Shallow gene pool around here.

I love it when a peeler says graduated from laurentian university on the fb profile but barely made it through diploma college work.

Or when a retired pimp says attended Cambrian college but barely Reached grade 9.

Or when a grown adult argues with another 15 yrs their junior.

Or the only cause a druggy will stand up for are other druggies.

Why is this our Sudbury ?? 😓🤷‍♀️



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  1. There are good and bad liars and honest anywhere

  2. Mike Gratton Mike Gratton says:

    did you bump you head diving in?

  3. Brenda Lynn Brenda Lynn says:

    Because you’re a shady asshole !

  4. I’m thinking the air must be thin up there on ur high horse ??

  5. Lindsay Hyde Lindsay Hyde says:

    Cambrian and Laurentian have a lot of programs that intersect. Many College diplomas lead to transfer credits towards a University degree.

    Colleges offer academic upgrading. Many will also provide mature students who do not have a secondary school diploma entrance into some programs.

    Grown adults will argue with other adults, sometimes they’re younger & sometimes they’re older.

    People who have similar experiences should advocate for one another.

  6. Karl Binder Karl Binder says:

    More people than not, actually are quite inept.

  7. You are hanging with pimps and strippers and assuming everyone is like that. Your the one with a small mind.

  8. Find a better past time that’s not fb stalking people.

  9. Nick Beland Nick Beland says:

    Sudbury in a nutshell.

  10. JC Wilson JC Wilson says:

    Who do you hang around with?! Lmao

  11. Its like this everywhere…

  12. Shawn Timony Shawn Timony says:

    No no. There’s a guy named Henri Phillipe Laurentian. He and his Mama du Bebe offer an Exotic Dancing and Husqvarna Repair program in their Dell Street studio apartment. They call it Laurentian University.

  13. I read this post and this song makes me think of Sudbury pretty much

  14. Um, you know Facebook isn’t real, right?

  15. That’s not my Sudbury, stop surrounding yourself with x pimps and hookers..

  16. Dom Aubin Dom Aubin says:

    Imagine a world where we didn’t cast judgement on others

  17. Kayla Read Kayla Read says:

    Why do you feel the need to judge others how does it affect your life?

  18. Why do you care so much?

  19. If only there was something you could do like move or mind your own business.

  20. Your surrounding yourself with the wrong ppl it seems.

  21. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    I imagine much of this depends on your outlook. If you’re looking for the worse, you’ll find it. And vice-versa.

  22. Not just here my friend

  23. Or when someone anonymously post vauge shit on Facebook instead of saying it themselves

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