Shoutout to that Dude on Notre Dame

Shoutout to that dude who was standing on the island on Notre Dame by the silos. I must have watched him flip off ten or so vehicles, and then proceed to walk across the road, stopping a few cars to give them the finger too.

You sir, have made my day. F you too!



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29 Responses

  1. John Pedersen says:

    kinda looks like Mr. Bean……

  2. Anthony Charette says:
  3. Carol Thompson says:

    out of meds….

  4. Schuyler James Netzel says:

    J walking is j walking should call the cops on him

  5. Craig Beauchamp says:

    ok really I can’t believe (or yes i can with the level of intelligence in this city) that you post about a person who with what you describe definitely has a mental disorder. How about you make fun of the man with MS in a wheelchair while your at it. This type of behaviour and remarks are disgusting and what’s wrong with society and yes here in Sudbury quite a bit. You people should be ashamed of yourself and should be looked down on by others yourself (you deserve it), totally disgusting behaviour, and big deal not like we have all seen people like him, it’s not their fault at times.

    • Tara Ward says:

      It doesn’t seem like they’re making fun of him.

      As Roger said, he apparently likes when people swear back. But hey, sorry you were triggered.

    • Liz Gno says:

      Tara Ward I agree. It didn’t seem like the shoutout person was making fun of the finger flipper. I actually got a chuckle because sometimes I wish I could just flip everyone off too! Good for the guy flipping everyone off and good for the shoutout for also making MY day brighter by posting it.

    • Craig Beauchamp says:

      thanks for proving my point, I was not “triggered”. The post should never have been made to begin with, and really you engage the person because he likes swearing, now there is intelligence for you. I am sorry you condone misbehaviour, but it’s wrong plain and simple.

    • Tara Ward says:

      He made the OP’s day by doing something completely out of the ordinary. Disorder or not. I’m sure that was the point.

      The OP did not make fun of the man, but thanked him for making his/her day.

      I’m pretty sure you’re making a mountain out of an ant hill.

    • Craig Beauchamp says:

      oh yes keep proving my point about level of intelligence in this city. The thank you was sarcasm, and made in fun, ending with F you too. I am not debating ignorance any longer it is beneath me. Btw the true saying is making mountains out of mole hills, and you think what you may just like I have. Have a wonderful day

    • Tara Ward says:

      Just because I don’t share your views doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent.

      Also, how do you know what the OP meant? Are you suddenly a mind reader? Interesting.

      Thanks for the correction as well, but I’ve heard both used.

    • Craig Beauchamp says:

      lol you are not getting it at all. It doesn’t matter, you think i am referring to lack of intelligence as to not agreeing with my opinion or view…so laughable and wrong, you do not get what i am talking about. The point is as if people find mental illness funny, and don’t tell me there is no fun being made here come on. i almost think you know the OP, kinda funny how you are defending him/her and have an issue with my comment defending mental health issues. You can reply but none of this banter matters in my life, i made my 1st comment and look how people respond, quite hilarious, sad sad society

    • Tara Ward says:

      I agree, some people are assholes and find mentally ill people fun to make fun of, but I don’t think this is the case. People with mental disorders can bring smiles to people’s faces without it being because they’re being made fun of. My aunt, who has a mental disability, brings a smile to my face all the time, and it’s because of the quirky little things she does, and it’s in no means “making fun of” her when she makes me laugh.

      Maybe I do know the OP. Maybe I don’t. It doesn’t matter, and it’s anonymous – so I wouldn’t know if I did. The fact is, it seems that you’re blowing this way out of proportion, and that is what is sad. Go fight a battle that actually needs to be fought.

      You’ve made your statement, and I made mine. We have different opinions on the matter, but I do agree with you that mentally ill people should not be made fun of. No one should be made fun of, but in this situation, I don’t think that’s what is happening.

      Sorry for the “banter”. I just didn’t agree. Have a nice day sir.

    • Colleen MacLeod says:

      I’m thinking Craig needs to lighten up, go take a dump Buddy!! lol

    • Crystal Fitzpatrick says:

      Uh there was no mention in the Op about a mental disorder. Good job labelling though Craig Beauchamp. Maybe it was just a really pissed off man, who felt the need to give people the finger.

    • Craig Beauchamp says:

      no there wasn’t my dear, however I assumed because people seen him before and even a person angry would not stand in the middle of a road and give the finger. What i said was my view u dont agree oh well wont lose sleep over it. You are not understanding what i was saying, over it, but dont say i label, it was an assumption, and probably a very accurate one and what i am thinking of your comment i will not demean myself over me being a moral human and try and defend a person who maynot themselves. Anyways you have yourself a good day, and what u say rolls off my back, i said or did nothing wrong.

  6. Cynthia Mellaney says:

    If he walks with a cane, it is an every thing for him.

  7. Amanda Lalonde says:


  8. Anne Ponch says:

    Is that the bald usually on the Kingsway by mid city motors? Summertime he rides his bike everywhere

  9. Jaquelynn Roque says:

    Daniel Lavoie this seems like something you would do if you got mad xD

  10. Roger Blake says:

    He’s always in that area ranting and swearing. Almost everyday. Lmao! He loves it when you swear back at him. Then things get fun. Lol

  11. Lisa Therrien says:

    Lmao the pic takes the cake for this post

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