Relationship advice please

I have posted here before and took into consideration what everyone has told me. Back story- me an my ex were on and off for like 6 years. One night he cheated on me and got some girl knocked up an has a daughter with her. They never stayed together but I took him back and tried accept his daughter things still didn’t work out. 4-5 year later I still love him. I live with his sister and try to be apart of the family because I just want to be with him.i go to family events but he gets upset. I am currently engaged but not sure if I should stay with him or try to get with my ex. My ex got married and got her knocked up. I try and check in with him, his wife and family to see how he is gueniunally doing but his wife gets mad. I’m just trying to tell her we’re still in love with one another. But she gets mad at me and refuses to let me give her any other information. Like I even try an approach her at the bar and she gets mad and wants to fight me. What do I do?



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  1. Dave says:

    You need to get a life

    • Nickers says:

      More constructively, I think what Dave is trying to say is you need to move forward and build a new life of your own.

  2. Dave says:

    You need to move on and live your own life.

  3. lil says:

    you need to mind your own business and stay out of the new wife’s business

  4. NJ says:

    Your a stupid cow and get over it stop play this game we don’t care

  5. Redpanda1 says:

    lol wtf is this shit now Deven hahaah fucking goof


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