Silver Lake Beach, keep eye on your kids.

On July 8th at Silver Beach there was a man who was well over his 50’s talking and mingling with young children. I listened closely and then intervened when he pretended that a toy turtle bit his finger and asked two small boys to kiss his bo bo. The boys told him to kiss his own bo bo better. He then continued by trying to ask if the boys wanted to go look for real turtles in the long grass area. He even said that he would have to take them because “moms are too scared of big turtles” (grooming to trust him over mom- huge flag) I told him that was inappropriate and to please leave the kids alone.

He then went and “helped” a young girl to find her googles in the water.. which the grandmother had on the beach. I asked the grandmother if she wanted me to go get her granddaughter as they were quite far together to which she replied “that’s Randy, he’s a bit simple but is harmless”, however then she continued to name his sister and said he can’t be trusted?!?!

Because I didn’t have any identifying information I did not report to Police (I did not see what he was driving) but wanted people to be aware of an older man attempting to isolate young children at the beach.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    karen likes to start shit for nothing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you fabricated this

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