes out then ask your self is 9/11 real

    • Im not gunna argue with paranoid theories because no matter what proof i bring to the table about how structural steel has melted in normal building fires before so the whole jet fuel arguemet is useless, there still has never been any ACTUAL proof it wasnt an actual attack. Not to mention foreign terror groups claiming it as their own work only to be hunted and continuously hunted for years to come, so not like they would just do that as a favour lol. And CJ Borne seeing as that is all you can say I doubt you can even bring an intelligent response to the table lol

    • Jessey Roy says:

      Ok so that proves that you have done no research about how implosions and explosions work they plane exploded inside one of the tallest structures in the world and it fell perfect like a perfect demolition watch videos of the pre explosions man

  7. th tinfoil goes on your head not in your food…

  8. Oh god. Tinfoil hats and articles that should astound a 13 year old but make an adult laugh.

  9. uh Nicole Lachance Matchim

  10. Paul Pilon says:

    Actually, that’s why they created Facebook for. :v

  11. Paul Pilon says:

    Monthly vaccination?

  12. No. its chemtrails . Aluminium, barium and lithium are sprayed daily to ” reflect the sunlight ” . Now go look at all the health issues related with these metals 🙂 Simple click away !

    • turns into this 8 hours later. No its not commercial airliners . So hush up.

    • Matt Noonan says:

      OMG contrails, or condensation trails do not form stratiform clouds. Learn literally the basics of meteorology before being an idiot on the internet.

    • Eric Rivet says:

      I think the scary thing is that there are actually people out there who believe this.

    • Russell Shackleford

    • poor world we live in…

    • same plane did 4 passes. It was not on a commercial flight path.

    • Jenn Morin says:

      – vs o
      It all sounds good when “facts” get put down on paper (or internet). But I don’t believe everything on the internets boy

    • but you blindly believe what youre told?

    • Jenn Morin says:

      Depends who tells me. It’s about how good of a bullshiter they are.

    • Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage) was aU.S. Army Chemical Corps operation which dispersed microscopic zinc cadmium sulfide(ZnCdS) particles over much of the United States. The purpose was to determine the dispersion and geographic range of biological or chemical agents.

    • been going on since the 50s. Nazis lost the war. But they won the world . Thats operation paperclip.

    • Operation Paperclip was a secret United States Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency(JIOA) program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians (many of whom were formerly registered members of the Nazi Party and some of whom had leadership roles in the Nazi Party), including Wernher von Braun’s rocket team, were recruited and brought to the United States for government employment from post-Nazi Germany (after World War II).[1][2]

      The primary purpose for Operation Paperclip was for the U.S. to gain a military advantage in the burgeoning Cold War, and later Space Race, between the U.S. and Soviet Union. By comparison, the Soviet Union were even more aggressive in recruiting Germans: duringOperation Osoaviakhim, Soviet military units forcibly (at gunpoint) recruited 2,000+ German specialists to the Soviet Union during one night.

      The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) established the first secret recruitment program, called Operation Overcast, on July 20, 1945, initially “to assist in shortening the Japanese war and to aid our postwar military research.”[3] The term “Overcast” was the name first given by the German scientists’ family members for the housing camp where they were held in Bavaria.[4] In late summer 1945, the JCS established the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), a subcommmittee of the Joint Intelligence Community, to directly oversee Operation Overcast and later Operation Paperclip.[5]

      The JIOA had one representative of each member agency of the Joint Intelligence Committee: the army’s director of intelligence, the chief of naval intelligence, the assistant chief of Air Staff-2 (air force intelligence), and a representative from the State Department.[6]In November 1945, Operation Overcast was renamed Operation Paperclip by Ordnance Corps (United States Army) officers, who would attach a paperclip to the folders of those rocket experts whom they wished to employ in America.[4] President Trumanformally approved Operation Paperclip and expanded it to include one thousand German scientists in a secret directive, circulated on September 3, 1946.[7][8]

    • Jenn Morin says:

      But none of this interests me, I just like the pretty clouds. Especially when they’re pink ones. Soooo perdy

    • Jenn Morin says:

      And I’m not reading all that. Maybe the chemtrails made me not want to read about them

    • All our advancements have been becauae of nazi scientists. Look how desensitized the Germans were. Relate that to how we are in north america .

    • Jenn Morin says:

      I know that fb wouldn’t appreciate this kinda racism. They’re watching

    • Wherner Von Braun put a man on the moon. well nobodys been to space or the moon… Go google who Wherner von Braun was to hitler.

    • Jenn Morin says:

      But I don’t care so why would I? I’m drinking a beer and looking at the clouds

  13. Ya’all laugh but you have no idea what governments are capable of doing,the states,china n Russia are the worst

  14. Drew Blais says:

    Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but the government is forcing food companies to put chemicals in the food, so when you fart it is released into to atmosphere and it changes the weather. Screw the man and hold your farts in. Don’t tell anyone though, they will send the blackcoats for you.

    • Thanks now I know why I saw two men in trenchcoats on larch, they looked like they were looking for someone, a black van was following them, I just knew something was going on

    • It’s the “Gas”tapo

    • Agreed. Much of our food and beverages are laced dihydrogen monoxide. A deadly substance when ingested in sufficient quantities. They put just enough in to make you think it is not actually there and doesn’t cause immediate sickness or death. They are also poisoning the atmosphere, causing us to breath massive amounts of nitrogen gas, which does not support human life. In fact breathing pure nitrogen for more than a few minutes will cause death. Beware…

    • Shawn Timony says:

      They’ll have to send the brown coats for me.

  15. Oh yeah. Dont drink the water either.

  16. Seb Stg says:

    if the amount of gas was enough to change weather patters, i can assure you youd be most likely dead

    • To adjust patterns youd heat the ionosphere expanding it thus allowing the jetstream to be adjusted.
      Maybe were all dead already?

  17. Drew Blais says:

    Can you pass the tinfoil please, I need a new hat.

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