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So Leslie’s charbroil and grill is closing down this month and not re opening until the spring .. why? They say it’s “too hard” to run a takeout restaurant during the winter . I had no idea their restaurant was outdoors. What’s going to happen to those poor staff that have families to support. Shame on a local business for doing this to their employees.



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  1. If they get a lot less business in the winter months because a lot of their customers walk there and do a lot less of that in the winter, and it isn’t profitable to be open in the winter, why stay open?


  3. Yes it’s same for other Chip Stands that does close for Winter it’s there Business to do so …Get over it make your own Poutine Coline …hahaa

  4. Rory Duval noooooooo they can’t !!!

  5. It was planned. they had time to prepare for it. E.I is there for a reason

  6. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    LOL this person is a speical kind of stupid hahaha

  7. Get off your keyboard and be a real hero… Fist fight lesie for those workers jobs and film it for a netflix series

  8. Derek Morgan Derek Morgan says:

    Pretty common for restaurants to shut down in the off season

  9. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Serge Paradis sure why not???

  10. Jen Stone are you going to post this generic reply to anyone who compliments the place’s food?

  11. Who cares what this idiot posted … they got awesome food and really excellent owners great staff too

  12. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Lisa Therrien I ate there for the first time this past summer and was not impressed at all…

  13. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    They get laid off and get the winter off. Poor bastards. They’ll probably have to collect EI, use the opportunity for further education and maybe be able to find something better. Or they can just enjoy not having to go out and cook food for others, maybe find another, better job with more stability. I hope they make it.

  14. Kayla Quesnel those poutines though

  15. Wow …no one goes this nuts when silver bullet and tbe other fry stands close all winter …same idea

  16. If you don’t know why, don’t assume!!! Takes a lot stress to run a small business, especially one that blew up as big as it got! Everyone needs a brake at one point in their lives. Might just be a situation she has to shut down before burning out and closing for good. They work their asses off in that place. I say, enjoy your time off, very well deserved!!!!

  17. Pretty sure when they announced their closure they said they were taking a much needed and deserved vacation. They deserve it if you ask me, they are always open and they work hard

  18. Why don’t you go and talk to the owner’s personally and find out. They are allowed to have a break for 2-3 months, they are extremely busy every month. They need a break, most the time the line up is out the door. What do other employees do that work at chip stands, hot dog stands, construction etc… EI! They could find another job if they don’t want to be laid off for a couple months. They will probably continue with their catering part of the business, the employees can do that still.

  19. They need a break. Stop complaining. Be greatfull they are coming back. Some of the best food in town.

  20. Tyler Short Tyler Short says:

    OP open your own place, stay open 24/7 since there are no bad business hours, make sure no one on your 3 shifts makes less than arbitrary social, ass patting acceptable wages. You’re a business tycoon with all the answers. Good luck booboo.

  21. Leslie’s Charbroil & Grill will still be doing Banquets and special events that wants their catering service.

  22. Before you loud mouth idiots assume they are closing just because they can take this into perspective!
    4500-6000$ rent
    14$ hr minimum on 4-5 employees which actually cost almost 20$ per because of this wonderful government
    Expenses 4000-6000$ if not more a month
    So lets say theyre making 15,000$ winter monthly revenue
    Theyre practically staying open for a couple hundred bucks, not worth staying open to barely make ends meet and not right for the owners to pay out of pocket to keep a few employees employed for a few months! These employees will be getting there jobs back in spring, so before you guys make assumptions, try owning and managing a small business first

  23. Any restaurant that closes their doors in the off season usually losses business and allows other business to reep the profits.

  24. Hiring people isn’t supposed to be charity. It’s their business. If they want to close, they will.

  25. Jody Schut Jody Schut says:

    Really? This is what ppl complain about? Maybe the place needs Reno’s? Or maybe they all need a much needed break. They all work their asses off!!!!

  26. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    Thank the Liberals for this

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      Ryan Turner Truth doesn’t change over time!

    • Ryan Turner Ryan Turner says:

      Actually it can and does. U call people liberal because you can’t grasp concepts. You find that blaming people’s for there political beliefs is the issue when honestly doesn’t matter anymore. If u want to believe that the liberals make all the calls then that’s fine. But once u wake up and realize everyone regardless of your religious, political views or anthing in that matter, there will always be a little stupid in the world. And don’t worry NDP and concervative have there fair share.also why do the liberals have anything to do with this ( curiosity). That comment in it self makes zero sense.

    • Ryan Turner Ryan Turner says:

      Actually it does but thats okay. Whatever makes you happy lol.

  27. It’s called EI. Thousands do it every year. If Leslie’s doesn’t do this then their employees won’t be collecting EI for a couple months. They will be looking for new jobs because Leslie’s will be no more. Your ignorance is astounding.

  28. Their business….their rules.

  29. All those saying E.I. unless you have enough hours you don’t qualify. And ei will take time to kick in.

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      Gabriel Berthiaume that’s called LIFE

    • Gabriel Berthiaume ei doesn’t take that long. Our company does a lay off every year and I’ve heard many of the guys that if they apply the day they get their slip they usually get their checks within a week or two….

    • Ryan Turner Ryan Turner says:

      It depends when they submit the application. If they wait till there off it takes a while. But if u go early enough like 2 weeks before you should have them in time for when you are layed off.

    • Hunter Cumini no way a week or two. yoi have a minimum 1.week waitong period you dont get for at least 4 weeks. the only way they would get it quick if im not mistaken is that they open up their old claim that hasnt been completed

    • Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

      You cant make a claim till the day your laid off whether you know it or not. Ei isnt too long of a wait like it used to as I’m on it now and hubby had his first pay within 2 weeks unlike when I went on mat leave in nov didn’t get a pay till almost January

    • Andrea Cram i got laid off last dec the liberal government reduced the wait time by 1 week then you have your 2 weeks to claim its im sure 4 weeks before you see any money. you can start your claim before actually being laid off but it wouldnt begin until.your ROE is filed..either way it sucks to be laod off however their decision to close for the winter is their business. perhaps its financial perhaps they needed a break perhaps there are family matters. they have been in business a long time and i believe this is he first time they close.

    • Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

      Bonnie Michelle well like I said both dave and I had pays within 3 weeks it was quick compared to when I claimed mat leave

  30. Dave Cormier Dave Cormier says:

    Can’t say I’m not disappointed to hear this. By far the best takeout restaurant in Sudbury.

  31. these guys need a break.i,ve read a post awhile back saying they were shutting down for some renos and a much needed break.i would,nt worry. they will reopen in the spring

  32. Nicole Muzar Nicole Muzar says:

    Dustin Crispin why did you do this to those poor families

  33. Marcy Lynn Marcy Lynn says:

    What do you know about their business? Perhaps they don’t make enough during the winter months to cover costs and pay employees? These people should qualify for EI which means they will receive pay over the winter months and the business will potentially avoid long term impact which would then render these employees laid off permanently. I love all these arm chair warriors who feel that from an outsiders view, they have it all figured out…

  34. Blame whoever screwed the small business sector the Liberal government not the business fault just hydro alone is roughly 1 week’s business. Stop blaming the owners and put your vote to work this year that’s how you can support local business

  35. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Mary browns all the way

  36. If they didn’t, they might have to close completely. Maybe this is just a layoff. People should qualify for EI

  37. Those employees would get a lay off and they can get ei until the restaurant opens again.

  38. Lynn Kohls Lynn Kohls says:

    I am pretty sure they do this every year. It’s a lay-off so people can probably collect unemployment and they go into working there knowing this. A lot of construction jobs are the same thing. The workers aren’t needed as much in the winter.

  39. If business is dying and losing money every month during the winter seasons why wouldn’t they close for a couple months ? Many many places lay off people for the winter and rehire in go on EI for a couple months and go back to work like a normal person. Shame on you for not knowing this is a common thing for a business that suffers and losses money during off season to do.

  40. …???? .. it would be more pleasant to work in that place in the winter month . The heat is unbearable in that place in the summer I would imagine . I don’t eat there so no matter to me , People’s job tho . Especially at this time of the year .

  41. Ryan Metson Ryan Metson says:

    Better for them to close for a couple of months than permanently.

  42. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    I thought they did this every year?

  43. Nickers says:

    Leslie’s has actually had a hard time retaining staff. I heard that is one of the contentious issues, and her trying to constantly train and retain new employees as a result have been taking a psychological toll.

    It’s not your business, it’s hers….literally. If you have a problem with it, start your own fry shop.

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