Shame on you Service Ontario-garson

Head to Garson MTO this morning to transfer a used vehicle to my name. Get there, friendly staff greet me after about 30 mins of waiting in line. Lay out my paperwork to get things going. Operator A starts a few things then asks me for the Safety Certificate. I advised her that this was just done a few weeks ago and when lady H (the lady who I bought this vehicle from) registered it into her name only a few weeks ago, this office kept the original Certificate Document. She gets on the phone with their HELP line and this office was able to confirm that they in fact did receive the certificate in April 2021. Great I say.. they have it…welllllll nope! They only have the system that says that but dont actually have a copy of the Certificate. I still must provide a copy they say. Operator A tells me that the garage should have a copy and that I can get them to fax or email it…okay fine! Get in touch with the garage…old school guy doesn’t know how to fax or email. Okay…no big deal, I will run to the other side of town, get a photocopy and come back…..

I am back with the copy. Wait in line for an hour and a half to find out Operator A is done for the day…I get to see Operator 5. I lay out all the documents again and began to say I was here earlier trying to Register and get plates. Before I could explain any more she jumps on the phone with HELP line and let’s then know she has a lady there with a photocopy of a safety Certificate…a few yah…yah…yah…she comes back to me and says she cannot accept a photo copy. Has to be the original or I need to get a new one. I then had a chance to explain that her office kept the original back in April which is why we don’t have it and that Operator A said a photocopy was good. She responds by saying we wouldnt keep the originals (because their office clearly doesn’t make any mistakes) and then hands me a pamphlet with ways I can submit my complaint.

So…you guys sent me all over town and make me wait in line again over something that you can’t accept?

Now I must get another safety done, since you guys kept the original and destroyed it…stand in line AGAIN…give you a copy of that certificate “because you guys would never keep an original” just for that copy to get destroyed because you guys don’t keep copies of what you get?!?!?!

Get your shit together. Get on the same page (training) and start keeping copies because I dont know of any other agencies that wouldnt keep records of something from few weeks ago?!?! Like wtf?!??!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    So funny I came across this post & read the comments, thought I’d just say that I’ve had similar experiences here as well! Very unhelpful

  2. Anonymous says:

    The flabby arm of the Government strikes again!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just went through all that crap…yep best to call ahead….I stood in line for an hour..

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s alot easier and eventually quicker to drive out to Lively Service Ontario to get things done. Unfortunately the customer service at Garson is not the most professional or understanding. The ladies at the Lively office are wonderful! Totally worth the extra in gas.