Receipt surveys

Many retail stores and restaurants have questionnaires on the bottom or back of their receipts.

They are always claiming you could win money or discounts.

My question is has anyone ever won or know someone that has? Seems like a scam to get email addresses.



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  1. Heather Bee says:

    We have had 5 winners at my work from our survey.

  2. I’ve never won anything other than a discount from the restaurants. But I did win a $20 Subway gift card from a bag of chips, a stay at any Fairmont hotels and a trip to Italy (sponsored by Barilla Canada $13,000 value) with a week stay at the River Palace Hotel in downtown Rome.

  3. Wife did the questionnaire on back of receipt from Silver City.

    Won a year of free movies for two. We could have gone to see a movie from open to close, every two hours.

    For free.

    • That’s a great prize 😀

    • It was pretty sweet. A few times we went to see 3 movies in a day. Was keeping the stubs for a while to see how many, but stopped after a while.

      Figure on average, 2-5 movies a week X2 tickets per show. So 4-10 free admissions.

      Let’s say… averaged 7 a week.

      7 x 52 = 364 free NEW releases. About $12 a ticket (approximately)


  4. I won 150$ from pioneer

  5. if it was fake they’d be in trouble…

  6. download the starbucks app and get any free drink!

  7. Sue Landry says:

    I won $100 gift card from Food Basics about a year ago!

  8. If you sign into subways wifi it asks for your email and you get a free 6 inch sub coupon (Participating stores only)

  9. Andie Cerson says:

    Some guy at the Home Depot up by Costco just won 3k on one of them …..
    They’re nation wide, though, so they’re about as chanced as nation wide lotteries lol

  10. I know people have one some money from home depot.

  11. Never “won” anything but I always get emailed coupons for%10-%15 off for places like spencers and clothing stores. Subway though always winning free cookies 6inch subs ect

  12. I’ve done the cookie one from subway. It’s real lol

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