Searching for father

I’m searching for my father, I’ve never met him and my mom doesn’t remember much, but his name is David Macleod.

I was born on December 15th 1989 in Sudbury, so he would have been living in Sudbury in 1989. My moms name is Kimberley Crawford. At the time she had 2 daughters named nicole (5) and Michelle (2). She’s got very curly brown hair. Ive included a photo of her from around that time.

If anyone has any information at all please email me at or feel free to add me on facebook (Madison Dubblestyne)

Thanks for reading my post! Any help is greatly appreciated.



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  1. Join dna detective’s on facebook they were really helpful with me finding my birth mom

  2. Thanks everyone, because of this post i was able to find him, unfortunately I’m a few years too late, he’s passed and I won’t get the chance to meet him or have him in my life 🙁 i wish i had found shoutout sudbury sooner, but I’m in contact with an aunt and uncle and they’ve been just amazing, very nice people, they’re telling me all about him and hopefully we can meet some day 🙂

  3. Please update! We’re all rooting for you to find him ♥️

  4. Mothers really need to keep tabs on who they have sex with. Have some kind of contact with them.

  5. Good luck. My sister found my dad, and it was one of the best gifts he and I got. I got a sister and nephews, and he got another daughter, the grandkids he’s always wanted (as my horses apparently weren’t enough) lol
    It was a great experience, and I hope he and what ever family he has now feels the same.

  6. Hope you find him shared

  7. Best of luck finding your birth father

  8. Julie Roy Julie Roy says:

    You should join Free Canada Adoption/Family Search and Reunion fb page!They are amazing!

  9. Try doing one of the DNA kits. I used 23 and me and I got connected to a cousin on my biological fathers side and now have that side of the family in my life. I recommend it

  10. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Good luck what an amazing post

  11. Have you tried Ancestry or 23&me? If not I highly recommend it!

  12. Good luck. I hope you find him!!

  13. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Good luck!!! I hope you find him and it has a positive outcome!!!

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