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Well I read your post and definitely respect it. I must however tell you that you’re better off looking for hookups. Even though you say you’re not you did say one thing very telling; you don’t want long-term or marriage. I believe you called it “short-term” hookup.

You said you wanted short relationships. So I take that to mean hookup and there’s nothing wrong with that. But say that. I don’t mind the odd hook up now and then. I do want a long term relationship with the right person though one day yet if I come across a good guy who just wants to see me a few times and leave me I might actually give him a try since he was clear and I’m still single . If I read what you’re saying now I’ll skip right past you. You’re not being authentic. You’re being a tad evasive as well.

Look just say you want to have some dates, someone to hang out with a few times, have a little fun with, then once you get bored you want to try someone new. Be specific. Trying to sugar coat what yoire specifically seeking will only make a woman skeptical of you. Like trying to cover up might seem classy but it isn’t. It’s just make us annoyed and uncertain of who you are.
Be clear and concise and you’ll find you get a lot more luck that way

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes i sob into my pillow after making love to my hand.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Short term just means they don’t know how to treat a woman and can’t hang on to one if their life depended on it. Short term means they aren’t real and can’t hold up the illusion of being a decent guy long term.

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