Replying to the post about pookie

To the person who posted about pookie

Look, I must admire you since your heart seems to be in a nice place for someone special. I do need to make one small critique though….

Just go to this person, if there’s no restraining order that is, and tell them to their face how much you still love them. Don’t be surprised if the first time they are a little hesitant. don’t take their apprehension as a total fail. Some people need time and real proof that the love you carry is going to be up to their standard. Sometimes people dont want to put up with the crap that can be disguised as true, out there in the world. Always remember Once bitten twice shy, as well.

If you are pure of intention, completely transparent and if you are going to meet this person at the same level of love and giving that they want to put out, then you shouldn’t have a problem making this work.

I’m rooting for you who ever you are. I believe in true love, but I also believe in not diving head first into someone that can’t give to me what I’m willing to give to them. And there’s nothing wrong with not engaging until you have finally met your match. Don’t settle either. All the best in 2020 and in your matters if the Heart ❤️



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