Robert Kirwan

Counselor Robert Kirwan doesn’t want to join the anti political corruption group. He was confronted by one of the reps. The rep was blocked from commenting on his fb group page due to questions that Mr Kirwan had no answers to. Our goal is to stop political corruption and cover ups! He shows guilt and deception! We accept anyone to join and try to make a difference for the better of our sudbury!



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  1. Bunch of whiners here Valerie Kirwan

  2. You got nothing better to do with your time?

  3. Kirwan is nothing but a little bitch boy he was in front of me right now I would pimp slap him with the baby powder. This guy don’t know if he’s coming or going and I’m sorry I’m not a person to get involved in politics but I get involved just pimp slap him. I would love for him to come up in front of me

  4. So you’re butthurt because he wont join a stupid Facebook group? Lol

  5. Hes a useless waste of skin…. Worse then foreskin… Only 2 years been tryin to get him to help me with my water situation….. Hasnt replied well done kirwin… Oh wonder if I mention it woulf affext ked how quick he would jump

  6. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    Y’all are complaining but he’s waiting to get voted out cause he’s already got a guaranteed pension hahaha

  7. But then how would he go to hockey games with the developers during a critical vote involving that developer?

  8. Kirwin is a traitor! Charge him with treason!

  9. Its curious that I only ever hear bad things about this guy. Tell me more…..

  10. I don’t understand hey he continues to write under three identities when the integrity commissioner clearly and multiple times in multiple ways that at no time are you ever NOT a councillor. Writing under Infocom doesn’t mean you aren’t still Robert Kirwan.

  11. Why is it that some people are so ignorant that they have to take a position then demand that either others join them or be castigated as against their cause. That is absolute bigotry. If you join a group, first read its rules and if you don’t like them get the heck out. They who point the finger should first point it at themselves and their sense of absolute right.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Bazzer Coventry anyone who doesn’t agree with him…or says something bad about him in another group…he bans…
      He’s rude…his wife is rude and he allowed someone who was running for council last election call people “ratards”…
      I was bullied many times in his group because I didn’t jump on the “KED” bandwagon…
      At the beginning I really didn’t care if it was built or not…but because I raised concerns about the costs…I was labeled as anti KED and called names…
      He’s very unprofessional and has threaten people with legal action…

    • Bazzer Coventry I was banned because he didn’t like things I said in THIS group. Don’t remember that being in his rules.

    • Bazzer Coventry He’s a dictator, there’s no other word for him. He’s “supposed” to represent the people of the Valley, but he only represents himself. He bans, blocks and threatens people with police or lawsuits if they disagree with him. He charges businesses an exuberant amount to “advertise” on his page which is a FREE site. If you don’t pay his fee, than patrons aren’t allowed to post anything about your business, so basically you could say that it’s a form of extortion. His wife is just as rude as he is. She’s even attacked other candidates wives during the last election, for no reason at all. They both should be banned from the Valley East Group, because they do NOTHING to support anyone or anything from the Valley, unless they are profiting from it! Not to mention, they both act like a bunch of 2 year olds throwing temper tantrums. The only difference is, the 2 year old will eventually listen and be reasonable.

    • Lisette Harper How does one get banned from their own group?

  12. Can you say “corrupt”? Like the bigger man in charge

  13. The guy sucks dicks for cash wtf do we expect

  14. Cindy Lawson Cindy Lawson says:

    Someone is crying because they got banned 🙂

  15. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    You’re trying too hard Travis.

  16. Ricco Swave Ricco Swave says:

    You have to speak to him face to face. Too late has the the golden pension plan now.

  17. Are we shocked? From a coucilor who privately msgs anyone who disagrees and attempts to threaten their jobs and insults them

  18. Not surprised he bans everyone he doesnt want to answer questions to or anyone that disagrees with him. His name is king kirwan king of the valley that’s what he thinks he is.

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