Seasoned alcoholic

Being a functional alcoholic is exhausting. When I be one non functional I go to detox…sometimes I’m sober for a year or two. Sometimes more and sometimes less.

If I could stop and never drink again I would. That’s always the plan. Sometimes depression or stress takes over or sometimes it seems like my mind just blocks out the bad parts of my drinking. I’m forever learning more and and won’t stop trying….the thing is, I have a family and a job. I know when I’m not doing good and I know how to get myself back to sober where I could work on other ways to stay sober from there.

I’m a seasoned alcoholic. Just give meca room for four to five days. Let me go thru and organize my backed up paperwork while I’m there and leave me aline ffs! I’ll pay if u have to! Listening to the same thing after the 12th time and making me say things that I would be insane to beleive after everything at an AA meeting isn’t productive for guys like me and may even give bad vibes to the young people who have a chance of staying sober. I’ve seen it work for some people. But for me I just need four days sometimes.



2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Try water, makes you less thirsty, less thirsty = less likely to drink. Weed makes me thirsty and drink more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    try weed, removes alcohol cravings for me, and much better for you