Shoutout to New Job Search System – Joorbit

In these harsh and unpredictable economic times, where Canada, and Alberta especially, are experiencing high unemployment rates, help is on the horizon. Couple of Edmonton entrepreneurs have created Joorbit. New and unique way of looking for, and finding work.
Site is in the beta phase, currently signing up users and when its doors open in few short weeks it will be a major surprise in the Job search market. Let your unemployed friends and family that help is coming.

You don’t read countless ads you enter your information and Joorbit acts like a match maker.
Lets help Canadians find work.



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  1. Tony Martin Tony Martin says:

    About a decade ago, I spent around 6 months frequenting a couple political forums. I stopped when it become clear that the vast majority of people on those boards are more concerned with being right than they are with actually discussing issues, and will go to any length to win a “debate”, right or wrong.
    Anyway, I recall a lot of Albertan conservative types on those boards saying Alberta should split from Canada because that province is so rich, and they resented money from “their” energy sector being taken by the feds.
    Funny how that tune has changed since Alberta has fallen on hard times.
    This goes to show folks like that just why we are stronger as a nation. When one province is down and out, the others help. When that province is living high, it’s their turn to help the others.

  2. Julie Arlt Julie Arlt says:

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing

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