Relationship trouble

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years now in June and normally we can work through things, he’s not very good at expressing how he feels but he tries I love him and our kids very much and I wouldn’t trade them for the world but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and unhappy and I cant talk to anybody my whole family hates him because he drinks almost all the time nobody really knows the things we’ve been through and the fights we’ve had violent or not it happens doesn’t mean I’m going to give up, sometimes I feel like it’s the only option because he’s so out of control with drinking and past drug addiction but if I leave he has nothing and nobody in his life, the way I see it is I’m his rock and if I leave he will fall apart…. I really don’t know what to do to make our lives easier I try to trust him and make things easier and I feel like it just gets worse we have a couple of months where we dont have big fights at all and then when it does happen it’s like WW3 in my house my kids never see any of this happen but I dont know how much more I can take I always forgive him after so many terrible things he says or does like punching holes in the walls and yelling and screaming at each other and pushing and hitting and spitting we both say very hurtful things toward each other and I feel even worse then I should because I dont know if he means this stuff or not he always says he doesn’t and that he was just mad but I really don’t know if any of it actually is true I dont try to make him feel bad or look bad but he’s always taking his anger out on me and the kids I dont wanna give up but all I ever ask him is to at least show me he cares or make an effort to try and get better but it doesn’t seem to work I dont wanna say he’s useless he does help quite a bit we had to move away from sudbury because of his habits and it sucks but I think he feels trapped because he cant really go hang with friends but most of the friends he has are from the sault and I dont agree with their lifestyle choices because they aren’t good ones… I know we are better off out here because it’s cheaper and farther away from possibilities of doing hard drugs and ruining our family I love him to death even though I really don’t agree with what he chooses to do with his life but I also dont really fully understand how to help a recovering addict and do everything else including taking care of the kids and making sure the house is clean and doing the groceries because there’s no room to take him and the kids with me I love being in my hometown but at the same time its winter and we cant do anything together as a family and neither of us drive I know breaks are the best thing for relationships when stuff like this happens but neither of us have a place to go or stay to do this so we are together all the time mostly because he cant get a job and when he does go away I feel really emotional and feel like he will do something he shouldn’t like relapse again because his friends and family dont give a shit that he needs help I’m all he’s got and I need help to figure out what to do…. please help me out and I dont need hate comments my life is downhill enough I feel so unconfident about everything because my family doesn’t really come around much they are always working and I only have one close friend and she’s busy alot and works 2 jobs… sometimes I just wish things would change and fall into place…. please post this I really need positive advice.



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  1. John Tee says:

    There is a thing in grammar called a period.


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