Should teachers answer emails during summer?

Wondering other peoples opinions, if a teacher writes a nasty comment or alarming comment about your kid on the final report card and you email the teacher asking for more details.

Would you expect a response or except the fact they are on holidays?

Keep in mind I don’t think any comment on a kids report card should be a suprise/shock to parents.



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  1. Cory Leblanc Cory Leblanc says:

    Honestly though, why are we breaking for summer in the first place. IMO, kids should be in school all year with 1 week breaks here and there.

  2. Carine Malak Carine Malak says:

    Some teacher can’t access their emails unless they bring like a school laptop home with them I’m pretty sure. It’s a school email on the school servers that can be monitored. It’s like how most work emails you can only access while you’re at work, my job is like that.

  3. This is why I hate report cards given on the last day. When your told “so and so is doing well” and report card does NOT reflect that (or whatever) you want to communicate with more answers.

  4. Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

    TRUST whatever the ADULT teachers comment was!!! Deal with your CHILD accordingly so they get there act together PARENT! Seems pretty simple???

  5. All I hear is aww i dont wanna have to interrupt my 3 month vacation when i dont even work full time hours the rest of the year. Not to mention all the other sprink break christmas ect and still somehow get paid a full wage? Answer your email lazy people.

  6. Erin Tre Erin Tre says:

    So I look at it like this, if I haven’t heard from you all year about your child’s education, then I’m not going to jump to answering your email on my holidays. But if you were a parent who supported me in teaching your child and I can answer your questions, then I would respond. You can’t decide to demand something of someone if you haven’t made any effort or taken part until the last day.

    And no, we aren’t paid for our holidays, they hold our earnings already given to them by the ministry and slowly give them to us over the 12 months.

    And yes, we work above and beyond our school days, cleaning and setting up our classroom, buying supplies and classroom materials from our own pocket, taking courses and writing curriculum documents/materials.

  7. Elle Bee Elle Bee says:

    EVERYONE deserves a vacation, I think that would include teachers too.

  8. If you’re on vacation, paid or unpaid, I’m not contacting you. I don’t care about your job title. You earn your vacation time, take it without feeling guilty about others who couldn’t prep a fucking question in time.

    Also, just because you would do something, doesn’t give you the right to demand it of others. Is respecting people’s time and space tabboo now?

  9. Its summer.. leave them alone.

  10. No, they work all year and deserve a break to unwind and be themselves.

  11. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    Teachers are on summer vacation and dont give a shit about your kid anymore. No they will not respond

  12. And this is proof that people are entitled asshats

  13. You got the report card prior to the last day of school so.. you had time to address it while they were working.
    You sound like you want to discuss the teachers attitude and not your child’s progress in school so I’d be even less inclined to speak with you if I were the teacher on my time off.

  14. Do you reply to your emails or return calls when you are on holidays?? I think not.

  15. No they on holidays too

  16. I would diffinately like a reply! I feel your pain

  17. Principals work 1-2 weeks after the end of the school year and they restart 1-2 weeks before the beginning of the new school year in August. Seeing as they must review all report card comments before sending them home, you can take it up with them. Or you can contact the teacher in September, they are back at school on September 3rd.

    As for teachers replying to emails during their holidays: they don’t have to, but they can if they want….

  18. I would say there should be a grace period of a week or two to respond because maybe they’re there buttoning up the end of school but then I wouldn’t expect them to answer after that. They’re off so why should they

  19. Sarah Julia Sarah Julia says:

    I was under the impression teachers are at the school one week after the kids are out? just for stuff like this. I could be wrong tho

  20. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    I don’t expect a reply from anyone if they’re on holiday

  21. No, 1. If the kid passed deal with the comment 2. If they failed you already should have known what was up .3. Report cards are looked over by the Principal clearly more than one professional was okay with the comment.. deal with it and move on to the next year.

  22. Would you like it if your boss sent you emails or called you when you are on holidays?

  23. 2 months is plenty of holidays.
    Because it’s regarding the kids, yes, I would expect a reply.

  24. Anna Stanley Anna Stanley says:

    No there is plenty of time to deal with it prior to end of school.
    Also I don’t believe there is “nasty comments or alarming”.

  25. Shawn Irving Shawn Irving says:

    Depends what kind of teacher they are really. They’re off for the summer and dont need to respond to any emails regarding work related things. If they’re the kind of teacher that loves what they do they may respond, but I wouldnt hold my breath.

  26. Starr Larson Starr Larson says:

    Holidays!! Do u expect ur boss to write back on thier holidays??

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