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Has anyone worked for skip the dishes in the sudbury area? im tempted to try it but ive heard mostly bad things mainly that its not worth it. and the fact that you have to pay 75$ for their bag. So, for a person looking for extra cash, is it worth it or not? They say earn up to 800 a week but i feel thats total bullshit. thanks.



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  1. Rodney Mac D Rodney Mac D says:

    Yous want to complain cuz your order was fucked up, we’ll guess what it’s not the drivers fault it’s the stores fault and I know this cuz I’ve been through it more once, I like this service cuz I can get food without leaving my house and I thank that’s people for bringing me my food

  2. I am a skip the dish driver and i can say no you wont make 800 a week unless you work at least 7 days at about 8 hours a day or more but as for the bags i payed 75 for them but i was reimbursed the money after doing 25 deliveries in my first few days… yes i use my own car but come tax time i get to claim all my expenses as a tax right off….. because you are self employed

  3. Diane Clement, are you still driving for them?

  4. Jesse HD Jesse HD says:

    I was at st. Lious this evening, and probably as 15 skip the dishes people in and out for the hour and 20 minutes I was there. Evidentally they are busy

  5. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    I found it worked pretty good. I’ve used it a few times, no bad experiences. Easy and not all that expensive, especially times you don’t want to go out and don’t want a pizza. Try it out. If you dont like the experience, don’t use again…dont go by what everyone else says, judge for yourself. Worse case ontario…you’re out a couple of bucks.

  6. It’s nice to do if you just want to get out of the house but no it’s not really that worth it. It’s not good for the vehicle either. Sometimes it’s good money and sometimes it’s total bs! I liked it at first but not so much anymore!

  7. Don’t trust any company that uses the words “up to” when talking about money. You can always try it out though, you might be good at it.

  8. I had a client that was working for them and told me how they work.
    You do not make an hourly wage you just get paid maybe 3$ per delivery (depending on distance driven) and whatever they tip you , IF they tip you.

  9. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    I haven’t seen a single white person working for them… Just saying

  10. I heard uride is also looking for drivers rn

  11. Drew Allana Drew Allana says:

    You’re probably better off delivering pizza to be honest.

  12. S.d. Lindsay S.d. Lindsay says:

    Do the math…where is your money gonna come from…how many orders you gonna have to deliver to get to 800 bucks….

  13. James Nash James Nash says:

    You have to ask questions. 800 a week during peak times but what is the hourly earning rate if your only doing a few deliveries… How many calls per hour can you take and how much bisiness do they get compared to the calls you will recieve. A good start is asking any questions at all like if you have to pay for the bag, how many drivers usually are on call per shift and how many calls are you generally able to take because of other drivers?

  14. Sure, it’s great.
    If you don’t mind having half your order eaten before it gets to your house.
    Then dispute the bill with the restaurant bc its “not their problem”
    800 a week is impressive, as a cook myself, I decline tipping on drive thru and delivery. There’s just too much room for error.
    I’m not paying $4 for delivery on an order I haven’t received or tasted and tipping a driver $10 for eating some of my fries or drinking my Coke.
    Heck, you can easily drop $20 on food gratuity you haven’t even looked at yet.
    I myself would rather an employee of the restaurant to handle my food for me. Not some messed up driver working the system for cash money .. I’ll just do the dishes. It’s easier .

  15. Pay 75 bucks for the skip the dishes bag? Not worth it go find a better job they probsbly make you pay for your own gas and shit pay

  16. Mike Newman Mike Newman says:

    You could make 800 a week if you work all day and night. They don’t have and supervisor in sudbury. They kinda screw business over with how much they charge also

  17. I wouldn’t do it. I mean I don’t know how they could make that much and use their own gas and vehicle…. Usually if it sounds too good to be true… It is.

  18. Your have to call KFC not skip the dishes.

  19. I ordered KFC from SkipTheDishes. I upsized my fries and bought a large gravy. I got charged over 30.00 for 2 pieces of chicken in each box, 2 boxes, and 2 small paper bags of fries with no gravy. They refused to do anything about this. I quit using SkipTheDishes cause what I got was not my order. I didn’t order the 5.00 fill up special….

    • Kye Coulis no one would do anything about it.

    • James Nash James Nash says:

      The driver should be making sure its what the customer ordered. If they are providing a delivery service then the onus should be on the middle man who is the driver and they should be fighting for the customers its called customer service and the problem isnt solved when hands are thrown in the air saying its not my fault instead of taking responsibility it is childish business practice at best. Id just check to make sure before you pay for the order. Keep that shit up and they wont be around long.

    • Connor Green Connor Green says:

      Completely clueless. It’s not the delivery company’s faults. It’s kfc. Lmfao ya the drivers going to get paid peanuts to sit and wait for you to go thru your food. Lmfao they didn’t get your order ready and don’t go thru my food. KFC not skips fault.

    • Connor Green Read the contract. You’re completely clueless. You’re responsible for double checking the order before it leaves the restaurant.

    • Connor Green Connor Green says:

      Ya cause I want some goy going thru my food. Lmfao ya I’m going to read the fine print to be food delivered lol

    • If you look on the skip the dishes app, compared to the regular menu, skip ups the prices of the food an extra 30%because that is how they make their money.

  20. BETTY says:

    Maybe if it’s busy all day and your working from noon till midnight .. Drive for uride make better money

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