Sad state of affairs.

What is the end game here?

The majority is fed up with the non sense.



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  1. Lucifuge says:

    I’m guessing your a conservative diddler semen swallowing pedophile worshipping goof.

    I don’t know how you identity politics cheerleaders function with out someone to think for you.

    Just regurgitating your pre-programed rhetoric…no need to think your party tells you how.

    Run along now the kiddies need a fucking

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im guessing lucyfag voted liberal and is a communist sympathizer.

  3. Lucifuge says:

    LMFAO Agenda 2030? ‘Those who “worked” to get where they are will give up their shit and join in or get killed in the process’

    The only ones giving up shit are the plebs.
    Why? Because you keep voting against your own interests and worshiping those you call “elite”.

    And to be honest its fucking hilarious.

    The reality is you’re already doing this, and you’ve been doing it your entire life. You work and you make your bosses rich and accept table scraps and disposable trinkets as payments.

    You were born a whipped dog and you’ve remained a whipped dog your entire existence.

    If you knew how to build a home or grow and hunt your own food you wouldn’t toil endlessly for someone else to tell you how to press a button or hammer a nail for 60 hours a week.

    Social engineering. You were created as a symbiotic parasite. You need society to employ you, because you don’t know how to live in this world without society.

    That was why they created residential schools and wiped native cultural practices out.

    You can’t have a hierarchy when people know how to be self sufficient.

    And even knowing “The Agenda” as you pointed out “the great reset” you will do nothing.

    Because all you are……is a whipped dog.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agenda 2030 is the end game. You will own nothing and be happy, those that worked to get where they are will give up their shit and join in or get killed in the process.