Self absorbed much?

What’s with all the wanna’ be players in this city? Honestly. What do you get out of leading multiple people on at the same time for no reason other than to boost your own ego?

If you tell someone you want to be with them, usually that means staying off dating sites, telling the other people you’re talking to that things are are becoming more serious. Meanwhile, you’re talking to a bunch of other people telling them the same things just praying you won’t get caught. I’d like to know the logic behind it. Other than the fact that it boosts your ego and the fact that you’re so self absorbed that you don’t care who you hurt in the process.

I’m starting to think people really get off on it. Is this a new kink that I’m unaware of?



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  1. Annonymous says:

    Grow some morals asshole

  2. Keep your dirtyness and lying ass to yourself and find likewise says:

    Easy, dude, *sweetheart* the post was not gender specific.. but since you partake in being a piece of shit, do it with another piece of shit and leave normal people alone… not everyones a shallow piece hardened dodo like you so match up show who you are

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lol sweetheart are you new?
    First off that’s just pillow talk, if i straight up told you “naw, lets just be friends with benefits” you wouldn’t go for it.

    Kind of like when you say you like me for me and not the things you think i can offer you.

    You see we’re both liars.

    And since i’m the one paying for everything and you’re just lying on your back letting me dump some loads in you i keep my options open.

    If you’re “not in the mood” after i took you out for dinner then i know someone who is in the mood.

    You play the game and i play it too, don’t play stupid

  4. Anonymous says:

    So are you saying you want to be with a self absorbed, ego maniac? Be grateful you found out quickly and can move on to someone with more substance.

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