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Anyone been reading local news lately? Articles in the star etc. A local man evaded jail time for years with 5 separate assault charges !!!! Recently bashed ex girlfriends head in so badly she required staples in her skull! Man accused tells judge he “witnessed his father be emotionally and physically abusive to hisnown mom as his excuse to get off. I won’t put initials since it’s not really necessary, but this explains the misogynistic, self intensity talk coming from the brothers of the same family. Really puts pieces of the puzzle together. So secretive yet so openly passionate to spread so much hatred and anger, publicly. We get it now. But yeah steer clear is the message here. Or be very very nice to them so they don’t blow a fuse on you one day. The volatility is too real.
The judge needs time she to think because she doesn’t feel the 6 months custody the prosecutor & defence are asking for is a sufficient punishment. Ya think? Unprovokedly sneaking into a ex woman’s hallway to beat her bloody while she’s getting ready for work warrents hell of a lot more than just 6 months. Some pen time and if society is lucky, a little chit chat with the boys inside for a nice attitude adjustment is what’s warranted here. 5 previous assaults & no jail time. Time to pay the piper sweety.


A Sudbury judge says she wants to take some time before deciding whether a six-month sentence is appropriate for a man who viciously beat his ex-spouse in September.
The Crown and defence lawyer David Braumberger suggested the sentence Tuesday for Cordell Miller, but Justice Karen Lische wasn’t so sure that’s the right punishment.

He has a history of violence — five prior assault convictions on his criminal record already, one of which involved domestic violence.
Miller, 32, had pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm, criminal harassment and breach of recognizance. As he had pre-custody credit of 75 days, Miller would have had 105 days of jail left to serve if the sentence is six months.

The court heard Miller and the woman had been in a relationship for about three-and-a-half years when it ended in October 2017.
On Sept. 7, 2018, the woman was getting her son on the bus for school about 8:30 a.m. outside her Paris Street apartment complex when she noticed Miller entering the building. After the son left on the bus, the woman went back to her apartment to get ready for work. A female friend was with her, out of concern for her safety.
However, when the woman left the apartment, Miller was outside her door and began punching and kicking her repeatedly. While the woman was down on all fours, Miller kicked her in the back of the head. He then left.
The woman was treated in the emergency department at Health Sciences North for five cuts to her head that required staples to close, a split lip and a sore jaw. The woman was covered in blood.
Miller turned himself in to Greater Sudbury Police three days later and eventually got bail, one of the key conditions being that he have no contact with the ex-spouse.
But starting Sept. 24 and almost daily through to Oct. 5, Miller sent text messages and called her.

Braumberger said Miller grew up in a home where his father repeatedly harmed his mother emotionally and physically before leaving the relationship.
The lawyer said Miller, an aspiring music producer and disc jockey, is just a few credits short of earning his high school diploma.
Braumberger also said that while Miller’s criminal record includes five assault convictions, he had stayed out of the courts since 2010.

Ludgate, however, said Miller has a history of assaulting people and had never spent more than 12 days in jail up until now. He said the assault on the woman was particularly violent.
“After initiating the assault, she is down on all fours and he kicks her in the back of the head,” said Ludgate. “This is not trivial, not transitory. It is vicious.”
Ludgate said that in her victim impact statement, the woman indicated she is terrified of Miller and is troubled even mentioning his name.

Judge ponders sentence for Sudbury man who beat ex-spouse



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  1. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    This is what happens when you elect someone (and his goons) obsessed with “peoplekind”, identity politics, and not one iota of belief in personal responsibility.

  2. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    good luck trying to change anything, you’re dream of peace and justice doesn’t exist in a world that doesn’t care about you, social media isn’t going to do anything only a lawsuit will, this is why we need criminal justice reform but you’ll never see it happen cause everyone in the government works together.

  3. 6 months ??? That’s a joke. He needs 6 YEARS IN THE PENN ! he’s gotten away with this shit too many times. Needs to pay the piper … our justice system is such a bad joke

  4. Someone should use that piece of crap as gator bait

  5. I cannot see how ANY JUDGE can justify a sentence of several yrs, (& out with 1/3 of sentence served) when any sane person on the street knows this man will eventually kill someone. I don’t give a damn of his violent background or good behaviour while behind bars, that trigger is there & NO ONE is safe when he is walking free. As a side note, ladies take more than a week before you declare yourself in love & decide to co-habit with a stranger. THIS CASE, is a horrific example of how a fast talker can hide a brutal character.

  6. This is why women are scared to report this shit. He will end up killing someone someday.

  7. Someday, if this shit keeps up, someone is going to try to sue a judge civilly for a stupid decision with full knowledge of an accused proclivities that leads to a death or grievous bodily harm. This is yet one more reason to have elected jusges with a provision for recall, because these judges aren’t held accountable for the stupid decisions that they make. They are why we have a legal system and not a justice system.

  8. Joel Bradley Joel Bradley says:

    fucking goof I no her well hope we bump in next month I wiill make sure you nerver touch one more person 🙂 hit me I hit back bird

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