Sick world

Pardon the rant but I find myself asking the age-old question; “why do bad things happen to good people?”

Recentley, a good friend of mine got diagnosed with cancer and this friend in question is a woman with one of the biggest hearts ever. When she told me her diagnosis, I literally sat up the whole night crying. Not just at her diagnosis but just at the thought of what a sick twisted world we live in.

Why her? What did she ever do wrong? In fact, I can think of several others who deserve it more. For example, this one sick motherfucker, who not only bullied me in high school but is also a serial rapist, gets to have good health and gets to continue living his life hurting and abusing more good people he comes into contact with. So let me get this straight; we live in a world where a person could be THAT sick and the person who gets stricken with cancer is someone with a good heart? That honestly makes me so upset. This whole fucking world would be better without him in it. In conclusion, I don’t mean to offend anybody who happens to be relogious but I highly doubt there is a god. And of there is, he’s a pretty fucking cruel god if you ask me



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very sad. On a different topic but same sort of idea, it’s like the drunks that drive and don’t get caught but keep doing it anyways vs the drivers getting pulled over and ticketed for doing 10 over on their way home from work. Sorry for changing the subject but last night was cheap night at the bar and I ended up following 2 obviously intoxicated drivers swerving, not maintaining speed, one almost crashed into a construction sign. The other hit every major pothole on the road despite swerving. Not one cop around, the nights with no drunks and you do 10 over, bam fucken cop pulls you over. Makes me wonder if the cops in this town have a drinking problem and are the ones driving like idiots while off duty.