Single Dad about to get Custody of his Child

Single dad about to gain custody of his child and was wondering the average costs of daycare.

I work sometimes in excess of 70 hrs a week and make too much money to qualify for any subsidies or child tax benefits.



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  1. Jessyka Marie Durette the post says single dad…. Your husband can. Work 12’s most men do. But he has you at home. this guy works 70hrs so hes outta the house 75 hrs a week with driving. He has no wife at home. Why tf would you get custody if you wont even see the kid. Sounds like a shitty life for the child, selfish parent

  2. Your a terrible person to even think of this comment wtf

  3. I dont know, but honestly good for you!

  4. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    1100 to 1200 a month. The good thing is you dnt have to wait.

  5. You’d need a live in nanny, 70 hours is way too much time and I don’t think any daycare will help,

  6. Good luck! We were quoted at $1450 per month. More than our mortgage payment

  7. Gabby Davis Gabby Davis says:

    Dustin Labelle my brother is a great person to watch children! I know for sure I can count on him if I needed a reliable babysitter! Hes young, currently not in school at the moment, until September!

  8. Cindi Gladu Cindi Gladu says:

    Pm me i babysit and wont cost you and arm and a leg let me no what area your in

  9. Briana Pilon Briana Pilon says:

    Need a babysitter Monday to Friday !? Contact me:)

  10. Linda Lou Linda Lou says:

    There are waiting lists for day cares and most of them only open till 6-6 so if you work that many hours you will have to find a sitter because most can’t accomdate that many hours

  11. I was quoted $822.00 per month at full time day care hours, 5 days a week. Could be more or less though.

  12. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    Even a millionaire qualifies for baby bounse it would be a buck but if you were loaded you ask a lawyer not FB so get the baby bounse and if you really don’t need the help put it all in a savings account for your kid

  13. Your complaining he works 70 hrs a week. Yet you want him to spend his spare time calling every daycare in the city? How can one without a child even judge? Oh and for the record my SO works 14, 12hr shift straight. 1 week off. That’s more than 70 hrs a week and he is one hell of a father!

  14. Oliver McDevitt such ignorance lol Your going to Facebook to talk down on people whom are simply curious and he’s simply asking for a ball park figure before his process/search begins. You on the other hand ? What the hell is your goal? & okay yes maybe 70hrs a week sounds excessive which he stated!! but depending his job some men in the mining industries work 12hr shifts Monday-Friday… which would mean 60 hours a week, lol that does NOT MEAN HE SHOULDNT HAVE CUSTODY OF HIS CHILD.

  15. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

    Oliver McDevitt costs of child care varies from family to family , maybe the person was just was looking for an average price to factor into a budget ! Think before you speak son cause you only make yourself look like an ignorant self righteous idiot

  16. That’s a lot of hours. Thats not judmental but with them I would consider a Nanny instead. Depending on your child’s age they can be brought to them first thing in the am or the Nanny can go to you. Some are willing to adjust costs per household so they arnt robbing you. But with a Nanny all your child’s needs are met from their laundry to Drs appointments, school notes, basically like your kids little assistant but makes your life that much easier for when you are home with your child that you arnt forced to spend it catching up on errands cleaning and laundry. When I did it, the house got cleaned meals were made including dinner, laundry washed, kids taken care of school work done and the parents could enjoy their kids

    • Danika Morin Danika Morin says:

      Stephanie Lamarche how much does a nanny cost?

    • Danika Morin it all depends on the Nanny to be honest. I did it to help the families not to live off what they payed me. So it came down to each families own personal situation. One mom had three kids. One was special needs, one was 12 and the other 3 going on 4. For all three from 3pm till 3am (shift work on night hours) I only charged her 100 a week. Because she needed that and not to be worrying about the care of her children. Especially when it came to meds and the special needs for one. She had one before me charging her 100 a night or more.. if you get one who is honestly looking to help families I wouldnt see them charging more than 200 a week

    • Stephanie Lamarche do you still do child care??

  17. You may be eligible for subsidies through Sudbury district social services it’s on the ow building I think but it’s a separate program and depending on last years income you may be eligible if not 40-50 a day

  18. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    45-58 a day depends where you go and where you can get in. Get your name on the lost at sudbury families asap there is usually wait list

  19. Shawn Murray I dont know the situation of course. However if your dumb enough to post on fb instead of calling care facilities for prices I think thats a testament of intelligence & if you are working 70hrs a week. You will have zero time for your child so it may be better of where it is ? It may be state property in which case even with absent dad would be better. But you never know.

  20. Tara Ward bitch I make 22 bucks a hour in construction. I’m on lay off cause of the snow. What the fuck does your dyke ass do? Draw? cool bet that will make you big bucks gtfo

  21. Shyla Myatt I wasn’t fucking saying that, idiot. Read the post. I said for now he should get laid off til the kid settles in, new place must be scary.. all I’m saying. Not telling him to live off the government. Just for now til everything is settled? Just wanna make everyone look bad for no reason. Also that’s what child bonus and EI is for, for this fucking kind of a emergency, if he needs it to not work for a good reason like this than why not, it’s people like you who degrade people that need help and they would rather suffer cause they’re scared they will be judged and put down if they ask for help. You are what’s wrong with this society

  22. Or get somebody who does it in their home like me. 70 hrs is alot of daycare. Place an ad asking for references & criminal check.

  23. Better to hire a nanny in your own home if you work 70 hrs a week with no other support.

  24. Oliver McDevitt Most disrespectful post I’ve read today, I’d rather him working hard trying to support his kid then sitting at home like a BUM on welfare and draining the tax dollars of the people that do work hard. Fucking people using the system to be scum

  25. Totally depends on age of child if its fulltime daycare before and after school ect. But anywhere from 55 a day to 27 dollars a day as long as it’s not a daycare that charges by the amount of hours your child is there then it would be ruffly 7-8 dollars an hour

  26. Leslie Buffett looking out for the child’s wellbeing sounds more important than keeping his 70 hrs. Idk how you expect him to have a decent relationship with his child if they only care to drop them off to strangers to take care of them. Have you seen the horror stories of daycares?? Depending on other people to take care of your kids sounds pathetic

  27. Satchel Ferrow says the fucking Fortnite faggot, go back to your only friend… Fortnite.

  28. I have my son in private daycare(he’s 3) and I pay 40$ a day

  29. Someone piss in your corn flakes today or something lmao
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  30. Brooke Anne Brooke Anne says:

    Just because everyone is being so horrible I’ll help you a little further. I know a girl in the west end that does 80.00 days for parents who work shift work and 12+ hour days. If you pm me I’ll give the phone number to you. Ignore the people saying you’re not giving enough to your daughter. Being a parent isn’t black and white.

  31. Youre a fucking bum Pelleey Maggie

  32. Leslie Buffett dumbass

  33. Leslie Buffett you all don’t even read before commenting. I didn’t tell him to quit? I said LAY OFF which isn’t jobless.

  34. Leslie Buffett it’s called parental leave. Ask his job for a lay off because he needs to take care of his kid he took on full time.. my daughters dad did it when he had her full time. Lots of people don’t have jobs and can still provide for their kids. I’m not saying he can’t work EVER I’m advising maybe right now he should focus on getting the kid settled in first before leaving him/her for 70 hrs a week. That’s not called full time parenting. So it’s a joke if he thinks he can keep those same hours without any help other than daycare. Trust me we are dealing with the same situation.

  35. It was gonna cost $2000 a month ( 5 days a week) for daycare without subsidy for two. Maybe $1k around that.

  36. Wow you don’t work people bitch left right and centre that your lazy and don’t provide. You work 70 hours a week people still Bitch left right and centre.
    Buddy do what works best for you and your kid.
    Children aren’t cheap. Do what you gta do!

  37. Pelleey without a job how do you expect him to provide a life for his child.

  38. Don’t matter the cost worth every penny

  39. For kids not in the infant the average day costs $36-40, for children in the infant room the average is $46-57 a day, and for school aged if the chikd is in the before and after it’s $15-$20 a day

  40. Depending on the age of the child and how often they go. Costs me $900/m for my 8yr old during summer months. Just before and after school costs me $400-500/m. Most are $40-55/day depending on age and length of time they go

  41. What nasty reply Olivier McDevitt.

  42. You can always sign up for subsidy child care. You can end up paying only 3$ a day instead of 40-50$ i highly recommend going through with subsidy. Its a life saver. I end up paying 600$ a month for 2 children

  43. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

    Oliver McDevitt You’re one load your mom should’ve swallowed.

  44. About 1000$ a month … my daughter goes three days a week and her bill averages between 500-600$ a month

  45. Oliver McDevitt what a terrible comment.

    Don’t listen to this guy! It’s challenging to transition into single hood with small children. You’re doing the right thing reaching out to find out things that aren’t just readily advertised as a general basis to go on. If subsidy isn’t an option or waiting lists are too high … which sometimes they are….. depending on your budget .. try an in home care provider, or even the Montessori …. king christen academy I’m not sure takes young ones still but it’s worth a try! Good luck!

  46. Shawn Murray Shawn Murray says:

    Oliver McDevitt gotta do what you gotta do, you never know someone else’s situation

  47. Good luck taking care of your child working 70 hours a week.

  48. Nope cheap is being on Ont.Works and getting it free for not working. If you work and make money it is quite expensive.

  49. Brooke Anne Brooke Anne says:

    The group is Sudbury Home Daycares on Facebook they will inquire on your location and give you a list of private day cares in your area. Goodluck!

  50. Brooke Anne Brooke Anne says:

    Full time is about 40-45 a day depending on her age. Over 18 months is typically less. I’ll try to find you the group for Child care providers. You’re best bet is a private day care…city ran the waiting list is long. We applied for my daughter when I got pregnant in 2017 and we only got a call for a spot Jan 2019.

    • Brooke Anne Sudbury home daycares

    • Keri Grant Keri Grant says:

      Brooke Anne private daycare can be risky too. Check references and trust your gut. I had a horrible experience with at home day care and opted for a professional one. The results are much better and with the rules and regulations in place to keep your child safe, I feel much more relaxed with my little at day care now. I’m sure there are some great home Daycares out there, just be very careful and do some research on the laws

  51. Cory Berube Cory Berube says:

    See your left leg? Give that up. Side note, I hope youre not counting on a spot just being available for you at whatever daycare you choose. It can take awhile. Good luck sir!

  52. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    Subsidy stops at over $120k. You’d be surprised.

  53. Depending on the age of your child, you’ll be paying 50 ish dollars for a full day.
    Or 15-20$ before and after school. All depends on the daycare, but I’m sure all the prices are relatively the same.
    It’s not cheap!

  54. For a city daycare, If fulltime, it depends on the age of your child but averages from $40-50/day.

  55. Message Keisha Poliquin

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