Slum Gods

Hey….ever heard of Donwood Apts?? It needs to public knowledge how unreal these complete trash apartments are!!
I’m a single father that shares custody of my child . In ALL honesty, I REALLY COULD NOT bring my child here. Building itself has ZERO upkeep. True story…this summer a DOG did a #2 in the hallway. 3 DAYS before it was gone. The floors and walks in the building itself haven’t been cleaned in the YEAR I’ve lived here. Whole place smells like weed everyday. Nothing gets FIXED…EVER. The place was rented to me with the words, ” fully cleaned, reno’d and ready for a tenant! The place was literally not fit for wild dogs. Just my 2bed. Apt needs 10 000$$ in reno’s to be a DECENT home to tenants. The owners said it’s “perfectly fine living conditions ” My unit had black MOLD all over the place.
Place is an ALL AROUND S L U M!!



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  1. Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

    What’s are Slum God’s? Should I fear these entities?

  2. Mark Debelak Mark Debelak says:

    I know the conditions I totally agree I lived there for 8 yrs the fix nothing when I moved from basement my bedroom window had mold I had a flood they didnt change carpet evertime gf came over she got sick probably mold under carpet bt they are famous for just putting carpet on top of one another now I know why she was sick all the time

  3. Kailey Smith Kailey Smith says:

    Used to live there. There was mold growing in my bathroom and they never upkept the building. The laundry room stunk, had poor ventilation and there was also mould growing in the laundry room.

  4. Is the landlord orson Todd?

  5. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    Protest people! Protest your rights! Why are we such pansies about this shit. They cant just come in and boot you all out. Withold rent until stuff gets done, trust me, they wont wait long when the $$$ dries up.

  6. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    Ok? Smells like weed…it’s legal, better weed than broken booze bottles and drunks all over. I know it sucks, dont move…stop paying your rent, take pictures and stick it to the landlord for once. Band with your tenants, refuse to pay rent until shit gets done…problem solved.

  7. Jason Roy Jason Roy says:

    Move if ain’t happy.

  8. Kimmy Cor Kimmy Cor says:

    Why are people staying at such a horrible place?

  9. Shirley Cardinal I googled it. Grenadier st New Sud
    I think it’s just off Lasalle not far from Giant Tiger

  10. So true we lost everything to mould in donwood park apartments and the landlord and tenant board did nothing even though qe had a shit ton of proof, Take your money and run! Get out of there before you lose everything people mould is no joke!

    • When I lived at rumball, I had to get rid of my cork board. It was hung on the wall, when I took it down it had mold all over the bad of it just by being hung up on the wall. It’s disgusting. Where I am is no better. The entire bathroom needs to be redone

    • Mercedes Ivy Lynne Miller thats awful, its not right what they can allow people to pay rent for. Litterally a long term death sentence

    • Cortney Jackson exactly, but the landlords don’t care, they live in their cozy homes with their wonderful vehicles and all the luxury they can have because they make enough, yet they dictate that it’s “good enough” that’s literally what my landlord told me. Well it’s good enough.

      No it’s not, there’s black mould in my cupboards below the washroom… there was mold beside my back door because there was a quarter sized hole beside the door I could look outside.

  11. File papers and take them to landlord and tenant board if its that bad

  12. Go to the LTB. Nothing will change if no one gets them to create change.

  13. Erika Marso where Is this ? What street or area of Sudbury ??

  14. Why wouldn’t you view the place before renting? Common sense, no?

  15. Erika Marso Erika Marso says:

    Btw the bylaw is investigating the tenants should fight now while u got an chance. Better if u stick together always take pictures an keep dates written with notes. You are not the only one. Their is mold everywere. Holes in walls they made to fix piping that leaked. An haven’t fixed in 2 years. They taped paper over it.

  16. Erika Marso Erika Marso says:

    My parents live there an trust it’s a shit hole .

  17. try landlord and tenant board

  18. Did you not inspect the place when you applied to live there?

  19. When I lived there, I had an apartment sized washer and dryer. It was a life saver.

  20. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    Then why did you move in?

  21. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Tenants should start taking these landlords to court. Its unreal how much I see on here bed bugs, roaches, mice, mold. Most people sadly walk away if you fight this you could be entitled to backpay for rent. Theres also a forum for these types of landlords. It’s called slumlords of sudbury.

  22. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Rita Bouthillier-Lavoie oh my gosh. You can order a panda washer. They are small but worth it hun.

  23. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Call the Sudbury and District Health office and ask to talk to an inspector. They will go and check it out and lay the appropriate charges and, if they don’t comply, it will be done for them at their cost. This is why we pay for the SDH to stop “shit” like this.

  24. I would bring the health unit in to inspect it and I would get all the tenants together with their own statements and bring the owners to court for unsafe living conditions

    • Tyler Granzie coming from experience, the health unit knows what is in those apartments and so do bylaw officers, these people are paying someone to keep it hush. Ive been through all the proper channels, lost 5000 dollars worth of stuff and the court only awarded us 107$. The laws need to change

  25. Daniel Enous Daniel Enous says:

    Break the lease and move out, just leave. But skip out on 1months rent as payback

  26. Lise Beaulne Lise Beaulne says:

    Maybe if landlords had more rights they would give a shit !

  27. I lived there 12/13 years ago. It was a dump then, tons of mould. However, at least the hallways were cleaned and mopped on a regular basis. The superintendents lived in one of the buildings but were quite old, so I’m assuming it’s not the same ones anymore.
    It was disgusting otherwise. I only stayed for 2 years and the rent was cheap ($680) for a large 2 bedroom – back then.

  28. wow … looked at those once and left…..

  29. I’ve been dealing with a similar situation. If you call Public Health and tell them you can SEE all the mold, they will come in and investigate, and sort it out (if you’re willing to do that).

  30. So writing this post will help you how?

  31. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Shouldn’t of rented if it wasn’t fit to begin with that’s what viewing are for . Did you not look at the place before living there

  32. Obviously fit for wild dogs if they are shitting in the hallway….just sayin

  33. Lise Martin Lise Martin says:

    Call health unit to come and inspect it!!!

  34. Dave says:

    Why would you move in after seeing the place in this condition? The onus is on you in this case. So you see dog scat and walk by it for three days, then blame others for not doing nothing???
    Something wrong with this picture.

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