Skip the Dishes

Some skip the dishes delivery people are not delivering people’s food and they call and hangup then claim that they couldn’t get in touch with anyone.

He called about 6 times, each time I would answer and he just hung up. I called called about 8 times and he was just hanging up. Their customer service doesn’t have a phone, you can only chat with very rude and dismissive people. I had to chat with about 3 different people before someone came and told me where the food was delivered, I went to the address, there was nothing, delivery guy had switched off his phone, probably enjoying my family’s food. Skip the dishes couldn’t get ahold of him to ask where he had left the food. This is very trying times, we are all having a rough time with Covid-19. It’s not the time for people we are relying on to steal from innocent people.

You are an ESSENTIAL service worker that’s why you are working while some of us can’t. Realise the importance of your work to people right now and have a heart! Stop preying on people and taking advantage of us. I hope this is not a game you play all the time.



7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lmao “enjoy your corona food” ! How many people do you know with the virus? Disease? Infection? What is it again the media cant seem to collaborate. If you dont know anyone, do you know anyone that knows someone who has it? If not do you know anyone that knows someone, that knows anyone with it. Its funny how the weekly death count for pneumonia is down lower than its been in many years and yet corona is spiking???

    • Anonymous says:

      😉 Makes perfect sense. Don`t forget how every death in long term care is supposedly being reported as classified with Covid 19 as cause of death regardless of any previous and on-going health issues, rather than being an aggravating factor. I dunno! I do know they`re dying alone without any family around.

  2. Anne says:

    This virus lives on plastic for 3 days and cardboard for 24 hours. Enjoy your corona food. Also hope you feel special putting others at risk for take out. People’s stupidity is amazing. These people are probably stressed to the max having to put themselves at risk so your entitled ass doesn’t have to cook.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe its time to learn how to cook on your own? Maybe start with simple things – such as rice and pasta and work your way through to frying eggs and bacon!

    Seriously!?! it is a private business and they don’t owe you anything…I am actually surprised they are open

  4. Anon. says:

    Time to go to the grocery store and learn to cook. Jenny Can Cook is a great youtube channel with your favorite, Jenny Jones. Enjoy, and and avoid the garbage!