Seeking Christmas help

Family of 5 including three young kids, really down on their luck the past few months could really use some help.

I dont usualy ask for help like this but I am sad my kids wont get a nice christmas.

If there is some one possibly interested in helping comment and I



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  1. Please message me. Depending on the age of your children I have some toys I can give to you.

  2. Kevin Jette Kevin Jette says:

    Who doesn’t need the help

  3. This pisses me off. If you need help there are so many agencies that’ll help you especially around Christmas. Unless you’re trying to pray on people’s generosity in which case I totally understand the anonymity.

  4. James Nash James Nash says:

    Isnt this the second time this was posted word for word?

  5. talk to the principal at their school. Many school sponsor kids etc.

  6. Matt Secord Matt Secord says:

    christmas is not about how much money you spend on gifts.. its about time spent with the ones you love.. but if you send me a message ill try my best to help in any way i can

  7. Lynn Feher Lynn Feher says:

    So nice to see so many stepping up.. paying it forward in ways that shows we do care..

  8. I’m pretty sure they’re doing the signing for the Christmas hampers now??

  9. Anna Stanley Anna Stanley says:

    Send me a message with ages/genders

  10. How old are the children?

  11. I wonder what struggling families did in the 1960s without the internet…

  12. I was pmed by the mom
    Kids.are 3 boys
    7 and 19 months and 6 yr old. If some ppl on here wnat to get together and get some stuff id go out and do some shopping for them

  13. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    Inbox me please and we will help u

  14. if you put your name in at a woman’s shelter for this also, someone apt your family for Christmas. I utilized this and it was one of the best Christmases ever. It was truly made out of love. Brought back the meaning of Christmas in my home! As much as our situation seems rough, we were extremely blessed by people who didn’t even know us.

  15. Message me i would like to help… need kids ages and sexe pls

  16. Give me a message we may be able to help!

  17. Christmas is coming so Sudbury folks asking for handouts. Can I have free stuff too?

    • Linda says:

      Sure. So here`s something free for you. Boot in the derriere to shake that negative attitude out of its permanent lodging. Merry Christimas.

  18. Roxanne Joly Roxanne Joly says:

    Submit an application through the Lions Club.

  19. Sara Camden Sara Camden says:

    Salvation Army Des Christmas baskets if you get ahold of them.

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