Shoutout to Dance Evolution Teachers…Moms, not so much!

The teachers are Dance Evolution are fantastic. They care about the kids, generally want to sell them do well and I love that the children’s costumes are always age-appropriate. The dance moms on the other hand, I can do without. They constantly gossip, put down their husbands and act like they are better than everyone else. This isn’t the example that all those young girls need in their lives! So many of the moms come in wearing their Lululemon and talking about their trips and shopping sprees, when they don’t even work and then turn around and bitch about the daycare providers that are caring for their kids while they go shop! They say mean things about some many other women – teachers, daycare providers, swimming coaches, other mothers, basically everyone in the kids lives. Please keep your gossip and negative comments to yourself. The children around you hear them and Dance Evolution is trying to create an inclusive environment and you are doing the complete opposite!!



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  1. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    This is at all dance studios, the mom’s ruin it for everyone

  2. Anna Perry Anna Perry says:

    Pretty sure you could have got your point across without bringing lulu into this

  3. Mars Ulrich Mars Ulrich says:

    lululemon moms complaining about their husbands… k where is this establishment? asking for a friend.

  4. That’s why I keep to myself! Lone wolf pack lol

  5. Sadly a common issue it’s not only dance moms

  6. The Real housewives of Sudbury

  7. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    Warning, this is painful.

    Edit: it was even worse than I could have imagined.

  8. Shawn says:

    Unlike you who does it the right way and bitches anonymously online.

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