Silent Study means Silent!

PEOPLE OF CAMBRIAN! The silent study is FOR SILENT STUDYING! Seriously you’re in college now! You should understand the concept of silence. If you are talking it out, get a study room! Or go to the cafe, or the couches by Timmies or the student centre or the Crombie Lab or Wabnode area or any of the many chairs and benches around the school ! The silent section is for absolute silence!!!! Its exam time and not everyone is in easy courses where studying is useless!

Before anyone says go home and study, not everyone has that option, some people have roommates, live far away or are between classes. We go to the silent study because it is the only resource for complete silence. And if you have music on, just understand that we hear every word of it. If you like studying with noise and music, please find a proper place to go. The silent study is for silent studying only! And the nest is part of that as well! Just because you’re in a glass room, doesn’t mean that we don’t hear every word you’re saying! Please be respectful people! This is a hard time for many!



10 Responses

  1. Cambrian is a garbage school that attracts nothing but American frat rejects, anyway. Invest in a better education.

  2. Jojo Mary says:

    I’m shocked that there were negative comments to this.
    I support you. There is one quiet centre, and many other study group locations. Everyone learns differently.
    Hopefully next time you, or someone that is more comfortable doing it, will ask them to leave. Good luck on your exams!

  3. Dean Farinha says:

    Next thing is insisting people stop using the plants as porta-potties. When does it end!

  4. Larry Styles says:

    You’re in college . You don’t need to study .

  5. Many of the students rent from slumlords all around the neighbourhood here, and many of them are loud and obnoxious and don’t care if it’s 4 a.m. or midnight, they get drunk and scream and yell and disturb the entire neighbourhood, and the police don’t do anything, even if they are called. If they act like that outside of school, you can just bet they don’t give two hoots about ‘silent studying’. Big mistake to have an open bar in a college. I would never want my child to attend there…and it’s sad, because the college itself Is a nice building etc. Just an ‘animal house’ for the most part, and I hear the residences are unbelievably noisy and disgusting. For the serious student, unless they have their own apartment, they couldn’t possibly study in residence, or at school either, from the sound of things.

  6. Rob Dobson says:

    Your in college now to tell them to stfu instead of whining here

  7. I’m sorry, what’s the silent study for again? I don’t think you explained it good enough! :/

  8. Jamie Holmes says:

    trying to study in public is hard

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