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My wife went to rent a car today and they didn’t let her rent the car without a credit card.. she had all the money but it was in cash… our car is in the shop until next week and we needed that rental for our disabled son who goes to school across town from us. When we book the car it didnt say we needed a credit card… my wife took a cab at 730am this morning to go pick up the rental. They denied her, even after saying she needed the car for our disabled baby. My wife walked 1hr and 30 mins in freezing weather to get back home because taxi services were busy. My wife at the moment is riddled with frost bites starting from her face to the bottom of her legs… a man stood behind her listening to the conversation in a suit and tie, he didnt help. She walked by people, drivers passed by her.. my wife almost died today due to enterprise rentals scam bookings over the net. What happened to our Canadian reputation of helping others? Enterprise rentals should apologize for turning my wife away and almost killing her in the process!


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  1. Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

    How is it their fault she decided to walk and not wait or take a bus/ call family or friends?
    How is it their fault you didnt read before going forward???
    Second you need a credit card to rent anything and has been like this for years, this protects them if anything happens to the vehicle.
    Hotels do the same, as any rental place such as other car rentals and uhaul.

    If you would have read you would have seen

  2. Reading this hurts my brain

  3. Credit card has been their policy for years now …im sure if she would have asked someone there for a ride home they would have helped her out …im sorry this happened to her though

  4. Karl Puiras Karl Puiras says:

    *Wah wah* -some entitled shit followed by nonsense- *wah wah*

    Just saved you 5 mins, you’re welcome.

  5. Summer Ross Summer Ross says:

    A credit card is usually necessary for such things… if you were to damage the vehicle they need collateral to ensure it is paid for.
    Why didn’t she use some of the cash she had to take a cab home? And if they were busy, wait? I think this is being over played.

  6. Same thing happened to me. Also their website says a visa debit works but they won’t accept one.

  7. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    Sorry to here about your son but a policy is a policy. You need a credit card now a days for everything car rental flights etc.

  8. S.d. Lindsay S.d. Lindsay says:

    Common knowledge is not common.

  9. just an fyi…also even if your credit cars has a 500.00 limit…read the small print car rentals and motels can exceed the said limit..
    i got screwed over by budget. they charged my card $2900
    for a $700. rental agreement…had to fight for almost 1 year. amd still ended up paying $1200.

  10. Chivalry is dead,your privilege is just that,a privilege.Nobody should be expected to stick up for your wife and offer her a ride.Remember,there are homeless people who have to survive those conditions everyday,and she had to endure an an hour or so of walking?Gimme a fuckin break,make a grilled cheese and stop your whining.

  11. Jesus Christ, what a saga. I guess the cab company that dropped her off couldn’t pick her up at the rental place. Of course they aren’t going to rent you a car without a credit card. Get your shit together.

  12. Cody Trahan Cody Trahan says:

    Oh P.s. There are city busses that pass by there every 15 minutes what’s wrong did her pride get in the way of riding the bus?

  13. Cody Trahan Cody Trahan says:

    Idiots lmao I wouldn’t rent you my car for cash either doesn’t matter if your kids disabled or not they are protecting themselves

  14. Your wife almost “died” due to her own decision to go out not dressed for the weather, and pretty much most rental places don’t take cash due to people like you that can’t function in life and just crash there shit, what do they do when you crash there car and you don’t have the cash to pay for it? There’s also a thing called city busses, and also there is the handi transit for those who are disabled, so clearly this was your own fault

  15. Amy Dee btw I don’t use spell check. Like life you probably have to have something doing the thinking for you lol but that’s what happens when you’re a moron. Typos? Weak! Just like you.

  16. Diana C. Bedard

    Honestly, that’s probably something to ask them… I don’t work there, I only rented a car.

    Either way, it’s their policy they have in place, and just like any other business you have to respect that policy. If they went against it for one person, then everyone else who goes to rent a car will expect the same.

  17. I feel for this lady.
    I’ve never needed a credit card.

  18. Amy Dee common sense said to write -42 wasn’t that cold. Did you even get out of your car that day? You’re caught being a general moron. Only person confused is you hun.

  19. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    Diana C. Bedard, I think you are confusing privilege with common sense. 😉

  20. Amy Dee it was -42 with the wind. I think that’s a whole load of priviledge talking.

  21. Alicia Jones Rainville why is that ok? Only credit? How about a card one file & cash paid? Why won’t they do that like hotels???

  22. She should have just waited for a cab… no matter how long.. and secondly, in what world would a car rental establishments allow people to rent without a credit card? Come on now.

  23. Oksana Holly Oksana Holly says:

    When booking the car on their website, it does not tell you that you will be required to pay a $300 deposit with a credit card upon arrival. It’s in the fine print/policy section, which no one ever looks at. If anyone would have bothered to go and look on their website, you would see that paying with a debit is also an option with proof of insurance, amongst other documents. The staff there don’t inform people of this option when being face with that tough conversation. Instead they would prefer turn people away. Head office should be made aware of that. Some people rely on the rentals and make weekend plans based on the rent. To be told “sorry I can’t help you” at 530 on a Friday or 730 on a Saturday morning is really shitty.

  24. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    Sounds like a little bit of melodrama but I get that you’re pissed. Can’t do much of anything without credit these days. And what were the other people supposed to do for you? Rent it on their card? We are Canadian not stupid.

  25. Mandy Roy Mandy Roy says:

    Budget let me rent without a cc. I needed $200 deposit and then they mailed it back a month later. Plus almost ALL rental car companies have a pick up service. They would have picked her up and drove her home after.

  26. You are right Debbie Cole a lot of places are like that

  27. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Here Canadian for all of you guys… I know the family and I just gave them a car!

  28. Take that money, put it on a prepaid card, should be alright, idk just trying to help

  29. Lance Guy Lance Guy says:

    Idk about you, but when I reserved my rental for March break. I have seen it in the rental requirements “can only rent a rental car, with a major credit card”. So, it’s there on the website. Whatever happened to people asking for help, instead of expecting it? Welcome to 2019 sir. Plus the bus goes by there every fifteen minutes, and its winter. Sorry to hear about your wife, but as stated it is winter and should be dressed accordingly and expect the worst.

  30. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    This is gross.. this aint Canadian! Most of you women wish in times of hardness someone would help.. this woman needed help and everyone is smashing that poor family… I call shame! Next time anyone of yous need help, remember that lady that almost died and your sitting around smashing her and her family…

  31. Daniel S Roy Daniel S Roy says:

    However you do need to put a big cash deposit like five hundred bucks or something

  32. Daniel S Roy Daniel S Roy says:

    This is ridiculous there are car rental companies that will rent you a car without a credit card I just can’t remember which one at the moment

  33. Lol almost died… this sounds like when i tell a story. Haha

  34. I think she had a self pity party. Walked all that way to feel sorry for herself and for others to feel sorry too. Once she knew she was frostbitten she should have called a cab again.

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Jessica Faries I would of helped her.. how many times have you sat their wishing someone would help you? I’d help you, I’d help anyone in that situation.. even 8f she is having a fit, obviously something is wrong and that person needed help

  35. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    I dont think you guys are getting it… a lady almost died and no one helped her. Shame on all of yous… enterprise has false advertising always. If I was their I would of given her my card in exchange of money… this is a lady in need…

  36. Sorry that happened. Bad thing is Ive rented. Always needed a credit card

  37. Pretty much the same with motel rooms now as well,

  38. enterprise have always been a problematic for a while.. many parents I know doesn’t own a credit card and needed to rent a car to go somewhere to see a family who is dying. they don’t own credit card but have money on them..

    they turned them away and it was horrible ..

    in London , they allow cash.. up here – they keep saying its not on their policy etc.. however it says different on internet..

    Enterprise was always good to my family for number of years and now I don’t want their service because of what is happening.. They lost my respect for our community..

    We truly need to boycott them because cash is same as credit.. 😉 they can keep cash if anything else that matters – even we paid standard insurance on rental .. Insurance covers accident and bumper to bumper.. what is difference between credit card and cash if we pay daily insurance on top of rental costs?

    they can not refuse cash..

    Enterprise have been a great company but not anymore it’s not news to me that they are doing it again to others..

  39. Tracy Scott Tracy Scott says:

    Sounds a little embellished to me…

  40. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    sorry that happen to you i understand frustration specially when dealing with child as disability as i have 2 myself so i understand you re issue trully but you can t be mad in this for them to refused it the policy of all car rental places they all have that the reson is for insurance so that if any damge is done to car you rent then they have the right to get the car fixed with credit card number it you re deposit just like any hotel you rent a room from you need credit card or you need to leave a 200 deposit but some places only take credit card i learned this the hard way also now i no and you no i always call ahead to every place now and ask what it cost and what you need to get it and also at end i ask ok is there any other deposit or thing needed …so there no issue once at the other end for exaple i when to hotel won t say name cause they where awesome but i called them to rent a room for me to attend appoinment and ask them to email me the price to get room for those day and all expensence i need to rent ir right away ……once i got email i got maoney from disability to go …got in toronto to hotel and now needed a 200 deposit or credit card don t have a credit card and don t have 200 cash extra to give cause they only give you what i cost to go so now what … i ask to talk to a supperviser and explain to him i din t have money for that and i needed a place to sleep and this was book ahead and i did ask for the prices and what i need to have the room wich all in email so please look at email and tell me where on it i need a deposit or that to not allow me a room now cause if deposit would been on paper then i would have the deposit with me also so please let me have a room and next time i come i will make sure i have deposit and next time you re compagny send a eamil out with prices to client please explain that you need aslo a credit card or 200 cash deposit till you leave for damage incase ….so they let me have room but still unreal i could of been stuck side road that night if they said no cause no other place was that price was all more expensive and needed deposit there also ….so i was lucky

  41. You cant book the car online without a card. So perhaps maybe the car was not booked or she did not actually read what she was agreeing to. Customer isn’t always right. Your wife “almost died” because she’s illiterate and/or entitled, not because enterprise is evil.

  42. Every company requires a credit card to ensure that if there’s any damage to the vehicle that the customer pays for it. If your son has to be in a specialized program, then the board will bus him. My son lives in New Sudbury and had to go the St. Francis last year, the board bussed him to and from school, so lies. All taxi services were busy, but there were busses running that she could have gotten on. The guy behind her doesn’t have to hand over his credit card for HER to rent a vehicle, like anyone would be dumb enough to do that.

    And I’m well aware that this post could very well be either exaggerated or a troll posy

  43. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    I think dollar rental a car doesn’t need a credit card in USA, maybe same here

  44. Shawn Topple Shawn Topple says:

    One flaw in this story is enterprise will pick you up at your house… no need to pay for a taxi. Flaw 2 take a bus home if you have to.. you dont walk for over an hour watching 4 buses pass and go fuck why isn’t a stranger picking me up it’s so cold out… sounds like someone is just pissed off and trying to get others on board

  45. I am sorry she had that experience but I wouldn’t say everyone basically does not care about one another in this city. People wouldn’t think to stop and ask a woman if she needs a ride while walking home. My mother has a flat tire earlier this week and many people pulled over and asked if she was okay. I was so thankful that our city has such nice, kind people. One gentleman said he was not leaving her until the tow truck came. ❤ our city is full of concerned, wonderful people always willing to help when they can. I mean this is an unfortunate incident but they cant just change that policy and then guy in line… I mean I wouldnt offer my credit card for a complete stranger. I would try another rental place, maybe they will accept cash deposit. Hope your wife is okay.

  46. You cant get a motel room without a credit card these days, should have just taken the bus…I’m sorry things went that way, but I’m also certain that renting a car always required a credit card

  47. Your wife could have waited in their office until a cab was available. I would not be using my credit cards for other peoples rentals either that would make me financially liable, and pretty sure you aren’t able to rent one in your name with someone elses card. Noone almost killed your wife, that is on her.

  48. Of course car rental companies require a credit card, in many cases you’re getting a vehicle that’s worth around $40,000. A cash deposit won’t cut it if you don’t return the vehicle or opt not to purchase their liability coverage and get in an accident. At least the car rental company could recoup their losses if anything happens when you use a credit card.

  49. If A credit card is required, it’s required… As for her walking home, she could of chosen to wait for a taxi, take a bus, call and ask for a ride from a friend, but she certainly didn’t “HAVE” to walk in the weather, she chose to.

  50. Ann Kraut Ann Kraut says:

    First you say disabled son then disabled baby. Why would a baby need to go to school?
    Also your wife seems to need some genuine survival skills if she didn’t have the smarts to stop somewhere and ask for them to call her a taxi before she got frostbite. She obviously had money on her to try to rent the car so she could have paid for a taxi.
    If your son is disabled and his school is across town they would provide a bus for him.
    This entire post seems like it has a lot of little lies in it to try to bash a company. I would think 90% of these companies require a credit card. Instead or bashing the system try to get a better job and get a card?

    • quite the interesting story…I wonder if any part of it is true…lol.
      How dare you use logic and intelligence to poke holes in it. Don’t you know that every bad decision these people made is someone else’s fault.
      Sorry…but my kids had credit cards when they were in high school. Banks and credit companies are falling all over themselves to give them out. If you’re an adult and don’t have a credit card it means you can’t be trusted to pay your bills.
      Fully understand why Enterprise would require a credit card. You can’t even get a hotel room without a credit card…and you can’t steal a hotel room…lol.

  51. You need a credit card for everything. Sure she had cash but what if there’s damages done to the vehicle or it’s late return or cleaning, not filled up. These companies need to be able to get compensated or they’ll end up bankrupt. What if someone just disappears with the car? No credit card means no way to track customer or get compensated for their loss. Sorry for what your wife went through but that is policy everywhere. Regardless of YOUR life circumstances. If they bend for you then they have to bend for everyone. Policies are put in place for a reason. Whether you are young old black white disabled or not. Rules are rules.

  52. Uhm… Even hotels ask for a credit card. Rental companies always require a credit card, this isn’t anything new. Your wife could have sat in Enterprise warm until a cab came, instead of walking out and taking a fit.

  53. Kyle Burke Kyle Burke says:

    They don’t have a choice, they do that in case something happens to the car… what was the man supposed to do? Let your wife use his credit card? I wouldn’t let anyone use my credit card lol, and was she hitch hiking? Cause most people dont just pick up random strangers while driving…unless they are hitch hiking, it’s not the rental companies fault lol its there policy plain and simple… they did nothing wrong and have nothing to apologize for lol you seem to think you were entitled to that car lol

  54. it’s clear that she didn’t read anything on their site… i’m sorry that its happened. BUT it even states in the rental REQUIREMENTS , what you need before you even book the appointment ..So, you guys really need to read everything on their site… it’s called being a responsible adult.. you want something from a company? they have rules… and you need to follow them..

    • Stephanie Deault not everybody has computers though.

    • Diana C. Bedard ifshe have a special needs child. I’m 99.9%positive she has a cellphone.. which I’m 99.9% sure she has internet on.. she could of easily looked it up. It’s SUPER rare that people don’t have any of those. So again. She could of looked it up that way.

    • Stephanie Deault I still think you are too priviledged to see you don’t have the answers. You don’t know more about somebody’s solutions then they do. I’m sure if that was what she did it was her only choice. The words she could have easily outs your priviledge. You realize people don’t do things for no reason?

    • Diana C. Bedard It still States on their WEBSITE their policy and procedures. In the post that they made they said that and I quote : “Due to enterprise rentals scam bookings over the net. ” They are saying that it’s a scam and that’s not true. I’ve dealt with enterprise many times in the past. Booking online; Phone; and in person.i have never had any issues. I am not saying they are perfect. No company is. But I do agree that they should apologize to her. Many scenarios are in play, sadly we do need more sympathy and empathy in this world. They could of provided her a ride to the bus depot or something to get her out of that situation. I would of gladly of stopped by if I could of. I always pay it forward and help out when I can.

      The fact that you think that I’m ” too privileged”. . you definitely pass judgement pretty fast my dear. You don’t know me and the life I have gone thru to declare that I am “too privileged”.

      Being aware of one’s privilege is not apologizing or minimizing one’s experience or one’s people’s experience. It is a good example of being emotionally intelligent.

      So being aware of one’s privilege whatever it is makes you more empathetic and more aware of where you fit in the world. Being privileged is not an insult.( Tho your throwing in my face as one… Nice try ) It is a state of awareness. At the end of day the more empathetic we are, the better we will make our little corner of the world…

      That being said; to the original poster : I am glad u are okay. No one should of gone thru that. Those situations are tough and difficult to deal with. my original post is to clarify the company’s policy. But the representative should of done something to help your wife out.

  55. Julie Tarini Julie Tarini says:

    They can not change policies for you no matter what your circumstances are. That’s the problem with these posts…. you are focusing on the fact that your wife has frostbite and you didn’t get a rental car but your actual issue is that a company wouldn’t change their policies for you. When you get down to the root it doesn’t seem that cruel does it?

  56. They have a pick up service..dnt blame enterprise when ur wife chose to walk back..she could have waited for a cab since she took one there..she could have asked the cab driver to wait..u didnt get informed at all be grown up and take responsibility!!!

  57. I’m sorry but taxi service isn’t that busy. Blaming the rental company for your wife walking home is absolutely absurd. I can guarantee if she called some of her family and friends that someone would have been more and happy to pick her up and bring her home.
    You may want to do that the next time she decides to walk.

  58. The rental car business on Regent, I believe will take a cash deposit if you don’t have a credit card.

  59. Why is it people understood why we had to have a credit card to rent movies. In case you stole the movie it was charged to your credit card. Uh starting to see the connection yet. A car cost a lot more to replace !

  60. Yeah idk man I might just be a dick but I’m 21 and have a credit card….it’s kind of important for building credit even if you don’t use it much you need to start somewhere

  61. Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

    Omg almost died? Buses every 15 minutes…almost died? She felt the cold for an hour theres homeless people that feel it every second of the day.

  62. It’s their policy…you need a credit card with any car rental…states that in the fine print

  63. In the least they should have offered her a ride home…

  64. Rob Everlast Rob Everlast says:

    Why didn’t you help your wife, amd go get the rental yourself? Not very Canadian of you….

  65. It’s always been that way its not a scam. What did you want the guy in a suit and tie to do. Rent the car in his name? Entitled ppl I tell ya.

  66. Farhan Salah Farhan Salah says:

    Can’t be angry. Dust yourself off and do better next time.

  67. Seb Ker Seb Ker says:

    they say you need a credit card… worked there fo a while, however, they truly are horrible in terms of service

    however they have drivers there that could have given her a ride back home if that was the case,

  68. Farhan Salah Farhan Salah says:

    Sorry to hear you went though that. Perhaps you had a short moment of crappy karma.

  69. Kimm Kruk Kimm Kruk says:

    I’ve rented a car from Enterprise. The website says you may need a credit card or a deposit,. When I called the regent street Enterprise to verify, they were VERY clear that I needed a major credit card in my name to rent a vehicle. At the the time I did not have a credit card in my name. I had a friend rent the vehicle (has to be 25yrs and older) and add me as a ‘secondary driver’. I also needed to add daily insurance to cover both drivers, even though I was the only driver. But I can say, without a doubt, they were very clear that I needed a credit card to rent and I needed to be able preauthorize $300 on that card.

  70. Karri Ann Karri Ann says:

    U need a credit card when U rent anything usually. Incase u damage or break something.

  71. Ally Rebekah Ally Rebekah says:

    Samantha Watts the deposit confusion is probably legut the company’s fault.
    Walking in the cold? 100% on her. There are busses every 15 or 30 mins by Enterprise.

  72. A credit card is required for a rental that’s everywhere plus I’m sure the rental place would’ve driven her home and picked her up, I work at a rental place and we pick all of our customers up if needed and we always drop them off as we’ll if needed too.

  73. Why should they change there policies for you?

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Stephanie Croteau so other people dont get trapped in that predicament… and find themselves with no ride home.. they should detail everything while booking the vehicle..

    • Cecillio – I’m sure they do, people refusing to read what they’re agreeing to isn’t their fault.

    • No you should know better to ask these questions. They make you well aware of what is absolutely nessesary. Everyone knows you need a credit card to rent a vehicle. They have enough on there plate.

    • I doubt the woman brought 300bdollars plus the rental price plus proof of income AND a utility bill but yeah sure, screw enterprise for not stating the obvious.

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin I bet you that woman had 1500$ on her…

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Stephanie Croteau they are a corporation with false advertising..

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin its their fault when they turn away a mother who has the money and needs to get her disabled baby to school and almost died in the process.

    • If she had 1500 on her she could afford a cab home.
      AND proof of income AND utility bill.

    • They didn’t falsely advertise anything. The screenshot is right there. One of the things you agree to when renting a car.

    • And the mother who “almost died” should have planned better. Phoned the place, covered her bases, and stop blaming everyone else for her problems.

    • Cecilio West really what are they false advertising?

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      I know the family and I just gave them a car 5 mins ago to get them through there troubles ! That’s Canadian

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Stephanie Croteau that person you call stupid is a humanitarian rights worker and I bet she even jumped for your family and friends once or twice if your from sudbury

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Stephanie Croteau too book the car they didnt ask for a credit card, she thought that it was all good if she gave them the cash and run the card. She had a credit card they could of ran.. instead they embarrassed her.. taxis where a 2 hr wait.. hubby getting ready for work and getting 3 kids ready for school.. she wouldn’t of made it back in time for her husband to work. She was in a rush.. things happen.. that family never rented before because they always have a car.

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin she was in a rush and she had to get home to get 3 kids to school before her husband went to work!…

    • If she had the credit card and wanted to pay cash they would have. The post clearly states she did not. I understand you’re defending your friend but they are a business, you are a friend. That’s why you gave her a car and they didn’t. Fact of the matter is there are policies in place, you follow them or you don’t get a car. She made a choice. If she read the terms when she booked the car she would know she needed a card for the car. Period.

    • This all sounds bullshit. I rent a car every two weeks and have never had issues.

    • Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin lol perfect…this just shows this poster is just attention seeking cause the proof is in what you shared

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Attention seeking??? I know who they are.. and he was just ranting… Stephanie Croteau your probly a great customer so they keep you on their good side.. people who dont rent all the time are ignorant to the rules and regulations… it’s like saying.. you have to come work on one of my mining claims, here’s a peace of paper and some tools.. now do it.. you wouldn’t know what to do unless I show you how to do it… she didnt know and she wasn’t informed properly by the people behind the counter… they called before leaving their house and they told them it was all good to go…

    • Cecilio West always read the contract. Number one rule. In my industry we deal with all kinds of contract and no one reads them. Then calls me crying that they didnt know. Seems like her mistake no one else. This is what’s wrong with this day in age society. Its always someone else fault. Man up and take responsibility.

    • Lol cecillio dude, you’ve lost the battle. Nothing irks me more than when someone blames literally EVERYONE ELSE for their mistake.
      Your friend didn’t read when she booked her car online. It sucks shit but that’s life. And that’s on HER. Nobody else.
      If you think we’re all just picking on her because we feel like it then you clearly have the same personality as your friend there. It is not our fault that this woman is being torn apart on here. You’re trying to help but really just making it worse. If she had 1500 bucks on her then she would have taken a cab or the bus. She didn’t. If she had 1500 and a credit card then she would have gotten a car. She didn’t. Stop changing her story for her. You’re making it worse.

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Stephanie Croteau … you probly work for shady enterprise!

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin you dont know me. she had her credit card, just no funds on it with a handful of cash, say what you want.. it’s incredible the amount of lacking care you are proving..

  74. It’s not another customer’s responsibility to ensure your ill-preparedness is accommodated.

    It’s not new to require a credit card. This is to mitigate fraud. You definitely had to give a credit card or visa debit to book. Enterprise also has a pick up service. What site did you go on?

  75. Matt Woito Matt Woito says:

    Ya super stupid rule because it’s like 100$ for there insurance and it covers the whole car meaning you can bring it back totalled after paying there insurance

  76. John Brown John Brown says:

    Way of the world,..make bad choices,..or even choices. Don’t get your way,…blame blame blame. Life lessons,..learned the hard way. Enjoy

  77. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Here’s some advice! If your car breaks down, I highly recommend getting it fixed at the “dealership” they can give shuttle ride home. But if you have a credit can get a loner for free! W some dealerships.

    Otherwise ask a family member for them to put their credit card down on the rental.

  78. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    The credit card is incase the renter gets parking tickets/ trashes the car.

    It’s not a bias thing.
    Secondly, enterprise is on the Kingsway. I hate being this person, but the bus on Kingsway goes by every 15min.
    I get you love your spouse, and are upset..but she should have waited for a bus, the BUS stop sign is right in front of enterprise.

    Lastly, was the guy in the suit he supposed to give his credit card on your spouses behalf? Because that’s not part of being Canadian, that’s part of being smart. It’s a credit card. And if there are outstanding parking tickets from you both, guess it goes on the guy in the suits credit card.

  79. Every car rental company requires a credit card. It just like hotel rooms. You cause damage to the car you will be charged. I suggest that your wife might not have had all of the information over the phone. Your wife could have waited in the car rental place until a cab was able to come pick her up. I also think that she should have dressed properly if she was walking. Your wife didn’t almost die there’s so many places she could have stopped to warm up but clearly her own ignorance got the best of her and she neglected to care for herself. There are also countless buses that she could have hoped on. Why didn’t she use the cash to pay for a cab back home? Just because they were busy at that exact moment doesn’t mean she should have walked over to mcdonalds and grabbed a coffee and a muffin and waited until there was a cab available I bring her home. This has nothing to do with the car rental place, this has to do with your own wife’s ignorance. I see people walking while I drive to work all the time. Doesn’t mean I’m going to pull over and make sure they don’t need a ride. I got better things to do and places to be. It’s different if I seen someone clearly struggling or in pain or someone elderly who may not be able to drive or ride the bus at all but clearly your wife had options she just chose to be ignorant and blame a car rental company.
    End of rant.

  80. sounds like a, what would you do take a cab to enterprise for a car rental with all this cash on hand,i get denied a car for no credit taxei services,too i,m pissed.i walk out the door,look to my right,tim hortins less then a five minute walk.look to my left,oh,i,ll walk back the 1hour and 30 minute home.remember,cash on hand.what would you

  81. This absolutely sounds like a you problem

  82. Shout out sudbury needs a filter. We look like a bunch of idiots.

  83. Oh, and by the way, Enterprise Rentals on Regent Steet Sudbury has the most amazing manager, Tiffany, who is kind, efficient, smart, caring and knowledgeable….dont put down Enterprise, better to look inward and learn a valuable lesson. No company is going to give a car out for a 200 dollar deposit…cars are expensive. Get some medical help now for your frostbite please.

  84. Ken Bregman Ken Bregman says:

    Wait for cab
    Take a bus
    Do none of your friends or family have a car

  85. Ally Rebekah Ally Rebekah says:

    I called enterprise and spoke to someone directly. They said you don’t need a credit card but will need a cash deposit.
    I called 2 days later to confirm and they said you need a card with a minimum $350 authorization.
    It sounds like nobody knows their actual policy there

  86. Jody Schut Jody Schut says:

    I would have waited for a cab or the bus before I would have walked…..some people don’t have common sense anymore

  87. Everyone knows you need a credit card to rent a car

  88. Iv rented a car without a credit card from enterprise but in Ottawa, never had issues with them, I believe I gave then 150$ deposit which was returned when I brought it back

  89. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    People today have become accustomed to find someone else for their own stupid decisions. If your wife walked for an hour and a half in this weather, there is nobody to blame but herself, Not the guy in the suit and the tie, not the people walking by her, certainly not enterprise. There are buses going by on the kingsway all the time, taxis or friends or neighbors that she could have called. I’m sorry your child is disabled but you didn’t really think they could change the rules because of that? As a grown up, and you know you don’t have credit card, instead of using their website, you should have called and said hey, I don’t have a credit card, am I still able to rent a car?? Have you never rented a hotel room? You need a credit card!! Take responsibility for your own actions!

  90. All car rentals require a credit card…insurance for damages, theft, etc. Blaming is not the answer. The poor woman should have waited, either for a cab or a bus. There just isn’t any common sense in this post. I wish no one any harm, however, the woman was not thinking right walking in an ice storm. I feel bad for her. But she is at fault, no one else. And by the way, brotherly love has gone to the wayside in today’s world. Just not a nice story. And never expect a nicely dressed man to come to your rescue. I would have offered her a ride, that is just who I am, but dont expect people to do this. Sad story.

  91. I’m almost positive I was there renting a car when this happened… the lady had claimed that the website had said that she could rent one without a credit card she showed up with the cash to pay for it and demanded to speak to a manager once they have let her know that a credit card was required for deposit fees… she then demanded to speak to a manager who she was already talking to.. continue to Banter back and forth with a nonsensical argument eventually to just leave on foot…and yes…its sudbury, the word trust here is spelt differently.

  92. My fiance would never let me walk in freezing cold weather. If I called him and told him the same scenario, he would have begged, borrowed or stole a vehicle, called every cab service…did whatever he had to do to make sure I was safe. Why didn’t you do something to figure out a ride for her???? Be accountable for your own life.

    • Joanne Rheault you say you’d make your husband move mountains to come to your rescue then say be accountable for your own life?! Bahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Hoping no divorce for you or whatever will you do?!

    • Well thank goodness for me, while my husband would, instead of letting me “almost die”, do whatever necessary to ensure that doesn’t happen. I dont “make” him do anything, he woukd do that on his own accord because he loves me. Also thank goodness for me, I am independent and able to use this new fangled thing we call common sense. I would have not assumed that regardless of what the business states, I am entitled to special treatment… and if for some reason, I found myself being refused services for whatever reason, would have oh, I don’t know, maybe called a friend, called a cab…maybe hopped on the bus. You know, things that make sense, instead of thinking I am entitled to men in suits who are strangers, secure with their credit card, a CAR for me. Or that I am entitled to random strangers passing me in vehicles with the expectation that they have any obligation to stop and drive me home. So as clever as You think you are, telling me I am not accountable for my life because My husband would move mountains to save me???? yeah. Not that clever.

  93. If you had bothered to call the business first and ask about everything that you’d need ahead of time, this wouldn’t have happened. Adulting 101: not everything goes your way 100% of the time. It’s nobody elses fault.

  94. Ppl in Sudbury couldve picked up your wife drive her home instead of driving by you sir should burn the place down

  95. Ppl in Sudbury couldve picked up your wife drive her home instead of driving by you sir should burn the place down

  96. LOL The company didn’t “almost kill your wife” her stupidity for walking did.

  97. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    LOL your blaming them for your stupid decisions.. how do u not know u need a credit card? Maybe be patient and wait for a bus or a cab.. Dont blame others for your stupidity

  98. You couldn’t get one of those prepaid?

  99. Tina Fay Tina Fay says:

    Enterprise. The company that picks you up (and brings you back). Calling BS on this one. They will take $300 cash if you don’t have a credit card to hold the $300 on.

  100. Every car rental company requires credit cards. And your wife very well could have stopped and waited for a city bus.

  101. Not all companies require credit cards. Some of the smaller rental businesses will accept cash deposits. Call around and ask first, because it isn’t all of them.

  102. Ok, you’re being a bit dramatic. This is life. People, fortunately are not going to care about strangers problems. They have a job to do and that’s what they do. We live in an uncaring society and once you accept that it will be much easier to move on from life’s givings. I’ve definitely learned that. We are all dealt with a series of unfortunate events in life. Some have it way worse then others but regardless this complaint makes me shake my head. To take that and use it as a petty sob story isn’t gonna change what happened. I don’t mean to be blunt at all, and I’m sorry you had to go through that but there is so much worse in life. Be thankful you guys are alive. Someone just took their last breath as I write this. Food for thought. Look at the positive side. All you can do is move on.

    • Natalie Bedard narcicism talking. Being a bit dramatic, you don’t even know this person yet you sound like you’re their mom. Why is that? Who are you to be lecturing anybody? Life sucks live with it? Why did you ever feel yhe need to even comment?

    • Diana C. Bedard They stated THE situation which I’m stating is dramatic. “The situation they DECIDED to make public is dramatic”! Don’t need to know the person to have an opinion ON the situation. Do you really think people are not going to have an opinion? This post is a joke. “My wife almost dies because of the company”? Please. Get a life. If this person didn’t want the truth then don’t post. Because we all have issues in life. He isn’t the only one. Company is just doing their job. What I said was tame and could of been so much worse because I have a lot of questions to grill. And, I kept it simple. So, honey, don’t like my comment move on.

    • And, yes don’t worry. I’m already aware I’m a nobody. That’s why I actually keep to myself unlike this person. Or you, because you are probably the wife or related! That’s why I’ve learned long ago that people don’t care. And, I’ve learned not to let that affect me in the least so your comments are mute and childish. Thanks again for proving that validation for everyone! Take care my dear one!

  103. So get your wife a fuckn credit card and stop blaming businesses for your own oversights. It’s not like you fuck up and they are still required to accommodate you. In fact its kind of insane for them to not require a credit card on a vehicle rental.

  104. Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

    I hope this is the most dramatic thing i read today

  105. Dave says:

    One, Enterprise advertises that you need a major credit card to reserve a vehicle. Two, why would a man in a suit offer his credit card to a complete stranger. Three, your wife chose to walk and not wait for a taxi.
    It seems you and your wife have to take responsibility for poor decisions. All of this could have been avoided had your wife read the terms and conditions of the rental on line. As well, had your wife decided to wait for a taxi instead of walk home, no near death experience would have occurred.

  106. How old are you 10. Or how bad is your credit to not have a credit card. My 18 year old step son has 2 and he is being thought how to use it. If you never applied for one have guaranteed credit cards. If you don’t meet the minimum requirement you send a deposit and they give you a credit card there problem solved!

    Now your car is in the garage for a week. Was it in an accident? Your insurance would have provided you a rental, but you still need a credit card!

    • Norm Cardinal not everyone wants a credit card. I’d rather pay cash for stuff I can afford rather then by credit for stuff I cant

    • Yes I agree….but unfortunately if you ever want a hotel room or a rental car you need it to secure the purchase you can pay cash at the end of the term but the credit card allows them to locate you easier and bill you for toll charges should you go in the 407

    • Some people just don’t use credit cards, has nothing to do with their credit.

    • And if you never have credit, hard to buy a car or a house. All those are dependent on you paying your bills. Not all utility bills report to the credit bureau

    • Credit cards have nothing to do with not buying something you can’t afford you realize that right?
      Lots of people use them in the wrong ways but you need credit to buy a house, a car, hotel rooms, rent a vehicle, and many many other things you may need a credit card for now a days. It’s so easy to get one so there really is no excuse for this woman choosing to be ignorant and blaming a car rental company for her choice to walk in freezing temperatures and she clearly wasn’t dressed properly if she got frost bite all over her body.

    • Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

      Sylvie Alice Morais ya except you can’t rent a car, hotel, or plan ticket.

    • Norm Cardinal I’ve gotten hotels without a credit card they just ask for larger deposits

    • never said you can’t but to get a reservation hotels won’t hold a room for people without a credit card…I stay at hotels 5 days a week!!!

    • I understand not spending money you don’t have but I use my credit card to improve my credit score as well as for points. I put everything on my credit card and then pay it right away. We then redeem those points for hotel rooms when we travel. It’s really about using them responsibly.

    • Dawn Kippax Dawn Kippax says:

      Norm Cardinal ive stayed in hotels and rented cars with out a credit card. I dont belive in credit cards at all

    • Norm Cardinal yup same when I was involved in an accident, I got a rental with no credit card

    • you can get it without, usually cash deposit and then they mail you a check 6-8 weeks later after rental returned….but much easier to do without a credit card….however with insurance as the primary renter the deposit is much lower!

      Back in 02 when I did not have a credit card I had to put a deposit of 500 cash for a 2 day rental, 8 weeks later got the balance back! But when I needed it because of insurance was only $150 incase of 407 and parking tickets…still 8 weeks later full refund as insurance paid the balance but yes it can be done….just not worth it!

    • Not everybody wants a credit card.

    • not everybody wants to own a house!

    • Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

      Tracy Lee Jaculak You’re right. But everyone needs one just in case. Just because you have one, doesn’t mean you have to use it. As Norm said, you can use to book hotels or car rentals with it, but at the end you can still pay it out with cash and no charges will be on your credit card. It’s always nice to have one just in case of an emergency

  107. Jenn Morin Jenn Morin says:

    A man in a suit and tie means he has to rent cars for people? Lol this whole post makes no sense.

    • Jenn Morin im thinking that the husband thought the guy in suit would offer her a ride to her house? …crazy thought

    • Rob Everlast Rob Everlast says:

      Again… I revert to my original question… Why didn’t the husband go to the Rental place himself? If his wife wasn’t prepared or intelligent enough to get another cab… Or have the original one wait… At least hubby could have worn the pants that day, and gone there himself.

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Jenn Morin the guy with the suite is just to say.. no one cares and you guys are proving them right!

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Rob Everlast maybe her hubby was at home taking care of the kids while she went to grab the car.. I dont think he would ever make a mistake like that ever again.. look at how many heartless people are attacking this mother..

    • Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

      Cecilio West lol nobody is attacking,were simply saying the post was a little dramatic. Unless this lady weighs 20 pounds and had no clothes on nobody is going to freeze to death in an hour in today’s temperature and there being busses and cabs and a shuttle from this business so there was zero reasons for her to be walking unless that’s what she chose to move on with your comments you key board warrior,or better yet make sure you drive your wife next time.seems to me your a bit sour so maby you are the poster to this add.

    • Cecilio West we are not attacking. The person wants to post this stupid stuff on here and guess what, we are showing that it’s a tough world and the person better get tougher skin cause it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Reality is no one is gonna pay for a car on their credit card.
      Hell, if that’s the case I’m gonna start looking for the man in the suit when I go lay my bills at the bank. Plus if she has that much money on hand she could have taken the bus. So, stop with the pity tripping and give your head a shake. We all have to survive without hand outs!

    • Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

      Christine McKeachnie well said…

    • Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

      Christine McKeachnie lololol

  108. I rented from enterprise without a credit card (different city) and just had to leave a larger cash deposit. No issues.

  109. Mitch Dupont Mitch Dupont says:

    really???? You are blaming enterprise for your wife’s decision to walk? She could of waited for a cab to free up plus there’s multiple cab companies in this town on top of a bus service. And read the fine print on a rental agreement, it does say a credit card is required.

  110. Many insurance policies have rentals as part of their agreements when your car is getting fixed. Also, why walk, why didnt she take a bus back home or wait the little bit for a taxi?

  111. Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

    In Canada it is illegal to refuse currency….you could walk in with 1000$ in nickels and they have to accept it…I deal only in cash and have been through this many times…hydro, insurance….and they all know of the law but try and get around it

  112. I’m really sorry this happened to your wife.. I think the credit card would be in case of any damage done the vehicle or an accident. I wouldn’t rent out my vehicle to anyone unless i was given a valid credit card either. Second your wife walked home which was her choice so you can’t really blame enterprise for her choice of walking home. She could of stopped at any stores along the way to warm up or try calling a cab service again. I hope your wife is able to find a vehicle to borrow until hers is fixed!

  113. Devin White Devin White says:

    You can leave cash deposits on rentals at enterprise i think

  114. Whatever happened to people having common sense and not walking an hour and a half in freezing conditions

  115. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    I doubt the company said they don’t need a credit card, as all company’s require one.

  116. They all need a credit card, for incase of damage. Hotels are the same.

  117. Linda Lou Linda Lou says:

    Every company requires a credit card to rent it’s in the policy. They need it to be able to charge for damages if they happen and instead of walking why didnt she take a bus. It’s not the companies fault that she decided to walk

  118. Hotel rooms take credit cards in case of any damages etc. I’m assuming rentals need same it’s there policy.

  119. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Rental companies need credit cards because if something happens to the car then they have something they can get their money back . Its policy . Only place that dosnt is uhaul

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