Separated parents that kick ass!

I would just like to take the time to make a Shoutout to all you separated parent’s out there that make it work. You deserve a pat on the back.

Your children will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Keep being the awesome people you are.



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  1. Ryan JB Ryan JB says:

    Amen. Wish I could have this!

  2. Nope, If they were so awesome they would’ve made better spouse choices.

  3. Kudos to everyone who makes it work for the kids – they are only young once & very impressionable- it’s sad the number of exes that spin each around the corners in front of the kids – potentially emotionally damaging those innocent kids in the process. It’s great to hear of y’all that make it work with maturity!

  4. Will Cullens this is us lol

  5. 100% Mine are a great example, and I feel so blessed that even when I was young, that neither EVER spoke badly about the other, (at least never in front of me), even if I was mad at one. They never took my side, but instead allowed me to be mad, and spoke to eachother to help resolve the issues. (I was 2yrs old when they divorced)
    Now that I’m older, I can truly say I appreciate their co-parenting, and never putting me in the middle of drama. Love you mom and dad.. xoxo Maureen Mo Larose and Joe Larose

  6. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    I would be lying if I said my ex husband and I had it easy in the beginning of our separation. But it really didnt take long to recognize that our relationship broke down because of us, and our needs, not the kids. Now I love his gf more than him and she helps with the back to school outfit picking and has great girls date with our daughter and spa days with our son Haha.
    I am lucky. I am NO single parent. I have so much help between my family and his (his gf included) and the kids are bonded to EVERYONE

  7. As hard as it can be, we do anything possible for our munchkins to grow happy in their skin. Some of us know the unfortunate feeling of a parent putting the other down, or taking time away from the other parent. It’s unfair, and it’s best for the children to just co-operate and co exist, no matter your differences, put those aside and raise the little babies in a environment they can be proud of. Parenthood is team with, together or not. Children aren’t pawns in the game of life..

  8. Lyne Hamel Lyne Hamel says:

    I secon that Barbara McLaughlin! Well said! It’s the kids that matter!❤️

  9. Jini Chan Jini Chan says:

    Currently living with my ex, raising our son! Been doing it for a couple years now. We are looking to get places in the same area to make it easier for our little guy. ❤ it’s not easy but what is best for our son will always come first.

  10. Princess Melissa. U definitely show Co parenting at its finest

  11. Separation should not be an excuse to let children suffer or be subjected to toxicity between their parents, it’s called responsibility and maturity. Props to people who are able to co-parent properly, regardless of any negative feelings you may or may not have.

  12. Lynn Feher Lynn Feher says:

    Best post I’ve seen here about raising kids separately but together.. way to stop the he says she says and who pays what.. congrats to all those parents not fighting over the small stuff.

  13. Been separated 7 years now and not one day in court. We work together when it comes to raising the kids.

  14. We do it for the little munchkins. It can be HARD though!!

  15. We do our best… but in the end it’s not about us… it’s about the kids!!

  16. Farhan Salah Farhan Salah says:

    Thank you ! & We get better each day too ❤️

  17. Thank you! We try and set all of our differences aside for the kids.

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