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So I recently go fired from my job because I called in because I couldn’t leave my daughter home alone using my first out of my 3 days for that reason and I put a claim threw the Labour board but now my employer isn’t giving me my ROE they have had their 5 days and nothing suggestions on what I can do now and has any one gone threw this and what was your outcome just trying to figure out what I can expect to happen as I’ve never been threw this before and I’m a single mom of 3 kids so this is really affecting us alot .



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  1. Step 1: Apply for Employment Insurance (don’t need your ROE).

    Step 2: Ask your former employer for your ROE (if you haven’t already).

    Step 3: Call Employment Insurance and tell them you can’t get your ROE from your most recent employer.

    They’ll tell you if the employer is past due, if so, they’ll create a work item on their end to try and help you get the ROE or, if they can’t, they’ll create an interim ROE until they do get one. If they’re not past due, call EI back when they are.

    Step 5: If you think the dismissal was wrongful, contact the Labour Board to file a claim. Note: EI will conduct their own investigation to determine your eligibility to the program (separate from any Ministry of Labour Wrongful Dismissal complaint)

  2. A lot of companies use electronic ROE… you just need to file on line …

  3. Roe s are submitted electronically. You don’t need a copy. It is probably already online for the government.

  4. Did u work at car lot? He held mine for months..

  5. Julie Joncas Julie Joncas says:

    A record of employment can only be submitted after the final pay period of pay. If you should have gotten paid this Thursday it will be submitted then.

  6. An employer legally has deadlines to meet. He can suffer serious penalties denying you this. Labour Board this issue, you’ll win. As for getting fired, not sure there

  7. Lisanne Bond Lisanne Bond says:

    Ok, I’ll say it. Punctuation is your friend.

  8. Employers can now submit ROE reports online now. It would be under service Canada.

  9. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    They have one pay period to do it.

  10. Sherri Ivory Sherri Ivory says:

    Check online to see if it was submitted electronically. Pretty sure if they electronically submit it they dont need to give you a paper copy. Do that first and if its not there then take the next step with the ministry of labor.

  11. Go to your MP. They will push but you can still apply for EI in the meantime

  12. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    They have one pay period to do it.

  13. James Brady James Brady says:

    Get service canada on their ass!! If theyre doing anything illegal service canada will threaten them with a fine and you will get your roe within hours after that

  14. They probably sent it straight to the government. Lots of places do this as it eliminates a step for the claimant.

  15. Lana Ranger Lana Ranger says:

    It’s 5 days from the pay period end date. call Service Canada if you need help 1-800-206-7218

  16. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    Ministry of labour is your best bet, it honestly took Cambrian staffing 5 months to lie on my roe and finally file it, service Canada said they wouldn’t investigate even knowing it’s against the law to file a roe 5 months after the last day of employment.

  17. Angie Ransom Angie Ransom says:

    Let the labour board know.
    Once when I was laid off, I went to claim EI…but one job wouldn’t give me my ROE and kept saying they electronically sent it in (but they didn’t, cuz EI didn’t have it). So I finally just went in, filed a paper and tada EI had my ROE by the end of the week. Cuz the job will fuck around with you, but when the government comes knocking….tada they find the paperwork!
    So just let the labour board know they’re not releasing your ROE for you.
    BUT the job has 10 business days/next pay period(whatever comes first) to give you all your papers and last paycheck. So if it’s only been 5 days ….they still have time legally.

  18. Call service canada 1-800-206-7218

  19. They can’t fire you for that reason

  20. I’m sure there is way more to this story. Either you have had numerous sick calls in previous years (This was just the first used of this year) or you are in probation in which case it’s perfectly legal for them to terminate. If this is the first time calling in sick in the 3 years of which you been there then no, not legal but I’m thinking there is way more to your story and without details there isn’t a solid answer. As far as getting your ROE you might want to contact the labor board to rectify that answer.

  21. They do not have to give you a copy. They just have to file it! They might have done it electronically. Go to the Employment Insurance office.

  22. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    The only correct answer is to speak with Service Canada directly. They administer the Employment Insurance program.

  23. Most places file it electronically within 5 business days.

  24. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    Please speak with someone at Service Canada.
    The employer has 5 calendar days from the last pay period end date to issue the ROE. Unless they’re registered with WebRoe, in which case the individual can obtain a copy from Service Canada, or through their MSCA (My Service Canada Account).

  25. Don’t go through Min of Labour file a claim through the Employment Standards Act. Ministry works for business not the employee mosy of the time.

  26. Your employer has to submit the roe to ei

  27. Service Canada should have it electronically.

  28. The employer has 14 days and if you don’t then receive it you can then go to the service Canada and file a request with the gov for it and the company then has to comply.

  29. Call service Canada (employment insurance) to find out if they have received it)

  30. File anyway.. Not having it don’t stop you from filing, file and start the wait timer.

  31. Drake White Drake White says:

    ^ They have 14 days to do this and its done by business days so u may be out of it for a while.

    Some places file it electronically though so you may not have to wait too long

  32. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Having 3 kids is a job all on it’s own. I hope you have better luck.

  33. Go to the ministry of labour on Elm. They will contact your ex employer on your behalf to request it. It definitely moves things along quicker.

  34. Jason Bailey Jason Bailey says:

    They file it electronically

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