Remove stunted emotions, get wise, and fill your own cup

Seriously to anyone expressing concern about being treated poorly.

in the words of my dearest mother

“STAY AWAY from anyone with zero hobbies, zero ambition and no life in general. They’re going to hate you for wanting to do things they can’t and won’t do”

Also, those kind of people are extremely vain and narcissistic. (Yes I’m aware people hate the word narcissistic) but some are. They hate others for loving their own life, because they hate theirs. So they’ll twist all facts around simply to destroy their life and their name. I have said things that were already facts that everyone knew but they turned on me and made innocent things I’ve done turn into malicious lies, just so they could seem.more innocent. I will never go back to that lifestyle where they were around me. It’s been recommended by therapy, the law and even family.

Jealousy is a very horrible monster. So are people who do nothing with their lives but gossip. I have learned the hard way but so very glad I have. We all have our own problems, it’s those who take it out on the innocent who you steer clear of. The ungrateful. The gossiping. The nasty. They had andnstill have their whole life ahead if them and choose to hate. You cannot let someone who hates their own life get their way. If they had their way, you’d be in the same predicament as they. They’d love for you to he as miserable. Life is a series of choice. Make the best for YOU and your kids if you have any. The rest will always fall into place. Poor decisions equates to your own poor behavior, ttitude and cutrent position, and that’s something you just can’t fake or hide from a smart person. Best of luck 👍



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most of Sudbury are either workaholics or alcoholics and have nothing else going on in their lives other than work and drink, none of which is really a hobby. So that leaves very little people to hang out with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well said . Words of wisdom !
    People who follow the one who is an absolute jealous hater with nothing to do than to gossip I’m working people and people who are retired and travel because that’a what they want to do and can afford .. just stop the jealous behaviour. Spend time with your family , enjoy life . Stop being envious and obsessed . You’ll end up in the psych ward. That is a mental disorder after all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have no friends and am emotionally stunted sometimes, makes sense. Great advice for once on shoutout, thank you smart person. Will add this to the long list of things I am working on.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no friends by choice. Makes life easier and you end up less disappointed, the fact you are working on yourself shows you are not as emotionally stunted as you claim to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good luck . Some people really don’t believe in the wrath of karma from malicious haters with too much by time on their hands. It will come back to them just wait and see in some form or another in life. I’ve seen it from some retired or people on odsp in my apartment building , even some young folks that have no friends . As they say about idle minds…. Stay away from those type of people who gossip or you’ll end up to blame as well.

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