To the bunch of scumbags on Madison right outside the trail illegally dumping garbage, pick it up you lazy pieces of shit.



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  1. The city is the culprit Sir.
    They put limits on picking up bags. Some towns only allow one bag. They leave the rest sitting there…so what else can they do?

  2. Reba Twain says:

    This isn’t good. Animals trudge through it and eat what they can. We just buy tags at the library. I have a diaper exemption and we recycle, as well as compost. When you do qll of these it is possible. I’m also low income. So this is not ok. If we can do it, family of 3 so can yous.

  3. Open up get something with their name on it and go to the City with it…bug fine for dumping garbage

  4. For the ppl commenting about the 1 bag limit.
    If you really sort your things out I have myself 2 kids and pets and we really dont make that much waste. All plastics and glass that are recyclable I rinse out and blue box it, along with any paper no longer needed. The only thing I toss out really is food waste which bc where I live city dosent pick up green boxes.
    It’s the ppl who throw literally every piece of junk, plastic bottles, juicejugs, papers and food waste into a garbage bag. They fill quick when you dont sort. Just what iv noticed 4 myself. Now Carry On 🙂

  5. Bill Rorison says:

    expect to see more of this.. thank sudbury council..

  6. Sudbury’s stupid 1 bag limit. You will see garbage dump everywhere now

  7. Everyone should haft to pay for every piece of garbage that they give out the trucks and stuff should be covered by taxes and each piece of garbage should be charged it’s not fair to me if I don’t use any garbage or waste and then lazy tits just do w.e they want

  8. I was under the impression that these bags are from a cleanup of the creek by volunteers. Am I wrong here?

  9. Peter Barry says:

    No itll be us at wm that have to go ckean it up…its getting worse

  10. It was a clean up crew not someone dumping garbage lol

  11. Helen Treitz says:

    Some people are such lazy slobs……

  12. Is that not the trail committee who picked up garbage to be picked up on garbage day?

  13. Just wait until it is one bag every weeks

  14. Go through it. Guaranteed they were stupid enough to put stuff with their adress in them. Just return it to their home.