Single Dad looking for some help

Single Dad on a budget looking for a little bit of help. I want to play outside with my kids but don’t have the winter wear necessary and can’t afford to get any new. I’ve looked at all the thrift stores,etc but nothing that fits. Looking for boots and skates – size 9.5. Also looking for snow pants in a size large.


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  1. Anna Perry Anna Perry says:

    I have boots send me a message

  2. I have skates and snow pants you can have PM ME

  3. We have a coat and ski pants size xl. PM me if you would like them.

  4. Cathy Encil Cathy Encil says:

    Capreol community closet open mon and wed 10-12 sat 1-3 I have what you need basement library capreol

  5. I have a warm jacket that has never been warn. you are welcome to it

  6. You should be able to get skates from the Public Health Sudbury and District. They are free.

  7. I have a pair of unworn xl ski pants you can have if you want them, just msg me

  8. Try the black bins at the arenas for skates.

  9. Public health has a skate exchange. They’re free.

  10. St. Vincent de Paul in Val Caron will help you.

  11. Tiffani… Do we have anything?

  12. Look at better beginnings better futures on king st? Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-1 or 2.. they have a community closet.. you may be able to find something there!

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